Top 8 Mistakes Brides Make When Shopping For a Wedding Dress

Top 8 Mistakes Brides Make When Shopping For a Wedding Dress

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Weddings come with lots of love and happiness. The moment he puts that beautiful engagement ring on your finger, your head goes into overdrive thinking about the wedding. You leave no stones unturned when you start planning for your big day. You take your time to inform all your friends and relatives the good news.

You start planning every detail of your wedding, choosing the bridal entourage and thinking about the reception. In the mix of all these excitement, you may end up getting carried away.

Anything can go wrong; from choosing the wrong service providers to booking an inappropriate venue among others. You may even end up choosing the wrong wedding dress! Imagine having to wear an ill-fitting dress the whole day, it is definitely the last thing you want.

Here are top mistakes brides make when choosing a wedding dress. Learn from them and don’t repeat their mistakes!

Not working with your body type

We all have different body types. We dress according to how our bodies look to bring out the best in us. You may get wild fitting different kinds of outfits and even fall in love with a number of them. However, one of the mistakes brides make is failing to choose a wedding dress that suits their body types. No matter how glamorous a dress looks, if it does not accentuate your figure, stay away from it. Therefore when window-shopping for your outfit from one bridal shop to another, it is important to understand your body type and shop with that in mind.

Failure to work within your budget

When shopping, work with a budget. Before you step into any bridal boutique, you should have a figure in mind to work with when shopping. However, many brides start without a specific budget. The result is that you will end up spending too much on your wedding dress and either strain when looking for other essential items or end up with a huge debt long after the wedding.

Getting too many friends to tag along

While a second and a third opinion are important when shopping for your gown, too much advice and opinions may end up confusing you. Many brides tend to bring their friends along when shopping for their dress. They eventually end up confusing the bride, and the exercise becomes frustrating. Remember, you are the one who will wear the gown. Each of your friends has their tastes and preferences. Therefore, narrow down the number that will accompany you during your shopping sprees. It will make it easier for you to make an objective decision.


Some women tend to be too rigid when shopping for their wedding or evening dress. They go out with a fixed mind on what they want. They may have spotted a wedding gown on the internet and wish to have a similar one. Once the search becomes futile, they end up settling for any dress due to time constraints. Approach your shopping with an open mind and create room for flexibility.

Failure to choose the right store

A bride may fail to check the reviews of a store before engaging their services. The store may promise to deliver a great gown but end up frustrating the bride as the day of the wedding approaches. Such an incidence will send the bride into a panic mood, and she may end up settling for any gown hence ruining her big day. Ensure you are working with a reputable bridal shop to avoid such a costly mistake.

Shopping online

Technology may have made it easy for us to do business and shop online, but it is not always the best. A bride may spot a glamorous gown online and make an order only to receive something very different. She may also end up receiving a dress that does not fit well and adjusting it ends up spoiling the outfit. Buy your gown from a bridal boutique in Singapore, one that you can walk in, fit your gown and even request for more designs.

Buying too early

The excitement of your big day may get the better of you. The desire to see yourself in your wedding gown may push you to purchase your gown too early. When brides do this, the gown may end up not fitting properly because of a change in skin tone or size. You may also spot one that looks better than what you had purchased. Give yourself more time to consider more options before settling on one.

Trying on overpriced dresses

Brides tend to try all the dresses they see in a bridal boutique even if they are too expensive for them. Such a move will either make the bride use the fancy dress as the denominator of their ideal dress or adjust the budget upwards, a move that may affect the budget.

Shopping for your wedding or evening gown does not have to be such a frustrating affair. Before stepping out, understand what you want, shop with a figure in mind and approach the shopping with an open mind. It will ease the pressure, and you will get the right wedding dress for your big day.