Exploring The Types Of Bodice Used In Bridal Gowns

Exploring The Types Of Bodice Used In Bridal Gowns

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The bodice is a part of women’s clothing that covers the body from the neck down to the waist. This clothing article is commonly seen used by European women a few centuries back. It’s a famous upper garment utilized during the 16th to the 18th century, where the bodice is used to help shape a woman’s body and maintain her figure in place.

In the modern times, the bodice is used to create support in the upper body and bust of the women who will be wearing them to achieve a nice figure and highlight their assets. The use of bodice today has become truly popular where many dressing cuts have been designed to suit the bodice. Now, there are a lot of variations to choose from and usually, brides-to-be are the ones who are utilizing the various designs of bodices.

A nicely fitted and well-shaped bodice enhances one’s wedding gown and creates a beautiful silhouette. Bodice makes a huge difference in terms of visual impact to the overall appearance of the gown.

Sometimes, it’s hard to choose among these bodices so with the help of a professional from Z Wedding, you can narrow down the options. To give you a brief overview, below are some examples of the different types of bodices that you can try to decide which fits you best!

Crumb Catcher

A crumb catcher neckline gives the wearer an extra oomph in the bust section. Usually made with pleats of ruffles or silk, the crumb catcher neckline creates an illusion of an hourglass-like shape. This type of bodice has been used since centuries ago and has regained its popularity in the year 2008. What is great about this type of bodice as seen in our Nautical wedding gown collection is that it helps draw attention to the face and upper body, highlighting a specific asset such as the bustline.


As seen in The Light Between Oceans collection, one of the classics in the bodice line-up is the corset, which is a stiff type of clothing article that helps emphasize the wearer’s waist. It gives an illusion of having tiny waist and having a v-like shape from the neck down to the waist. It also supports the bust and shapes the waist, but be extra careful when using it and not go to tight on it. Although it is a classic and sexy ensemble, corsets can be quite uncomfortable to wear when done wrong.


Usually, bonings are used inside the gown to create structure and to support the upper part of the body. Bonings are made with flexible wires to fit one’s body perfectly and to create clean lines that would stay straight for a decent amount of time. It also saves your gown from sagging or becoming ill-fitting.


One of our favourite bodices used in the Aphrodite collection, overlay gowns are those that are lined with sheer fabric on top of the dress bodice. It adds a conservative feel yet sultry appearance to the bride. It is also the best choice of you want to go for a sleeved gown yet still wanting to show some skin.


An insert is a type of bodice that includes two textures of fabrics in different contrasting colours to create a modest type of neckline. It’s not your usual type of bodice but still widely used by most brides around the world.

These are some of the bodices that you can check out for options. At Z Wedding bridal boutique, we will be with you throughout the process of your wedding and evening gown rental to offer our advice. Share your preferences with us and we will find your ideal bridal gowns for you! Without expertise, we will pick out the best gown that will be most suited for your body type.

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