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"Service with a heart"

Bryan and Selina were a wonderful couple to work with. It is Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers’ honour to provide the beautiful couple with our wedding gowns and capture this precious memory for them. The couple too agrees that “it has been a wonderful journey with Z Wedding and Chris Ling International”. What they loved the most was the service and passion they received from our team. Bryan shares that “the staff members have been great. I think if there is one phrase we can describe all the staff, its ‘service with a heart’. It has been great being here in Z Wedding”.

Selina felt that the staffs’ efforts and energy were very commendable. “Even though it’s not our slot but we watch them, and their smiles never leave their faces, they are always so energetic”. The more times she dropped by our bridal boutique, the more she observed how hard the team at Z Wedding works. To her, Z Wedding has provided a very nice, safe and encouraging environment for both the staff and clients, which is extremely motivating. She was very amazed by how long the staff members have been around with us and how everyone “looked so happy and so energetic”. Bryan and Selina were very glad to indulge in the passion, joy and zeal that was present in the boutique.

Bryan elaborated that “they gave us this feeling that they really like and love what they do, so that made the whole difference in how we felt being a part of this company”. Through their wedding and evening gown selection to their wedding photoshoot, the process has been one filled with service from the heart of our Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers’ team. We always strive to create a magical experience for each couple with the passion and expertise we have.

The couple wishes all the best for our team, and that we will continue to bring an amazing experience to the rest of the couples we serve. “We do hope that this whole team and the company can keep up this good work practice, whatever their mission and vision towards serving all the couples that they will keep it up and continue to treasure the staff”. The lovely couple ended their words with an applause for the team. Z Wedding has no plans on stopping what we do. With every couple that joins us, we will make progression from strength to strength and bring our love into the experience. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.

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