Bring Style And Poise To Your Wedding Grand March-In

Bring Style And Poise To Your Wedding Grand March-In

With an array of bridal services offered, from wedding gowns to wedding photoshoots, Z Wedding also provides the Grand March-in workshop – the only class in Singapore that teaches the bride and groom on the march-in ceremony. Couples who recently attended the class was satisfied and found it to be extremely insightful.

At Z Wedding, we believe our couples should be able to present themselves well on top of looking their best. We share our professional knowledge to couples on how to walk during the grand entrance, a significant moment of the day where the wedded couple is introduced to everyone in the ceremony. As one of the highlights of the wedding celebration, the walk down the aisle is exciting and a photo-worthy moment. It is a formal, happy occasion where all eyes will be on the couple, thus expect shutterbugs to be videoing and taking pictures to share on their social media. With good posture and a show of confidence in their walk it can translate well into photos, so the bride and groom can avoid unflattering shots to be taken due to the social media exposure.

Couples realized they have not only learned the know-how’s but other little, yet important details they were not previously aware of. Many might assume the march-in process to be merely a simple task, but the workshop proved otherwise, as participants were informed of what they can expect and the common mistakes to avoid on the actual wedding day. The right way to hold the bouquet, going up the stage, and how to walk down the steps are just as equally important. Knowing how to conduct themselves in a presentable manner and having increased body language awareness is crucial as many guests will be witnessing their movements and gestures.

The grand march-in workshop also offered an opportunity for couples to try their walk and improve with our professional guidance. By learning and practising, they gained valuable knowledge in how to portray themselves in every moment of their wedding day. Other main highlights of the wedding ceremony are also covered, such as champagne pouring and cake cutting. For S$1500 per couple, the two-hour session will be a worthwhile experience. However, couples who have already engaged in Z Wedding can enjoy the privilege of attending at no cost.

Expect every little detail of your wedding day to be taken care of with Z Wedding. The grand march-in workshop is a testament to our dedication in providing top service and sharing our expertise with our couples so they can have the perfect matrimonial event for what will be a memory of a lifetime. We aim to support soon-to-wed couples on every step of their wedding planning journey so they can leave feeling prepared to carry themselves well and look forward to enjoying every moment of their wedding celebration.