The Components Of A Perfect Bridal Package

The Components Of A Perfect Bridal Package

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Planning the most important day of your life can be very challenging especially if you have a busy schedule. While most people would try to look for ways to plan their wedding from the start to the end, other people will highly consider looking for wedding packages that would be helpful for their preparations leading up to the big day. One of these packages includes a bridal package which places a paramount role in how you look for your wedding.

Bridal packages vary from one company to the other and many often provide gown selection and makeup services. However, some established bridal boutiques like Z Wedding offers wedding photography services along with their gown services as well. The collaboration between Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers have created the perfect bridal package for any couple seeking for a professional and hassle-free bridal package. Having said that, what exactly is included in a bridal package? Some of the components that you will find in bridal packages include:

Bridal Gowns

Selecting your preferred wedding gown and having them rented for your photo shoots and the wedding day is the most important component of a bridal package. At professional boutiques, you will work with a gown consultant who will understand your preferences and provide you recommendations of gowns that you can try on. Your gown consultant will be responsible for helping you select the ideal wedding and evening gown through their experienced eyes. At Z Wedding, you do not have to worry about trying too many gowns or having no idea what to try on as our consultants will be there to guide you on every step of the way.

Photography and Videography

Photos and videos are the best ways to capture every passing moment in your wedding. This is the most exciting component that included in a bridal package. At Z Wedding, we understand how important photos are in telling the story of your marriage and we have collaborated with the Chris Ling International Photographers to come up with photography and videography services that provide unprecedented quality in our offerings. Apart from actual day photography, indoor photo studio and outdoor pre-wedding photo shoots should also be included in a good bridal package. This service will provide you with your wedding album as well as a wedding video that is often shown during your wedding banquet.


Your hairstyle and make up is a big deal for you on your pre-wedding photo shoot and the big day. It determines your confidence level and the general outcome of the wedding pictures. In a bridal package, professional makeup services should also be included. You do not want to be looking over dramatic or like a different person on your big day hence you have to be cautious about your make-up artist. Our make-up artists are professionally trained and have plenty of experiences, which allows them to provide every bride and even groom the perfect make up that is neither under or overdone.

These are the main components that are included in a bridal package. When searching for one, you should be concerned about the timing, quality of service, and the number of people that every package covers while negotiating the deal. If you will like to find out more about Z Wedding Design and the bridal packages offered here, contact us at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.