“Everything will just fall in place”

“Everything will just fall in place”

It was with much delight that we welcomed Melvin and Chloe to our bridal studio when they first came seeking to find out more about our offerings. The couple was well aware that Chris Ling had been in the industry for many years because Melvin’s sister, who had gotten married 10 years ago, had mentioned Chris Ling to the couple and sang about his popularity even from back then.

Chloe was very impressed by our indoor studio. The couple had, in fact, approached Z Wedding because of our studio concept. “People will fly themselves overseas to take shoots from different countries which will actually be very tiring but I think there is no need for you to do that. You just approach Z Wedding and Chris Ling, everything is there.” Our elaborate studio setups simulated an environment that made them feel they were out of Singapore which spurred their believe that you really do not have to fly overseas to get stunning photos taken.

Throughout the whole process from the gown selection to photo taking, the couple felt that everything was just so perfect for them. Chloe had no clue what she had wanted and Melvin was quoted in his wife’ words, a ‘picky’ person. Their heads were flooded with negative thoughts of ‘what ifs’ but the stability of our consultants definitely cleared their doubts. Melvin and Chloe mentioned, “When you come here, there is no what if. Everything will just fall in place”.

One thing that stood out from this couple was that Melvin himself had requested to have make-up done on him for their photoshoot. Our make-up artist was adventurous enough to take on the request and the couple was more than happy with the result. Chloe admitted that our makeup artist had exceed what she had expected from him, commending that “He can really pick the right points. He doesn’t overdo it but he can accentuate your features very well by putting in the right colours.” As Melvin says, we got all the answers you need. Our team at Z Wedding will be more than happy to share our experiences with you.

Our family strives on the blessings our brides and grooms bring along with their wedding bliss, so thank you for giving us the energy to continue endeavoring in our passion as well!