Best Evening Gown Colours To Match A Garden Theme

Best Evening Gown Colours To Match A Garden Theme

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Deciding on a colour for your wedding gown can be a tedious task—there are a lot of beautiful colours out there! What’s trickier is if an event will be held in a garden, choosing the right colour should match the venue and the time of the said occasion.

Garden weddings always call out for either earthy hues or lovely pastels that turn the venue more dreamy and whimsical. Free flowing evening gowns with soft materials or fabrics are always a perfect choice when attending a garden wedding too.

In this article, we have come up with a series of colours to match a garden themed wedding and also to help you decide which evening gown colour to wear for that fantasy-like ensemble. Along with the help of our professional gown consultants at Z Weddings, check out some of these suggestions we have for you!

The Pastels

Pastels are always a great choice for garden-themed weddings, even at night. Some pastel hues that you can include in your choices are:

  • Lilac
    Lilac is a lighter shade of purple and creates a vibe of femininity without going vibrant. As seen on our evening gown from The Cruise collection, it gives an innocent yet chic look that can be worn both during the day and at night. Pair the colour with a soft and delicate fabric and you will surely be looking like an enchantress who has just stepped out of her majestic dwelling place.
  • Old Rose
    Old Rose is a timeless hue that flatters almost every skin tone. It’s very feminine and gives you that luxurious feel especially when the fabric flatters your body shape. It is also a hue that is not as light like the other colours in the pastel palette, so it is a perfect choice to be worn at night too. To avoid going overboard with this colour, you can try softening it with the fabric’s material like how we did with our evening gowns from the Lush & Bloom collection as well as playing with your accessories for a more balanced and toned look.
  • Nude
    Mostly worn during daytime, nude can also be a great choice when attending a garden wedding, as seen in our Lush & Bloom collection as well. It’s a chic and classy colour that you can pair with almost any other colours in the palette. You can either take time to accessorize it with jewellery or keep everything minimal for a simple yet elegant look.

The Earthy Tones

Rich hues of colours make up the earthy palette. It emulates the usual colour scheme found around our environment and they are very easy on the eyes. Garden weddings usually go for this colour scheme because it is much closer to the theme and truly creates a perfect balance of magic and nature.

  • Moss Green
    It gives a splash of sophistication to the dress and highlights your skin tone as well. A moss green coloured evening gown like the one in our Timeless Glamor collection paired with flowy fabrics create the most ethereal feel to the wearer and the look is simply stunning.
  • Maroon
    Although not exactly an earthy tone, Maroon is popular among evening gown colours as it depicts a perfect and classy fall vibe to the evening gown. It’s a mysterious colour that gives your dress that needed drama for a seductive yet alluring image.
  • Grey
    Some may say that it’s a boring choice for an evening gown colour, but grey is almost perfect for garden-themed weddings. While it can look plain, accessories can enhance its appearance for a more balanced and put-together look. Opt for beaded grey evening gowns like the ones in our Timeless Glamor collection to add an extra drama to your ensemble and you are definitely ready to go.

At Z Wedding bridal boutique, our in-house designers have combined their creativity and experience to come up with the best evening gowns that can suit the theme of your dreams. If you are looking for a bridal gown or evening gown rental, check out our portfolio and discover the wonderful pieces that will make the best complement to your garden themed wedding!

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