“Feel Like I’m Going To Attend The Oscar Awards”

“Feel Like I’m Going To Attend The Oscar Awards”

The result brought together by the combination of Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers was something that Ron and Iris loved about their experience. “I feel it is a great combination because the partnership between Chris Ling and Z Wedding has the most beautiful wedding gowns and has a lot of selection available.” Ron went on to share that from the photo albums he saw at Z Wedding, he already knew that Chris Ling is very professional and has a flair for presenting photos. The professionalism and quality reflected in the photo albums proved the capabilities of the Chris Ling photography team and this encouraged the couple to join Z Wedding without having any second thoughts.

As the bride-to-be, Iris was happy to see the selection of wedding gowns she could choose from. “The Z Wedding gowns really go with the of the photographers here.” Together with the photography style, the designs of the wedding gowns brought a beautiful effect to their photo album which she was satisfied with. The layouts within the indoor photography studio were also something that impressed Iris.

For Ron, he had a very clear objective in his bridal boutique selection. He wanted a boutique that would be able to provide professional advice on what are the things to take note, what they can do better and what they should avoid for wedding couples, especially for first-timers like them. “I can see that Z Wedding’s staffs are all very professional and a lot of stuff are actually professionally advised by them, which I felt that it makes me able to think and make my decisions more wisely.” Ron believed that as a first timer, it is not easy to make a wise decision without precise information or without someone experienced to tell you what you should and should not do. The team at Z Wedding was more than ready to meet his needs. Having seen the exemplary services, photo albums, wedding gowns and suits provided to them by Z Wedding for their ROM, he had built his faith and confidence in allowing the Z Wedding team to handle their actual wedding preparations.

“I am very impressed by the service of the staff here, they are very friendly, all very very friendly. They made us feel very at home every time we are here. “ Iris had a very pleasant experience with the team and she was deeply impressed by the efforts that were made, sending them reminders of their preparations consistently. What she liked most about the boutique were the designs of the wedding gowns, simple yet elegant in her eyes. They were everything that she liked about a wedding gown and fell in love immediately when she set her eyes on them. “They make me feel like I’m going to attend the Oscar awards.” She liked the evening dress so much that they took an extra one for their wedding.

The couple enjoyed a very comfortable experience at Z Wedding, where it felt like home to them. At Z Wedding, you are more than just a customer to us. We open our hearts to help you create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime.