Choosing A Wedding Gown: Finding the Best Neckline For You

Choosing A Wedding Gown: Finding the Best Neckline For You

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There are countless aspects to a wedding dress. How is it cut? Is it a mermaid or an A-line dress? What about its colour? Is the material too thick for Singapore’s constant humidity? Is it too flashy or too plain? These are all critical questions you must address before you can choose a wedding dress, be it for rental or to buy.

Something that should be at the forefront of your mind is your neckline! Your neckline will, quite literally, be front and centre of your dress. When you’ve walked down the aisle and turn to face your friends and family, you don’t want to be feeling unconfident in how you look. It can elevate your gown or send it crashing back down to earth.

You’ll want to be extremely confident about your neckline. Here’s our guide to some of the many options available and how you can find the best one for you.


This design pretty much explains itself. The neckline plunges in the front, forming a V-shape that de-emphasises the bust. Sometimes, the V on the front of the gown is matched with a V on the back.

The depth of the V changes from gown to gown. The deeper the V-neck, the sexier the gown becomes. A lower V-neck helps brides with smaller cleavages. A simpler V-neck gown creates room on the front for the bride to experiment with beautiful accessories and jewellery for a more sophisticated look.

A V-neck also has the added benefit of adding length to one’s appearance. It makes rounder faces look sharper and more oval, and also help petite brides appear slightly taller.


Following the upper-half of a heart shape, the sweetheart neckline is possibly the most popular neckline choice for brides around the globe.

Its standout feature is just how flattering it is for brides of all chest sizes. It emphasises and shapes larger chests while creating an illusion of larger breasts for less well-endowed brides.

The sweetheart neckline also varies in how low in dips. Softer, more conservative sweethearts offer a milder look. Deeper, more daring necklines bring a sexier vibe.

Sabrina or Bateau Neckline

Fancy name aside, this style is also known as the boat neck. It sits on the edge of both shoulders, and gently follows the curve of the collarbone.

The neckline sits just below the collarbone and less of the chest is exposed. An unquestionably graceful and elegant style, the boat neck looks its best when paired with simpler accessories.

Brides with smaller breasts will appreciate the boat neck, as it diverts attention elsewhere. On the flip side, well-endowed brides should avoid this style as it neuters their assets.

Off the Shoulder

This popular choice sits below the shoulders, emphasising the shoulders and collarbones. Sleeves hug the arm just below the shoulders. It creates a timeless elegance and a quintessentially classic look.

Off the shoulder, necklines can be extremely lively and flirty while still retaining an old-world and almost regal elegance.

It works for most figures and is exceptionally flattering for brides with fuller chests. However, off the shoulder necklines could draw unwanted attention to fuller arms, and make broad shoulders appear even wider.

These are just some of the more popular necklines available in bridal boutiques around Singapore. Visit Z Wedding’s bridal studio, Singapore’s largest luxury bridal boutique, to browse our selection of exquisite rental bridal gowns.