Best Gown Colours for a Garden Wedding

Best Gown Colours for a Garden Wedding

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Garden weddings call for the most festive colour palettes. Step out of the norm and choose a wedding dress colour that adds a punch to your look for an intimate occasion and celebration.

A coloured gown adds a breath of fresh air to the usual white or off-white wedding gowns, and many women have already started wearing gowns in different hues apart from the former traditional colours. At Z Wedding bridal boutique, our in-house designers have come up with beautiful gown designs and colours that perfectly complement such an occasion. As you search and hunt for your ideal gown, we have listed a few good colours that you can consider for your ensemble.

Below are some wedding and evening gown colours that are perfect for your garden wedding!

Blush Pink
Blush pink has been one of the trendiest colours in the past year and its popularity has been rising. Blush pink in wedding gowns and dresses like in The Cruise collection look very sophisticated and alluring. It is perfect for adding a soft pop of colour to set the mood and feel to a garden themed wedding event. A blush pink wedding gown also looks demure and you can add some sexiness to it by playing with the dress cut, texture, details, and material.

Sage as seen in our Pearl collection is a sophisticated colour that is also very pleasing to the eyes. It is a universal colour that can be matched with almost all themes and is perfect for a beautiful garden wedding. Sage gives off the right vibe to make you look put together while mixing in the right hint of maturity and sexiness to your look.

Cloud Grey
Probably the colour that is closest to white, if you want to stay a bit closer to the traditional wedding gown colours, then cloud grey is the perfect choice for you! Cloud grey is a safe colour that can effortlessly match a garden themed wedding. The said colour incorporated in our Timeless Glamor collection creates a glamorous and sophisticated vibe to a laid back outdoor wedding.

Fancy a darker wedding gown shade? Then maroon could be the colour you are looking for. Maroon is a perfect colour for autumn and garden themed weddings. Similar to the colour of the rose, it fits perfectly in a garden wedding where you will be at the centre of attention.

Light Peach
Like blush pink, light peach is also very popular nowadays. It is a playful shade that is perfect for a fun-filled occasion. Light peach is a demure yet appealing colour that makes it a perfect choice of shade for any wedding ensemble, as displayed in The Cruise collection. You can also say that it is a safe colour that can be worn in weddings as light peach is a bit closer to off-white gowns. Walk down the aisle in this feminine colour while exuding sophistication, taste and beauty at the same time.

There are no rules on what colours your gown should be in for a perfect garden wedding. As long as it suits you, your theme and your liking, there is no reason why you should not go for it!

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