How to Find a Perfect Wedding Dress

How to Find a Perfect Wedding Dress

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Finding that perfect bridal gown that will make you feel perfect on your big day is not very easy. Many brides may find the whole exercise quite tiring, as your wedding day is an extraordinary day that you will likely put a lot of effort into. When shopping for a wedding gown in Singapore, there are certain details that you must take care of to ensure that you get the perfect dress.

Here are some tips you can follow to help you:

  1. Take Note Of Your Body Shape

This is a crucial point that you must consider as the wedding dresses that you see on the racks were not made with you in mind. Although a model may look great in the dress, it may not be suitable for you if it does not flatter your body shape. Your body shape is a factor that may dictate the kind of gown that will look good on you.

Here are the standard body shapes and the type of evening dresses and bridal gowns that will be suitable for them:

  • Hourglass Figure

If you have a curvaceous figure like that one of an hourglass, consider a wedding gown style that draws attention to your waist and shows off your curves. A mermaid cut, A-line, or a ball gown would do well in accentuating your bodylines. Avoid loose styles like empire wedding dresses.

  • Triangle/Pear Shaped Frames

Women with this body shape have a smaller upper body and a larger lower body. Choose a gown that focuses on your body proportions like an empire gown, A-line style dresses, and ball gowns. These dresses take away the focus from your lower body and help you focus on your smaller upper half. Stay away from straight sheath dresses that will make your lower body look exaggerated.

  • Inverted Triangle/ Apple Shape

Women with this body shape have broad shoulders and a bigger upper body but a smaller lower body. With this, you could try wearing a short gown to draw attention to the lower body. If you have to wear a long gown, choose one that has more embellishments at the bottom and not on the chest or shoulders.

  • Rectangle Figures

If your chest is as wide as your hips, your body shape is more rectangular. Try out a gown that creates the illusion of curves like an A-line or empire waist gowns.

  1. Body Size

Your body size should also play a role when you are picking out a wedding dress. If you have a petite body, you should choose a dress that does not overwhelm your small frame. Avoid heavily beaded ball gowns and mermaid gowns and instead, go for lighter fabrics with fewer layers. Ensure you pick something simple with little details.

If you are plus size, consider choosing a dress with embellishments from the neck to the waist. Ideally, your dress should have a high neckline and to emphasise your waist, find a dress with a waistband. If you have a larger chest that you will like to draw attention away from, consider a dress with a square neckline to help cover up your chest.

  1. Colour

For those that prefer to follow the less traditional route, you can consider wearing a colour other the traditional white gown. Other colours will include pastel colours like baby blue, purple, or pink.

  1. Alterations

When choosing a wedding gown, the size of the dress should not be your focus as adjustments can be made. If it is too big, it can be altered to become your size. Many things can be done to a dress including adjustment of the waistlines and straps. After receiving the dress, it is also necessary that you have it steamed and properly ironed.

The above are some of the most important details to take care of to ensure you have a perfect wedding gown.