“Chris Ling has one of the best photography that we have seen across all the portfolios”

“Chris Ling has one of the best photography that we have seen across all the portfolios”

For Wei Qing and Kai Lin, the magnet that attracted the beautiful couple to Z Wedding was the array of gowns that our studio offered. The couple had spent a whole weekend intensely researching on all the bridal boutiques and when they finally decided to head down to the studios to make a decision, the gowns they saw and tried on in Z Wedding did it for them. Both the bride and groom-to-be remarked that the style of the gowns appealed to them and was in accordance with their liking.

“Actually I like the photography also, it’s a style that appeals to me”. Apart from the gowns, Wei Qing also liked the light touches he saw on the sample photo albums and felt that it was something he wanted for his own. Kai Lin also commended that the coordinators were very helpful and provided plenty of good advice during their gown and photo selection. From what set of gowns would flatter her to what kind of photos they should choose, their coordinator patiently contributed to their decisions.

During the photoshoot, the professionalism of their makeup artist and photographer were also well-received by the couple. “He lightened up the mood a lot. I mean, we are not naturals in front of the camera, we do not take photoshoots very often, so our photographer really made things very easy for us. He cracked a lot of lame jokes and made us feel very much at ease”. Wei Qing held the same sentiments as Kai Lin, elaborating that it was a very comfortable experience for them. One of the things he was greatly impressed by was the service they received in their experience at the studio. Despite coming from Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers, he felt that everyone there worked as a single entity and did not appear to be from different companies. In fact, the two entities proved to complement each other instead. “All of them are very helpful, they seem committed to want to give the best experience for you.” This statement received nods of approval from Kai Lin as well.

To Kai Lin, she believes that for every bride-to-be searching for a bridal boutique, the most important thing is to be comfortable with the wedding gown designs you see. She advises, just as we do, for brides-to-be to make a trip down to our Z Wedding studio and check out our in-house fashion shows to find out what the studio has to offer. She also prompts that every couple should browse through the photo albums and if the photography style is something appealing to you, you should go for it. “Chris Ling has one of the best photography that we have seen across all the portfolios”. The couple were both in harmony with the quality of work they received from the Chris Ling International Photographers.

Wei Qing liked that they were never put in an awkward situation where they would feel uncomfortable voicing their opinions. “We can be very honest, we can say that “we don’t like this gown, let’s go for something we prefer more”, and they are very happy to help us with that.” To him, the staff makes much difference. On top of the skills displayed by the professionals, the level of service provided in the process is the key to creating a better experience for any couple that is looking for a good time at their wedding. As a new couple to be wedded, he understands that there are many unknowns about a wedding and he was thankful that Z Wedding played a huge role in solving these unknowns for them.

As an experienced bridal studio and photography team, Z Wedding and Chris Ling are here to do more than just solve your questions. We want to bring fun, laughter and joy to you in the process just as we did for Wei Qing and Kai Lin. Trust your choice, trust Z Wedding, because you love her.