Top 5 Wedding Dress Trends of 2017

Top 5 Wedding Dress Trends of 2017

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Every bride wants her special day to be perfect – a lavish dinner of celebrations with family and friends, and a grand walk down the aisle next to the man she loves. When a bride dreams of a perfect wedding, it can bring on unnecessary stress. Therefore, brides-to-be should constantly keep themselves updated with the latest in wedding gown trends – so that, when the time comes, they can decide for themselves which wedding dress they would like to don during their happy walk down the aisle.

These 5 wedding dress trends of 2017 will surely get you excited for the day of your wedding gown rental.

Trend #1: Lace

Wedding dresses have recently incorporated lace into their designs. These dresses employ more traditional-looking patterns, making them seem frilly and elegant. Lace is comfortable, and breathable. The web-like patterns are great for showing off a bride’s beautiful figure while providing useful distractions from the rest of the body. Dresses made with lace are almost always white or off-white, and is widely available in wedding dress rental boutiques.

Trend #2: Bows

Bows, tied either at the front or the back of the dress, are starting to rise in popularity. While traditionally used to hide unexpected baby bumps or plumper figures, these bows have grown to become a usual sight on wedding gowns. Often, the bows provide a unique focal point for the bride, and large, oversized bows can form belts to create gorgeous dramatic back view. Bows on dresses can be detachable, and can be a different colour from the dress for an even more dramatic contrast.

Trend #3: Colour

Wedding dresses are traditionally white, to symbolize the purity of the soul. However, modern wedding trends have made away with that tradition, offering brides lightly coloured dresses instead. The dresses are usually slightly off-white, in shades of soft colours, such as petal-pink, barley, lush greens, or baby blue. The choice of colour adds another way for the bride to subtly and graciously express herself during the wedding ceremony.

Trend #4: Minimalism

The ‘90s world of fashion brought about the minimalist movement, and it’s coming back in 2017. Minimalism, essentially, removes all the fanciness and frills, leaving behind only what is most needed. For wedding dresses, this means making away with long, studded gowns and leaving behind simple dresses, such as the slip dress or t-shirt dress. These dresses are almost effortless to put on, which makes it very convenient for brides who like to have on multiple dresses during their wedding.

Trend #5: Florals

Thought that having flowers on your dress made you look too auntie? 3D Florals are a new wedding dress trend that has taken the world by storm. These floral prints aren’t just printed on the dress. They pop out, making you stand out in a bouquet of white flowers. The floral dress is made of layers of embroideries, beading and large sequin paillettes. Such a dress will surely bring out your inner beauty.

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