Find Out What Your Wedding Colours Say About You

Find Out What Your Wedding Colours Say About You

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An increasing number of brides are looking to go out of the traditional colours of white and cream as their wedding colours and opting for brighter hues like ultraviolet purple and even tangy orange. Even our bridal shop in Singapore is bringing in a variety of coloured dresses for brides to express themselves. Below, we list down some of the most popular colours and using colour psychology, reveal a thing or two about your personality.


Red is one of the most popular colours that brides choose as part of their wedding theme, perhaps due to its symbolism of passion and romance. In the Chinese culture, it can also represent happiness, wealth and prosperity. If you picked out red as a main colour, you are most likely an extroverted person who likes to be in the company of good music and loves to dance. You are confident and open-minded, albeit sometimes a little overdramatic. 


When we think of yellow, we often think of the sun that denotes happiness, warmth and joy. If you find that you are adding yellow everywhere in your wedding, you are most likely the “sun” amongst your friends – always happy, smiling and funny. You enjoy going for adventures and are always seeking self-fulfilment with your curious nature.


While orange may be a colour too bright for most, brides who have an orange-themed wedding are fun and spontaneous with a zest for life. You will never see them alone and are always surrounded by friends and family.


Pink is the sweeter and more delicate colour compared to red and is often selected by brides who are very much in touch with their feminine side. Your friends will describe you as sweet and demure and you would consider yourself a diehard romantic who likes to receive affection.


Blue is a colour that works well throughout the year and also a top choice as a rom dress in Singapore. If you opted for hues of blue, you are a faithful person who tends to be sensitive and emotional. You can worry too much at times but make up for it with your patience with others.


Purple is said to be the colour of 2018. Often associated with royalty and mystery, personalities that choose purple are usually unconventional and like to be unique. They tend to be witty, intuitive and artistic in nature.


Last but not least, green is a colour that couples find hard to abstain from weddings, especially for those who are planning an outdoor wedding in nature.  Green shades symbolize growth and fertility – and if your wedding is dominated with green, this could mean you are a down-to-earth person who is modest and sociable. You are extremely adaptable to your surroundings, yet hold on to a set of strong values that guide you throughout life.

And there you have it! Did we manage to get it right? No matter what colours you ultimately decide to go for, always make sure to inject a little fun into everything. If you plan to stay away from the traditional colours and are looking for dresses that go beyond the usual colour palette, drop by our shop, Singapore’s largest wedding studio and try them on yourself!