Avoiding Choppy Seas: A Smooth Journey to a Wedding Dress

Avoiding Choppy Seas: A Smooth Journey to a Wedding Dress

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Getting married can seem like a blur. The engagement, planning, calculating budgets, assembling your bridesmaids, all of these things need to be done for the wedding ceremony to actually take place. Of course, finding the perfect wedding dress can feel akin to scaling Mount Everest, as you race through catalogues of the top bridal studios in Singapore

This is all part of getting married, and finding a wedding dress should be a priority. To help you attain a more comfortable journey to finding it, we have prepared a list of things you should do to guide you through this process.

Set a Budget

Diamond and pearl encrusted wedding dresses are a lot of fun to gaze in awe at, but they are less than friendly to our wallets and bank accounts. Setting a budget is the first step to smoothly finding a wedding dress. It does 2 things. Deciding on a budget narrows your choices down from infinite to manageable. It also gives you something to focus on, to help you refine your expectations when searching for the dress.

Start Early

Starting early is possibly the best way to ensure the smoothest journey to finding your perfect wedding dress. Getting anything done in the last minute is a sure fire way to invite stress and make the process a lot more difficult than it has to be.

Multiple fittings, and the subsequent modifications all take time to be completed. Give yourself plenty of leeway to complete all the modifications at your own pace.


Knowledge is power, and that applies to finding your wedding dress as well. Look up some photos, do some research, and compile pictures of dresses you think would suit you well. Objectively assess yourself, and find the different dress shapes or silhouettes that would suit your body.

Finding dress styles that you like and compiling them will go a long way in helping you and your wedding dress consultant gain a clearer idea on the type of wedding dress you are looking for. Even the top bridal studios in Singapore cannot help you if you don’t know what you want in a wedding dress.


Your bride tribe is another critical component in helping you find the best wedding dress for you. Presumably, your bridesmaids are your closest friends and know you the best. Picking bridesmaids that will help you throughout the process of wedding preparation will make it that much earlier. When searching for a wedding dress, your bridesmaids will be an extra pair of eyes, give you an objective opinion and help you stay within budget.

Listen to your Consultant

The words and advise of stylists at Singapore’s top bridal studios should not be dismissed as pure sales pitches. On the contrary, their advise is some of the best you will receive. It’s in their best interest to make the whole process as smooth and enjoyable as possible, so you can be assured that your stylists will do their utmost best to assist you.

Their years of experience in helping brides find their ideal wedding dress means they can offer invaluable pieces of advice you cannot find anywhere else. Listen to your stylists and let them steer you to the best decisions.

This list could have gone on forever, but these will be enough to keep you focused and heading in the right direction. The stress and misadventures of finding the perfect dress will all become unforgettable memories, so just follow these tips and enjoy the ride.