Bold Evening Gown Colours To Bring A Pop To Your Next Event

Bold Evening Gown Colours To Bring A Pop To Your Next Event

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The wedding dress colour you wear to an event has the power to convey messages and communicate about your personality to other guests. The classic black used to be the go-to colour for choosing an evening gown but most people are now embracing other bold colours like pink, red, yellow, and blue to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

The colour that you choose for your gown depends highly on your skin tone, your eye colour and your hair colour too. This means that a dress that looks good on another person may not be the best match for your skin undertone. Therefore, you should ensure that the colour that you choose for your evening gown complements your skin tone and helps you express your mood. Our gown consultants at Z Wedding have a great eye for such details and will be here to pick out the best matching colours for you. If you need some ideas for a bold evening gown colour, here are some fun suggestions for you:


Purple is a royal colour, which depicts wealth and luxury and speaks of royalty to anyone that sees it. In the times today, purple also exudes a mysterious, classy and charming vibe as a gown colour. The colour is suitable for a bold lady who wishes to make a statement in the presence of others and command an impressive stance. Our purple gown in the Stones & Willows collection empowers a woman and makes a creative choice for a strong-willed lady.


Wearing a red evening dress automatically puts you in the spotlight at an event. It is a bold, intense, and dominant colour to wear to an evening event. Women wearing red dresses often come out as passionate, energetic, bold, and strong-willed. Our red gown from the Athena collection brings you a Hollywood glamour and an aura of classiness and elegance. The colour exudes a powerful energy while bringing on a different charm to the bride. What’s more, red is an auspicious colour in the Chinese culture, be sure to delight your family and guests with this bold colour choice as well.


This is the go-to colour if you are attending a business dinner and dance party or a wedding. It depicts loyalty, independence, peace, confidence, and success. A dark blue colour from the Whimsical collection is the epitome of elegance while a sky blue gown from The Cruise collection brings on an essence of sassiness without being over the top. Leave an impression on your guests with this classy colour that speaks of royalty and sophistication.


This earth colour is ideal for anyone attending a formal business or evening engagement. The colour is often associated with generosity, healing, caring, and a great concern for other people’s feelings. Exude elegance and taste with the green gown from the Athena collection and find yourself standing out among the rest.


This is a highly popular colour that transforms a lady into a princess for the day. Wearing a soft pink dress depicts a tranquil, kind, and delicate nature. The colour is strongly associated with femininity also shows that you value comfort and warmth above all other things. One of our favourites is our pink gown from the Stones & Willows collection. This colour is often perceived as romantic and represents compassion and love. With some layered tulles and tastefully chosen gems, this colour will surely bring a pop to your next evening event.

There are many colours that you can choose from apart from the common black and white gowns while picking an evening dress for a formal event. It is a great chance to flaunt your personality with your evening gown. Make a statement with one of these bold evening gown colours and let your confidence shine through. Check out the diverse range of evening gowns in our bridal shop or give us a call at 6337 2678 to find out more!