Mavis shared that the reason why she chose Z Wedding was primarily because of their gowns, given that she really liked the selection that was present. After she had browsed the pictures that were on display, she felt that Z Wedding stood out to her with how well taken the pictures appeared. As the gowns and the quality of photography were the couple’s two main concern when it came to selecting which bridal studio they wanted to sign up with, Chi Pang and Mavis had considered Z Wedding very early from the start.

During the selection of wedding gowns, Mavis was appreciative for the presence of her gown consultant who was very helpful. Being very quick to assess her likes and dislikes, the consultant was able to pull out gowns that she fancied. Moreover, Mavis felt that she was able to leave her makeup and hairstyle in the reliable hands of her makeup artist. She trusted that he could do whatever to make her look good in the pictures, as well as, making sure that her face would be able to complement the gowns she would be wearing. On the whole, she was very happy with what he pulled out. At the end of the day, Mavis admits that she would still choose Z Wedding because of the way the finished photos turned out. She felt that the photos could tell its viewers that the two people in them were lovers and that was the feeling she was going for.

From the start to the end, Mavis and Chi Pang’s photos unravelled a storyline that had a flow from the point where and how they met, to how their relationship began to develop, and then to how both of them eventually ended up together. Throughout the process of having their pre-wedding photo shoot, Chi Pang and Mavis found themselves having an enjoyable experience. Their photographer was very funny and started cracking jokes to break the ice fast. This made it easier for the couple to get in the mood and feel comfortable. From there, being taught what to do and being prompted on how to pose was just a breeze for the couple. For Chi Pang, he admits that he is someone who does not really like to take photos, so for him to be comfortable was an achievement. Finding his experience quite fun and interesting, he enjoyed the process more than he thought he would. Furthermore, he did not look awkward, much to Mavis’ surprise. “She thought I would look too pose-y.”

The couple highly encouraged others to consider Z Wedding and Chris Ling. “Every time we stepped in, everyone is very friendly and welcoming.” Mavis added that the services provided by the team were very prompt, with constant follow ups and the couple did not have to chase them. In terms of pricing, they felt that it was worth every dollar spent. “Go for it! Don’t hesitate!”

At Z Wedding, we aspire to give the best bridal services to every couple. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.