“Everytime we are here there’s always endless laughter”

“Everytime we are here there’s always endless laughter”

Zi Yi and Brenda came across our Z Wedding bridal boutique while researching online and Brenda was instantly drawn to the variety of wedding gowns she saw. She explained that she was not a ‘girly’ kind of person and had no idea what sort of gowns would suit her but luckily for her, she could place her trust in her gown consultant and his professional judgement. “Sometimes I will also want to try on something that he did not recommend, so he did not stop me from doing it. True enough, when I put it on, it was really not suitable for me. After that experience I really trusted him entirely on his recommendation”. Her trust in him as well as her consultant’s expertise made the wedding and evening gown selection process a very efficient one for them. Brenda was also very heartened by the dedication Z Wedding makes in accommodating to their wedding couples. “We are very busy, so Z Wedding actually has appointments just to suit our availability. I think it really impressed us that they even stayed until late at night around 11pm just to let us do what we need to do”. We do not make our brides and grooms suit us, but we will try our best within our means to suit you instead.

Zi Yi shared that his experience with Z Wedding has been a very pleasant one. “The staff are very friendly and they are very professional”. He was very impressed by the skills of his Chris Ling International Photographer during their pre wedding photoshoot and Brenda seconds his statement. Our team at Z Wedding had suggested for the couple to bring their own props that were significant to them for their photoshoot and they did exactly that. The professionalism of which their photographer displayed in utilising whatever he was given at the photoshoot impressed her. “He thinks really quickly on the spot for certain things to be needed for this location, certain things will be needed for this setting. And for every location, he really brought out the feel and style that we wanted”. It was a very satisfying shoot for both the couple and their photographer.

The bride expressed her appreciation for her makeup artist and his skills. She marvelled that for the past twenty years, she did not know that she could look so beautiful. “He was really cool as well, he was able to bring out every kind of mood that I want in every location”. Apart from his skills, his winning personality was a trait that the couple loved.

The couple thoroughly enjoyed their experience here at Z Wedding and recommends all wedding couples-to-be to come to Z Wedding. Brenda elaborates that whenever they are in the bridal boutique, it feels like they are part of the family. It does not make you feel like you need to get things done, but instead, you really want to come here because of the company and experience. “Every time we are here there’s always endless laughter, even if we are not directly under a certain consultant, everyone just treats us the same”. We love to break the walls down here at Z Wedding and work together as a family, because we strive on the happiness we create with every couple here.

As Zi Yi believes, “the collaboration with Z Wedding and Chris Ling is a match made in heaven because they provide all the things that are needed for a wedding”. We got you covered! Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.