How to Bring the Bold Side Out of You With Your Evening Gown

How to Bring the Bold Side Out of You With Your Evening Gown

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Wearing something out of the norm is one way for us to feel more confident and unique about ourselves. However, it sometimes can get scary if it is our first time trying out a specific trend especially when we are about to attend a formal event. Most of the time, it requires a few ounces of guts and confidence to finally step up and wear something extraordinary to make your outfit speak for yourself.

Creating a style of your own is a process and it does not happen instantly. It is about mixing and matching trends before coming up with your own formula and that is the beauty of fashion. Talking about this, we can say that these ideas are easier to execute for street fashion—but what about for haute couture and evening gowns?

If you have been wanting to reveal the bold side of you especially at your glamorous evening event, here are some tips to find that evening dress that you will slay in.

Go for the classic fit

As cliché as this may sound, going on a classic fit and silhouette can be a great choice especially if you are going for bolder options in terms of colour and prints. In our Athena collection, bolder colours are used to complement the elegant wedding gown designs along with the luxurious fabrics and textures used. One way to tone down your dress, if you’re trying to dress bold, pick up an ensemble with a classic fit.

Think outside the box

When planning to dress up, instead of going for the norm and what is on trend, try mixing and matching from different fashion seasons to come up with the most unique ensemble. It can be playing around with the prints or colour-blocking. However, keep in mind that when you play around with prints, colours, or textures, choose those that makes the best pairings so it will be easier on the eyes.

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone

One more way to brave the fashion world is your willingness to take risks. Fashion is all about dressing up and expressing yourself. Going bold means taking a leap in new designs and ideas, or wearing something that is all about you and no one else.

If you are looking for bold choices for your evening gown, do not hesitate to get help from our gown consultants at Z Wedding who have an eye for great designs. Without any fear, go ahead and start trying on new things at our bridal boutique and begin a trend for yourself. Add some statement pieces in your over-all look, play with textures and patterns, or design something for yourself. Confidence is key and by truly trying on new trends, this can be a way to boost your self-esteem as well.

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