Best Wedding Gown Colours for Brides with Dark Skin Tones

Best Wedding Gown Colours for Brides with Dark Skin Tones

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Just like choosing the right silhouette and shape for your wedding gown, coming up with the perfect hue and shade of your gown is as important as the two former factors. The right colour of wedding gown for your skin tone helps bring out the best in you as well as highlight your overall appearance. While there are no right or wrong colours, choosing a wedding or evening gown with a mismatching colour to your skin tone can definitely overpower you and wash your skin tone out.

If you are someone who has naturally dark skin or a tanned skin tone from playing sports, here are some great gown colours available here at Z Wedding wedding shop that will look perfect on your gorgeous dark skin!

Olive Green
Although olive green appears a bit darker, it is actually a great colour to complement your skin tone. Aside from that, this shade is very easy to match and appears cool on the eyes so you would not have to worry about looking out of place despite not wearing a traditional white gown for your wedding. The way olive green complements your skin is simply magical and beautiful, as seen in our Timeless Glamor collection.

For those who still prefer to go the traditional way but wish to add a fresh twist from the usual white wedding gown, cream is the perfect choice for women with darker skin tones. Aside from looking crisp, fresh, and clean, a cream coloured gown from our Midsummer Dreams collection makes you appear glowing and your skin brighter because of the way it creates balance between dark and light hues.

Royal blue
This choice of colour is bold and will make a great match to your dark skin. This colour exudes charisma and provides empowerment to the wearer. Instead of making your skin look dull, this evening dress colour as seen in our Athena collection brings out the gorgeous hue of your bronze skin and brings an air of royalty and sophistication to the bride.

Salmon Pink
Salmon Pink is a very versatile colour and it complements both light and dark skin tones, as seen in our Blooming Tale collection. It is a fresh hued pink that screams freshness and femininity! The way it grazes and contrasts your skin is dreamy enough to balance everything out. Salmon Pink is also a safe colour to wear as it is a more conservative colour that can fit into every setting.

Choosing your wedding gown colour still depends on your own preferences, however, there is also nothing wrong with wanting to stay inside the safe zone. Our team here at Z Wedding has a great eye for matching every bride with the ideal colours that will complement your skin tone beautifully. Do not hesitate to try on our gowns and provide us with your opinions!

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