Expert Guide to Choosing Elegant Evening Gowns in Singapore

Expert Guide to Choosing Elegant Evening Gowns in Singapore

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We don’t often get the chance to get dressed to the nines in Singapore. However, when we do, we are usually faced with one of life most challenging questions: what do I wear? The difficulty of finding the perfect outfit stems from the endless outfit choices we have to make and matching it to the occasion.

If you have a corporate D&D, a wedding dinner to attend, or sniff a possible proposal after a fancy dinner, a good place to start is by looking at evening gowns. Evening gowns embody a flowing elegance and are adored across the world.

We’ve come up with an expert guide to help you find the perfect evening gown for a night of decadence and luxury.

Body Shape & Type of Gown

Before you even begin your search, you must honestly assess your own body shape. Certain gowns favour and complement different body types. Finding out our body shape is probably the most important step to finding the perfect evening gown in Singapore.

Generally, most women will fall into one of these 5 body types: apple-shaped, pear-shaped, hourglass, rectangular or petite. From here, it is much easier to begin matching it with the best type of evening gown for your specific body shape.

Evening gowns are categorised into many types, the most common being A-lines, trumpets, sheathes, mermaids, and ball gowns. We won’t go into the intimate details but focus more on general rules of thumbs.

A-line gowns are the most accommodating gowns, especially to apple and pear body shapes. Mermaid and trumpet dresses have a much tighter overall fit, which makes them excellent choices for women with hourglass figures. Smaller brides with petite body shapes will appreciate the illusion of height provided by a sheath gown.


Sophisticated elegance is usually the first thought that comes to mind when evening gowns are mentioned. To maintain this regal air, it’s best to lean towards more timeless, classic evening gowns. Trying to match the latest and flashiest trends with something as subtle and classy as evening gowns could result in a huge faux pas.

Chasing trends could leave your evening gown looking bland and out of place after a couple of months. Veering towards classic choices can ensure your evening gown has an enduring spot in your wardrobe. Sticking with classic colours like black, white, navy and gold will only add to the timeless appeal of a beautiful evening gown. Evening gowns are classic choices, and it’s wise to keep them looking that way.


Last but most crucially, your evening gown must be the perfect size for you. It is extremely rare that off-the-rack gowns fit our bodies seamlessly. To get the perfect size, we must be totally honest about our measurements when visiting the best bridal boutiques in Singapore. Only then can we find the optimal evening gown through a proper fitting.

Getting your gowns customised is the best way to ensure your evening gown fits you like a glove. Many bridal boutiques in Singapore offer customisation services, and you should take advantage of them.


















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