Differences between Trumpet and Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Differences between Trumpet and Mermaid Wedding Dresses

Trumpet and mermaid wedding dresses and gowns often get mixed up, as they can look extremely similar. Most categories of wedding dresses and gowns have a set of very distinct characteristics and never get mistaken for other types of wedding dresses or gowns. Many, however, find both trumpet and mermaid wedding dresses to look identical upon their first glance.

Across luxury bridal boutiques in Singapore, you will encounter endless trumpet and mermaid wedding dresses for rental. To help you in your search for the perfect wedding dress, we will look at the differences between both styles, to identify which will bring out and exhibit the best look for your wedding day.

Mermaid Wedding Dress

Mermaid wedding dresses are distinguished by its fitted form. As its name suggests, mermaid dresses imitate the tail of the mythical mermaid. It is a style of dress that closely hugs your torso and hips before flaring out at your knee and finishing with a flourish at your feet. Typically, the fishtail, the magnificent portion that flares out, features some delicate detailing and adornments, be it lace or beading.

Essentially, mermaid dresses are set apart by and recognised for their figure-hugging silhouettes and flared tail, which gives brides an undoubtedly elegant sexiness without being too revealing. It emphasises the feminine curves of its wearer for a sophisticated look.

Trumpet Wedding Dress

A trumpet can be best described as a figure-hugging dress that gradually flares out. How is it different from a mermaid dress? The key difference is where the dress begins to flare outwards. While the tail of a mermaid dress begins below the knee, trumpet dresses begin to flare outwards in the middle of the thigh. This is the rule of thumb to differentiate between both dress types.

Another difference is that size of the flare, but this can be hard to spot. Trumpet dresses flare outwards gradually and to a smaller size, while the flares of a mermaid dress are more dramatic.

Now that we have explained each dress, we will at the practical differences you must consider when choosing between them.

Mermaid and trumpet dresses offer a bride hugely differing levels of mobility. As mermaid dresses only flare out below the knee, your legs will not have much room for mobility and moving freely. Trumpet dresses, with a flare that starts higher, will give you more room and mobility. If you have a rigorous wedding day planned, with plenty of dancing or moving around, a mermaid dress might not be the best option.

One similarity, however, is that both types of wedding dress are best suited for brides with hourglass figures, or are very confident in their figure. As both are extremely form-fitting, they enhance your curves along your entire body. Not all brides can feel comfortable with so much of their figure on display.

To conclude, mermaid and trumpet wedding gowns are elegant and sophisticated styles for brides. To try it yourself, visit Z Wedding bridal studio, Singapore’s largest luxury bridal boutique, and view our range of elegant trumpet and mermaid wedding dresses and gowns for rental services. Z Wedding’s Lace Editorial collection has a range of exquisite mermaid wedding dresses.