The Difference Between Popular Types of Gown Styles

The Difference Between Popular Types of Gown Styles

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Formal wears may look all the same except that they vary in design, fabrics, cuts, and colours. However, do you also know that they differ in kinds? Formal dresses for women usually range from cocktail dresses down to ball gowns and their purpose or use depend on what kind of event a woman will be attending.

Selecting between cocktails dresses, evening gowns, or ball gowns depend on the type of occasion one will be celebrating. It is important to determine the dress code of a specific event in order to prepare an appropriate attire and make yourself look best.

In this article, Z Wedding will help you identify the differences among types of gowns such as cocktail, evening, and ball gowns to help you prepare for your next social gathering!

Cocktail Dresses
Cocktail gowns are meant to be worn in semi-formal gathering. It is a type of gown which is less formal than those of evening and ball gowns. Normally, during cocktail parties, women have the freedom to decide on how long they want their skirt to be since these kinds of parties require less formality. Cocktail dresses are usually worn during meetings or semi-formal luncheons. As seen in our Little White Dress collection, these dresses have a very elegant and feminine feel to it, considering that it embodies a shorter skirt than most formal attires.

Evening Gowns
Evening gowns are more formal than cocktail dresses. Usually, evening gowns are worn during formal events that require a dress code such as dinner parties, formal receptions or a wedding night. Evening gown rentals vary in designs and colours depending on the gathering’s theme. Another thing that distinguishes evening gowns against cocktail dresses are their skirt length. Since evening gowns involve more formality, the skirt usually reaches up to the floor in a straight cut fabric, like the ones seen in our Stones & Willows evening gown collection.

Ball Gowns
Ball Gowns lean on the more formal side which is typically worn during weddings or other grand celebrations. Usually, ball gowns are made of finer and delicate fabrics to add elegance to a special gathering. This specific attire itself depicts a more elegant and finer look to the wearer because of the skirt and the fabrics that are used in making the entire dress.

Now that you have an idea about their differences, it is best to know and determine which fits the event you are about to attend to best. Rather than making a mistake and accentuating your flaws instead of highlighting your assets, determining the differences among them can help you decide which to get.

A bridal shop like Z Wedding offers gorgeous gown rentals that will fit any event you are attending. It is important to let the professionals help you with their expertise to select the perfect gown that will accentuate your body type and make you feel comfortable while looking stunning at the same time. With this knowledge, you can make a more informed choice for your event!