Beautiful Fairytale-Like Wedding Gowns You Should Try

Beautiful Fairytale-Like Wedding Gowns You Should Try

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As little girls, women would always dream of having a fairytale-like wedding where they are being swept off their feet by their husbands-to-be. Of course, who would not want to experience such a whimsical and magical wedding ceremony?

Most women opt to wear wedding gowns that have a full skirt and detailed bodice, unleashing their inner princesses. With all the different wedding gown cuts and silhouette that will be offered to you when you go for your bridal dress hunting at Z Wedding bridal boutique, it can get truly confusing as to what kind of design or gown you should settle for.

To help you decide or give you an idea of different fairy tale inspired wedding gowns, check out some of the wedding gowns mentioned below to get your inspiration. Regardless of whether you are looking for an evening gown rental or finding the ideal wedding dress, our team of professionals will offer their help and guide you along as well.

Off-shoulder Beauty

Fancy looking like Belle from Beauty and the Beast at your wedding? A dreamy wedding gown with an off-shoulder bodice is perfect for the look, especially at a garden themed fairy tale wedding. Intricate laces add drama to the overall look of the wedding gown and emits a subtle, mysterious, and feminine aura to the world. A soft flowy skirt tastefully covered in lace also creates a subtle yet elegant look. For women who like to keep their wedding gowns to a minimum while still looking like a princess, you can opt for this type of gown in our Dusklight collection for your fairy tale wedding.

Classy Victorian

A big fluffy skirt along with layers to accompany the fullness of the skirt is something that makes a Victorian inspired gown the perfect choice for your wedding. This type of design is inspired during the Victorian age where the skirts of women are at the fullest and detailed with lace to add texture and dimension to the skirt beneath. This gown is often complemented with a full-length sleeve, as seen in our Aphrodite collection, to exude sophistication and femininity from the bride to create a more put together look surely fit for a princess.

You can never go wrong with a detailed bodice and fluffy skirt for a vintage and princess-like vibe. Pick a gown that balances everything out when it comes to details so as to not overwhelm the people who will be seeing you on the day of your wedding. A well-balance wedding gown is a pleasure to look at and is definitely easy on the eyes.

Simple with Grace

Keep some balance on your wedding gown by opting for a plain, silk, full skirt while keeping the focus of the details on your bodice just like Sleeping Beauty’s gown. To balance everything out, opt for a fuller skirt and longer train as to make your look stand out more and create a princess-like vibe. Make your bodice the focus of your outfit by having it as detailed as possible, just like the gowns in our Desire collection. You can also choose a contrasting colour on the same palette to create depth and stability to your look.

Perfect Minimalist

If you want to look sleek and minimal while still adding a dash of princess magic to your wedding gown, choose a gown that accentuates your curves like an A-line dress coupled with a sheer cape. This gown silhouette found in The Lace Editorial collection is great for looking sophisticated and exudes strength and confidence form the bride. The cape adds drama to your wedding gown and you will definitely rock that princess and fairy tale look you are aiming for!

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