Because you love her..

Because you love her..

On 19th March 2017, Z Wedding Design not only launched her Midsummer Dreams Collection, a brand new slogan was unveiled as well..
Because you love her

Simple but meaningful, have you ever wondered the inspiration behind our official slogan?

After your grand proposal, the hunt for your dream wedding venue and bridal shop tend to follow swiftly behind. Where do you start? How do you go about searching for the right choice? Many couples tend to either rely on word of mouth or shop around at bridal shows to get a brief gauge on their expectations before making the big commitment. Though often than not, we got to admit it is the bride who makes the final decision while the groom agrees, even if it is slightly above budget, and it’s all because he loves her.

For better or for worse, your big day is not something to scrimp and save on. We are not encouraging you to spend lavishly on every minute detail, but at the very least, shouldn’t you at least spend it on yourselves? We’ve always advised couples that you are the main star for that one day in your life, donned in a bridal gown that you’ll probably only wear it once in your life, so why not make it the best you’ve ever had. Not to mention that all pre-wedding shoots will be photographed by our esteemed partner, Chris Ling Intl’ Photographers, to ensure consistent high quality as seen in all our wedding albums.

The above video was what inspired our slogan. Based on a true incident of a bride-to-be who was eyeing one of our bridal gowns to wear on their matrimony, she was eventually surprised by her better half who sought the advice of our Z Wedding consultant on what would best cater to their needs and expectations to show his love for her.

At Z Wedding, we do not just dress you up for your shoots and march-in, we also ensure that the gowns that you’ve picked will flatter your silhouette while blending in seamlessly with your wedding theme. Bridal workshops will also be catered to our couples to ensure that you’re well prepared for what’s to come – from the shoes you pick to tricks of a flawless march-in. No detail is too small to go unnoticed due to our years of experience, and that’s because we love you too.