Classic Evening Gown Silhouettes that Accentuates Your Style

Classic Evening Gown Silhouettes that Accentuates Your Style

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You have to expect that when you are the star of the night, all eyes and attention will be focused on you. While searching and going through your choices at our Z Wedding bridal shop to look for the perfect gown, you might start questioning yourself, “How do I look and pick a perfectly fitting gown?”

Regardless of whether you are going for an evening dress rental or having your dress tailored made for you, you have to know what kind of silhouette works best for your body. One of the best way to know it is through seeking professional opinion from our designers here at Z Wedding. With their experience, they can easily pick out the silhouette that works for any body type.

As your body is unique from everyone, choosing an evening or wedding gown design that flatters your figure creates a balanced look for your ensemble. Plus, it is more comfortable strutting around knowing that you are looking your best in your attire.

Below are some of the classic evening gown silhouettes perfect for each body type and figure.

For the Petite: Sheath Dresses
If you have a petite body type, opt for dresses that do not overwhelm your body shape and size. Instead of big, full, frothy gowns, choose something like sheath dresses that can help accentuate and highlight your body. Sheath dresses do not overwhelm your short frame and it will definitely help you look stunning. Straight forward designs help elongate your frame for a fuller look without sacrificing style. You may also opt to have your gown in a sheath silhouette with an empire waistline to create the illusion of longer legs.

For the Busty: Dresses with Square Necklines
You may opt to hide or reveal a bit of this asset of yours. Choose a dress with a square neckline because this type of silhouette balances everything out. It gives an illusion of concealing while still showing a little bit of skin for a sexy yet conservative look. Plus, a square neckline is truly classic as it can be paired with almost every cut or style of dress. If you would like, you can also go for a tube wedding dress like the ones in our Lush & Bloom collection. Ask your designer for a detailed bodice for a more elaborate wedding dress or look for a gown that is made with enough details to create a whimsical and dreamy appearance.

For the Hourglass: Drop Waist Dresses
If you have the hourglass body shape, choose a dress that has a drop waist. Drop waist dresses help in directing the attention and focus of people to your overall figure. Opt for a tulle skirt that settles just around your knees to create balance. A drop waist dress also creates a very feminine aura and highlights all your assets in the right places for a pleasing and eye-catching look.

For the Curvy: Off-Shoulder Dress
If you have a curvy body shape, choose a dress that reveals some skin especially on your upper body, as seen in The Cruise collection. A slight showing of the skin creates the illusion of a longer and slimmer body, especially when partnered correctly with a nicely made skirt. Ask your designer what kind of skirt is the best to pair with an off-shoulder bodice. Usually, they would go for something similar to a sheath silhouette with a minimal train for a longer looking lower body.

Of course, there is more than one style to suit each body type. The best way to identify the most fitting silhouette for yourself will be to try on the different gowns in person. Our team here at Z Wedding will be more than willing to help you in your journey to find the most beautiful gown for you!

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