Choosing the Perfect Bridal Gown For A Petite Bride

Choosing the Perfect Bridal Gown For A Petite Bride

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Singapore is a city that basks in diversity. This can be reflected in the wide array of bridal shops to choose from, be it in the form of a regular bridal boutique or an exclusive one. These shops create distinct tastes for soon-to-be-brides with the changing trends in weddings. Ultimately, with these bridal boutiques in Singapore, the significance of choosing the finest and most fitting wedding dresses has been raised to a greater importance than before.

Your bridal dress is often emphasized as the most anticipated element in a wedding, and a lot of effort is made to search for the perfect piece for you. However, for those petite in size and shape, it is often assumed that there are very limited options for a petite bride to choose from for them. We are here to prove otherwise.

Creating or choosing the appropriate bridal gown may be difficult but learning the cues for petite brides will produce less distress to the bride and open up a lot of options for you. Size should not stop a bride from creating remarkable memories for her wedding or stop her from becoming the most beautiful woman in the event. Let us share some tips on how you can rock wedding dresses in your petite frame too:

Emphasize on your waistline

As for the outline of bridal gowns, the essential part for petite brides is to put emphasis on the waistline. It provides form for the whole body and accentuates silhouette rather than stature. This is a good combination when wearing high heels. Sleeveless dresses may also be selected and worn. Showing such body features provide minor focus on the dress itself and focus on the points of the bride’s body. Bridal gowns which are A-line in layout is a good recommendation. Ball gowns are ineffective as they consume a bride’s small frame.

The Hairstyles

Additionally, keeping hairstyles as a bun or a clean and tall up-do adds height to a bride and highlights her neck. Having these three in a combination adds primness to her overall look and impression.

Wear Heels

As bridal gowns cover the bride’s legs up to her feet, wearing heels is a must. Heels add height to your frame, hence creating an illusion of a longer dress and body. It forms a sophisticated effect on the flow of the dress as well. Apart from complementing well with wedding dresses, it also adds an extra touch of classiness to your overall look.

Keeping accessories simple

To finish, keep all details from top to bottom to a minimum. Do not let details of the bridal gown overwhelm the overall clear-cut look of the gown. Moreover, accessories must not overpower the dress itself. Small accessories may be used to add a chic touch on the overall look but the focal point must still be on the bridal gown itself which will make the bride look as exquisite as she is. Features on dresses must be minimal. Be it on the bridal gown itself or the trinkets adorning the bride, everything must be simple and subtle.

The primary objective is to draw out an illusion of longer lines so as to not overshadow the bride. Fitted bridal gowns must also be checked out to ensure it flatters your body shape and will help you achieve the perfect look you are going for.