“I cannot forget the gowns”

“I cannot forget the gowns”

Qing Yong & Bi Xia chanced upon our Z Wedding bridal boutique by chance and had a brief interaction with our consultant who gave them a comprehensive explanation of the works of Z Wedding. Bi Xia shared that her consultant was “very informative, so she shared with a lot of the things about her gowns”. She was given the chance to try two wedding gowns, one of which she instantly fell in love with. They left to explore a few other bridal shops but ultimately returned to Z Wedding because Bi Xia thought that “the gowns (were) really nice and (she could not) forget the gowns”.

To Qing Yong, he strongly believed that a bride should exhibit a wow factor when she puts on her wedding gown. He was “almost stunned for one or two seconds because that ‘wow’ factor was definitely there and it’s definitely beyond words you can actually explain” when their gown consultant revealed Bi Xia in her wedding gown behind the curtains. He shared that their gown consultant was very bubbly and energetic, and made the whole wedding and evening gown selection process a breeze for his bride. He was also very impressed by their Chris Ling International Photographer, whom he thought was very professional in the way he guided them along and made everything so natural for them. “When we went for our outdoor photoshoot, he automatically went to find the best angle even though he had to climb up to the 3m platform and the 5m platform, he immediately did that without hesitation”. The photographer’s dedication and zest in his work imprinted a great impression on Qing Yong and Bi Xia.

Bi Xia was very satisfied with her makeup artist who helped the couple look very natural in their makeup. “It was very nice, I like the hairstyle and the makeup he did. And he is very funny, so when I was with him, I felt very relaxed”. She also loved that their photographer went above and beyond to take the best shots for them, running around the pool and carrying her gown for her.

The bride and groom enjoyed their interactions with the Z Wedding and Chris Ling staffs as well, who always greeted them with smiles and made them feel at home.” Qing Yong revealed that “(Z Wedding) naturally became our second home during this entire selection of gowns, choosing of photographs”. He also believed that the ‘marriage’ of Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers gives great value to couples like them because it is “like a one-stop place where you can get the best gowns and the best photography you can find for the best value in Singapore, which I find that it’s less hassle for us”.

The couple wishes to convey to the future brides and grooms that you do not have to go around visiting many different places, simply come directly to Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers for your wedding preparations. Here at our bridal boutique, our years of experience has enabled us to understand the needs of every wedding couple and we have built our work to cater to those needs. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.