Best Combinations of Colours for Suits and Wedding Gowns

Best Combinations of Colours for Suits and Wedding Gowns

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Apart from the designs of your wedding dress and suit, the colour of your ensemble is something to consider as well. What colour combinations of the fabrics and materials should you and your partner go for your wedding gown and suit? Your wedding colour scheme is one of the major points that sets the primary tone for the overall motif of the event. A unique colour palette can surely make a huge difference on your wedding. A perfectly matched colour combination creates a perfect couple appearance for both your actual wedding day pre wedding day photoshoot as well.

Below are some of the best colour combinations that you can take inspiration from in selecting shades and hues that complements your suit and wedding gown.

Black & White

You can never go wrong with this timeless classic. White and black complements each other the best despite being on both extreme ends of the colour spectrum. Both are classic colours that are perfect for an elegant, sophisticated and classy wedding occasion. If you think that pure white is too bland for your taste, opt for something with a different shade such as off-white or pearly white like the gowns in our Midsummer Dreams collection. These two colours exude a nice dose of sexiness while still keeping that mysterious aura perfect for a grand celebration like weddings!

Black & Sage Green

Wedding gowns with a pop of colour are no longer unusual. One great colour combination in terms of a wedding gown and suit is black and sage green. Sage green, as incorporated in our Pearl collection, is a light, earthy green colour that easily complements dark colours such as black. When choosing a suit, opt for something that has jet black tone or with black that is more saturated. A great Garbadine fabric makes a great solid black coat perfect for a formal gathering.

Ivory & Grey

If you still want your wedding dress to be traditional looking, opt for a colour like ivory in our Nautical collection which is a hue that is closer to white. Make your significant other choose a suit made from grey fabric as these two colours complement each other well. Grey suits are a great option if your husband-to-be wants to try something new apart from the usual black ensemble. Ivory and grey are refreshing colours and they add a breath of fresh air to the over-all occasion!

Jade & Charcoal

Jade and charcoal give off that fresh and lively twist to the wedding and reception. Since jade is a muted colour, it is safe to say that it can be a great option for a wedding gown colour. It complements the charcoal grey colour as the latter is a strong hue while the former is soft and very feminine. These colours are perfect for an outdoor, nature or rustic inspired wedding ceremony.

Try mixing and matching colours to suit the mood and theme of your wedding. Our gown consultants at Z Wedding bridal boutique have a great eye for beautiful colour combinations and will help you pair the best wedding ensemble for you and your partner.

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