A Bride’s Guide to Trendy Wedding Dress Styles

A Bride’s Guide to Trendy Wedding Dress Styles

Wedding Dresses
There are many styles of bridal gowns available in Singapore. It does not matter whether you want to buy or rent one from the bridal shop, you should get a dress that fits you perfectly. It is important to know your body shape is to get a wedding dress that will compliment your figure and look great on your body.

Here is a guild to some of the trendiest wedding dress styles:

  1. The Mermaid and Trumpet Wedding Dress

These two kinds of wedding dress is a popular choice for women that want to accentuate their curvy figures. It is most appropriate for the hourglass and rectangular body shapes. If you want to experiment with a traditional but stylish design, this is the perfect gown for you. The top of the dress can come in many variations like the V-neck and strapless top design.

  1. The A-Line/ Princess Wedding Dress

The A-line wedding gown is fantastic as the style is suitable for almost any bride. It is flattering as it balances out heavy tops and hides a bulging tummy. While it is appropriate for most body shapes, it fits especially well on the apple, the rectangle, hourglass, and pear body shape.

  1. The Empire Wedding Dress

This style of wedding gown is ideal for most body shapes including the hourglass, pear, and the apple. Normally, the empire wedding dress has a high waistline with the waist seam just below the bust. The skirt fabric flows gracefully on the floor. It is popular with both slim and pregnant brides as it is the most comfortable style of all the gowns.

  1. The Sheath Or Column Wedding Dress

This kind of Singapore wedding gown flows vertically from the shoulders down to the floor. The bottom of the dress does not flare out like the other styles such as A-line and ball gown. This dress style clings to the body and is perfect for brides with a slim figure, and is ideal for those that are petite, as this dress will elongate your body.

  1. The Ball Gown/ Fairy Tale/ Cinderella Wedding Gown

This kind of dress usually has bodices and flares out from the hips. Most pear-shaped brides prefer this dress. However, it can also look amazing on those with an hourglass, inverted triangle, apple, and rectangle body shape.

All of the above wedding dress styles can come in different necklines.

Some possible necklines include:

• The strapless neckline
• The sweetheart neckline
• Halter neckline
• V-neckline
• Square neckline

With all these wedding dress styles and type of necklines available, you will surely discover your ideal wedding gown. Moreover, the good news is that those with a very tight budget can even consider the option of renting a wedding gown. You have a plenty of choices available to choose from. Taking the time to make a proper decision can help you find a dress that you will be delighted with.