Types of Fabrics That Wedding Gowns Are Made Of

Types of Fabrics That Wedding Gowns Are Made Of

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Good fabrics make the whole outfit look pleasing to the eyes and flattering to the one who is going to wear it. To find the perfect wedding gown, you have to consider quite a number of points such as its comfort level, structure, and the kinds of fabric the dress is made from. It can be a tedious job, but it is what makes the whole planning worthwhile. Eventually, your efforts in finding the perfect fabrics for your wedding gown will definitely pay off.

Wedding dresses are made using different fabrics and in varying style. Some are made using fabrics that only suit a specific body type, some are structured, and some are made for leaner figures. Various fabrics are unique and you may want to assess each of them in order to come up with the best fabric that will enhance and flatter your appearance.

If you are still confused about the different fabrics used in a wedding gown, then this article is perfect for you! Find out which fabric works the best for you in this article.

A lightweight and extremely sheer fabric, chiffon is the favorite fabric used for weddings. It is a very delicate fabric which creates a magnificent flowing and sheer look without the sheen.

Satin is one of the widely used fabrics of all time. This fabric is smooth and has a natural sheen that is perfect for an elegant dress. Satin is also very durable and can be structured depending on the design. However, this fabric can make you break a sweat in hot weather so brides who are going to have an outdoor wedding may want to consider another option.

A tulle is not necessarily a fabric that is worn outside, but it is something used to add volume to a skirt. It resembles a mesh-like appearance usually made of silk and nylon. It is also a very lightweight material. Tulle is usually paired with other fabrics for a more gorgeous and outstanding look.

Silk has a naturally beautiful texture, although it can get very expensive. It creates a gorgeous silhouette and drapes around the body accordingly. We suggest that the best thing to do when opting for a silk material is to consult your bridal boutique get their opinion on whether this material will flatter your overall wedding theme.

Similarly to chiffon, organza has a sheer and lightweight finish. The only difference is that the organza fabric is more structured compared to chiffon. This fabric is perfect for weddings to be celebrated during the hot season because of the delicate yet airy feeling it gives.

Often used for dresses that reveal one’s figure, charmeuse is specifically used for gowns that drape around the body. This fabric accentuates figures and also creates a very luxurious look. However, it can also highlight flaws that you are targeting to hide. Get professional advice from gown consultant if you want to work a gown in this material.