“We can only blame the photographer for being too good with his camera!”

“We can only blame the photographer for being too good with his camera!”

We have another blissful couple that got introduced to Z Wedding through their friend’s engagement with us. Janson and Canny had the chance to witness the actual works of our bridal boutique and photography studio in the wedding gowns donned and photo albums displayed at their friend’s wedding night. They saw the quality of the work and that left an impression on them.

When they first stepped foot into our studio, both Janson and Canny agreed that the environment was very cozy and the staff were all very friendly and accommodating. “They were very good and very service-oriented.” Janson highlighted that the overall experience was very welcoming, and that was very important to him.

In her gown selection, Canny opened up about how she was able to simply trust our gown consultant’s taste to choose what she would like. “So basically my gowns, most of it, she just picked whatever she thinks that I really like and she’ll show it to me and it’s really what I want.” Janson also understood the concept of Z Wedding, about how we keep up to the season with the timely and consistent introductions of new gowns to our boutique selections. You don’t have to worry about picking the same gown as your friends!

The photo shoot experience was such a joy for both the couple. Janson and Canny even voiced that they could certainly go for another round of the shoot because there was no stress about the process and they were guided well by the team. There was definitely more playing than working for them! Janson had only praises for the team. “I must say it was a great pleasure and we enjoyed it very very much.”

The photo selection was a fun process for the couple who were given all the say in the decision making, though this was a tough process for them because they had too many good photos to choose from. Janson had something to say about this situation, “We can only blame the photographer for being too good with his camera!”.

Our team here is committed to making every exchange you have with us an enjoyable one, just like how we made Janson and Canny enjoy themselves every time they visit our studio. To them, it felt like they were coming to our studio with their friends than a business exchange and that is the kind of experience we hope to create.