Brilliant Ways to Bring Class to Your Evening Ensemble

Brilliant Ways to Bring Class to Your Evening Ensemble

Choosing an evening gown that goes perfectly with a specific occasion can be a bit of a tough task. Moreover, if you travelling around Singapore searching for the perfect evening gown rental, it can easily become quite tiring and frustrating if you cannot find the perfect piece quickly.

However, with the right ideas in mind, you can handle the entire search easily. Dedicating slightly more time and effort to plan out your search could help you land the perfect gown faster!

Check out some of our brilliant fool-proof tips for a classy evening ensemble:

Go Chiffon
If in doubt, why not stick to the classics and choose chiffon as your base fabric? It has a beautiful texture admired by almost everyone. Aside from that, there are several other variations of chiffon you can choose from. Whether it is made from silk, rayon, or cotton, you can never go wrong with this fabric. Aside from that, it looks elegant when put together, with the bonus point of how lightweight it feels against your body.

Off-Shoulder Gown
Nothing beats this classic! Many celebrities use this on the bodice for red-carpet events, especially when it is fitted well and shows off their curves. Off-shoulder evening gowns, such as those from Z Wedding’s Lush and Bloom collection, are perfect for formal events as they allow you to look sexy yet classy without showing too much skin. Add some details and stones along the neckline for that picture-perfect, put together look everyone will definitely love.

Choose Structured
While not everyone would instantly think of a structured type of dress or gown for an evening ensemble, it is actually a great and unique choice. Structured gowns make your look more solid and textured. Just remember to choose a dress cut that suits and complements your body type for a classy and gorgeous output.

All Out With The Slit
Going all out with the slit is a foolproof way to make your evening gown look classy. Slits are great for showing off some skin if you wish to and have the freedom to do so. It adds just the right amount of sexiness and edge without going overboard and exposing too much to your guests. When paired with flowing fabrics, slits are a part of any dress that makes the outfit even more dashing and elegant.

Classic Sheath Dress
Still fancying the usual evening gown look? Why not take sheath dresses to a whole new level! Choose colours that are different from the usual palette or select fabrics that have a little sheen to it to bring an extra dimension and texture to your evening ensemble. Or you may also opt for a structured bodice partnered with an A-line skirt for a classic look. Just remember to pick colours and cuts appropriate for the event’s theme to ensure that nothing will go wrong.

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