Fantastic Wedding Dress Silhouettes

Fantastic Wedding Dress Silhouettes

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Who says you cannot wear something nice and flattering if you are leaning on the plus side? Of course you can! You just have to do a bit of research and learn more about the silhouettes, cuts, and designs that will flatter your body shape and size.

The key to achieving that perfect image of a beautiful, glowing bride is having the confidence in yourself. Flaunt those gorgeous curves and celebrate your body shape! Shop for gowns that are flattering and highlight your assets so you walk down the aisle like a super model! There are innumerabe flattering silhouettes available for you to choose from. From mermaid skirts to waist-cinching bodice, these options are everywhere!

To help you get started (and regardless of your size and shape) here are some wedding dresses that you will find in Singapore’s bridal shops.

A-Line Silhouette

An A-Line Silhouette is universally flattering. It can work on any kind of body shape and sizes. Although the silhouette can look a little generic and plain, you can still make it unique by incorporating embellishments such as beadworks, lace trimmings, and addition of other types of fabrics to brin more depth and dimension to the A-Line gown.

Drop Waist Silhouette

A drop waist silhouette is perfect for larger brides. It hugs your curves in the right places and flatters your shape perfectly. It creates a slimmer silhouette and will highlight your hips fantastically well. Drop waist silhouettes are perfect for plus size brides since it helps them look sexier and slimmer.

Corset Gowns

A corset wedding gown is perfect if you want to accentuate your waist and create a flattering figure. Corsets give you an illusion of looking slimmer in the midriff while maintaining your curves in all the right areas. Plus size brides love corset gowns as it provides a slimmer waist and an improved appearance of your bust. Apart from improving your figure, it also provides support.

Sheath Gowns

Sheath gowns are extremely complementary as they lengthen your figure and make you look slimmer. Despite having a simple silhouette, it graces curvier body shapes extremely well. This type of gown silhouette also allows you proper freedom of movement, since the material used for sheath gowns usually provides flexibility and room for you to move around without restriction. Sheath gowns are breezy, while at the same time providing maximum support and comfort without compromising style.