Creating Magic With The Classy Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Creating Magic With The Classy Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

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We are crushing hard on the long sleeve wedding gown: easy to dress up and down, it is an extremely versatile dress that looks ravishing on any bride. And if you are still adamant that this style is as hopelessly dull as household chores, let us show you just how to turn this bridal dress from weak, to absolute chic in a matter of seconds.

Down To The Details: Illusion Lace Sleeves

Illusion lace sleeves are a gorgeous and powerful detail that can be added to any bridal dress for that extra oomph – adding lace detailing, glistening beadwork, lace appliqués and intricate embroidery gives that whimsical effect that is both sensual and captivating. See this in action in our White Magic collection – injecting details such as lining the standard zipper with satin buttons instead also helps evoke interest and attention to an otherwise plain dress. A fitting choice especially for brides-to-be that are holding their weddings in tropical climates such as Singapore – this bridal dress already looks twice as luxurious and enchanting.

Don’t Waist This: Wedding Belts And Sash

Brides often do not realise how embellishing a bridal dress with a belt or sash can dramatically change the final look. Other than drawing the eye to the bride’s waistline, this simple trimming effortlessly helps to create the appearance of an hourglass figure. Our bridal boutique in Singapore takes this accessory very seriously – by adorning a delicate ribbon or a more prominent bow to the front of the dress, we are able to achieve a well-balanced aesthetic to the modest long sleeve wedding dress. This instantly gives your wedding gown a romantic and sweet edge: cue our Aphrodite collection.

Worthy Of Royalty: Wedding Veils

A wedding veil is an alluring complement to any bridal dress, often bestowing a sense of grandeur that comes with transforming into a full-blown queen. If your long sleeve wedding gown comes with cleaner lines and a plain bodice, opt for a sweeping cathedral-length veil that suits all body types and immediately elongates your frame for those mesmerizing wedding photographs. If your dress comes with illusion lace sleeves, go for a sheer veil instead, so as to show off those intricate details.In the case that you are unsure, the in-house designers dedicated to our bridal boutique in Singapore will be able to suggest the best one for you.

Express Your Personality: Statement Pieces

The final touch needed to enhance your long sleeve wedding dress is to include at least one statement piece – since the sleeves should already be one of the main focal points. Statement pieces are your chance to express who you are, and can help to frame your radiant smile on the actual day. The possibilities are endless: a personal heirloom, bold drop earrings, a sparkling crystal choker, a chunky metal bracelet, a pair of jewel-embellished high-heels or a vibrant beaded clutch – don’t be afraid to think out of the box for this one.

Reminder: always tailor your dress to ensure it fits you like a glove – it’s what will set you apart from the rest. And now that you know exactly how to wear the long sleeve wedding dress, what’s left is to work your magic on the wedding aisle.