Feedback Of Our Happiness At Z Wedding Workshop 19 & 20 Nov ’16

Feedback Of Our Happiness At Z Wedding Workshop 19 & 20 Nov ’16

Nothing assures our future participants more than the positive feedback from our last workshop.
Here are what some of our guests said:


Overall Presentation

 Very Informative on the Behind the Scene of a Wedding.
Interesting Yet Straight to the Point.
Program is Smooth Running. No Hard Sell.
Good Suggestions for My Wedding.
Interactive, Genuine and Open Sharing of Knowledge, Didn’t Feel Obligated.
Tips are Useful and Applicable, Very Real and Honest Content which is useful for Wedding Couples.
They Understand the Needs of Consumer.


On Choosing the Dream Gown


The Speakers Let Us Understand the Different Aspect of Choosing a Wedding Dress
The Different Type of Gowns for Different Body Type.
We like the part on Selection of Gowns and What to take Note of.
Manage to Learn a Lot about Wedding Fashion


On How to be the Confident Bride


We like their Creative Director Joey’s sharing on Shoes, Confidence Level and How to Walk the Aisle.
We’ve learned about the Importance of Wedding for Ladies; the Walking Posture for March-In.
The Importance of Wearing the Right Shoes On Your Actual Day
Tips on What to Do During the March-In.
The do and Don’ts for the Bride and Groom
The Mind-set to Set Yourself Ready for the Actual Day.
The Difference of a Planned and Unplanned Mach-In.


On Pre-Wedding Photography


We’ve learned about Photography Poses and What Makes a Good Photo.
Tips and Suggestions for Photoshoots.
The Photography Process.
Tips on How to Choose a Photographer
How to Approach a Photographer.


On Packages

Key Things to Look Out for When Selecting a Wedding Package.


Others that were touched on


What Suit should the Groom Wear.
What to Look Out for When Comes to Makeup.