Choosing the Right Wedding Dress for Every Body Type

Choosing the Right Wedding Dress for Every Body Type

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As a lady looking forward to having the best wedding, you must be a bit nervous and full of expectations. What would you wear on this special day and will it fit your body perfectly? With the need to look your best weighing on your shoulders, these questions can be a bit disturbing. While having a myriad of choices is a good thing, it can also stress you out when you have to make a decision on just one piece of bridal gown or evening gown.

As the saying goes, “fingers of a human hand are not equal”. The bodies of each and every bride differ due to the different shapes and sizes of their bust, hips, and waist. Here are four important steps to help you choose the best wedding gown for your body type.

Step 1: Be realistic

It all starts with knowing your body type. Do you know the measurements for your waist, hips, and chest? Then, you should not go against these measurements as you are likely to select an attire that will not fit your body shape. Be honest and stick to these dimensions to find a beautiful, fitting wedding dress for you. If you are not aware of your own measurements, fret not as the stylists in your bridal boutique are more than able to help you with your fitting.

Step 2: Seek advice

It is the first time you will be having a wedding. You should consider learning from other people’s mistakes by consulting the right people. You can consider visiting a competent designer in a bridal studio to help you with the selection process.
Your friends are not the best people to ask for assistance when looking for the best fitting gown as they will probably say things that please you rather than tell you the truth. The best advice we have is to simply undergo the gown selection with your stylist at the bridal studio itself instead of having your family and friends over. Too many opinions will complicate things and cloud your own preferences as well. A stylist will, however, be able to give objective advice to make you look your best.

Step 3: Playing with your body outline

Every woman has different curves on their body and different wedding styles will compliment different styles. An A-line skirt or clothes with empire waists will help change your looks by introducing a trimming effect. You can also consider majoring on your curves by selecting a wedding dress that will make an apple or glass like shape. A simple trim on the gown will help portray your curves and make you comfortable in the outfit.

Step 4: Check on your wardrobe

Take a look at your wardrobe and make a list of those clothes you love the most. The type of dress you are likely to choose will probably be similar to one of the clothes you have chosen. By sharing this information with your gown consultant, he or she can also have a better idea of what gown designs to pick out for you.

A gown selection should not be intimidating but a fun process. By understanding beforehand what your body type is and what sort of designs will suit your body shape can help make your gown selection more smooth sailing. All you need to do is to be yourself and follow these steps outlined here to help you get the perfect gown and outfit for your special day.