“Everyone here serves us with a smile”

“Everyone here serves us with a smile”

For Kin Wei and Wen Xin, the couple started their engagement with Z Wedding one year before their actual wedding. The determining factor in choosing our bridal boutique was the range of gowns we have. “What attracted me to Z Wedding was mainly because of the gowns, they were very unique from the rest of the other bridal studio and their designs were very special, it was not the normal white colour gowns,” Our gowns appealed to Wen Xin because she thought that they stood out very differently from other wedding gowns she had seen in other bridals studios. Kin Wei placed his confidence in us because he knew that our gown collections were updated regularly and they would not run out of any beautiful gowns to choose from.

While they had approached us one year ahead of the wedding, Kin Wei and Wen Xin faced unexpected situations and had to bring forward their wedding. Thankfully, this sudden shortening of time frame did not prove to be a huge issue and together with the team, they managed to get all procedure done smoothly. As mentioned by Kin Wei, “Everything was all very well planned, the people are very professional, they know what they are doing.” The couple was very thankful for the organisation and accommodation displayed by the Z Wedding team, who seemed to show even more concern about the wedding than the couple!

Their photoshoot, Wen Xin was very impressed by the photography skills performed by Chris Ling and his team. “The way Chris Ling captures it is very different…, it was not like those close up shots of us in our gown, it was different angles and very candid shots.” The couple ended up with a hard time choosing all the photos because as Wen Xin raves, “we look very good in all of it”. The photoshoot was a fun experience to them despite the heat. They were glad to have a photographer that crack jokes and make them smile. This helped them greatly in looking natural for their photos.

Throughout the whole process, the service they received was more than satisfactory. “Everyone here serves us with a smile.” Wen Xin believes that this is very important in a service industry. The bride and groom were very thankful to the team for having settled all their preparations nicely in the short timeline, all with a helpful and friendly attitude.

The couple was won over by the dedication our boutique displayed and believes that there is nowhere else a couple will need to look for in their wedding preparation journey. Place your trust in our team, because you will not go wrong with Z Wedding and Chris Ling.