Best Moments to Capture at Your Wedding

Best Moments to Capture at Your Wedding

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After putting in hard work to select the perfect wedding gown for yourself, it will be a great disappointment if your gorgeous looks were not captured properly in your wedding photos. At Z Wedding bridal boutique and Chris Ling International Photographers, we understand the importance of taking the right photos at the right angle, at the right tie. There are many important moments in a wedding that a married couple will want to cherish and reminisce with a beautiful memory. Find yourself a reliable actual day wedding photographer who can capture and provide you with the most candid and special shots that happen while you are busy during the ceremony. To provide you with an overview, here are some of the best moments that needs to be captured in the documentation of your wedding day!

The Preparation

Brides and grooms are not expected to meet or see each other until the time of the ceremony itself—whether it will be celebrated in a church or outdoors. The best way to let each other see what happened during the preparation stage prior to the wedding is to document them separately through actual day wedding videography or photography. The preparation is usually one of the best moments to capture as it brings out the most candid expressions and emotions from everyone—the bride, the groom, and those who belong to the entourage.

Wedding Details

Making a visual documentation of your wedding details like your shoes, gown, suits, invitation and wedding rings is a great way to relive the moments of your wedding and refresh the thoughts that went through your minds as you decided on these details. These little things were what made up the process of your wedding preparations and it is only a must to capture everything that are a product of the hard work you and your partner had made to make your dream wedding come true!

The Walk Down the Aisle

The first walk down the aisle by everyone from the entourage, the groom, and the bride is something that should definitely not be missed. Capture everyone including the parents, the emotional walk of the bride in her gorgeous wedding gown, and the time when the parents of the bride gives her hand to her future husband.

The Exchange of Vows

Exchange of vows are truly important and this part of the ceremony is something that should not go undocumented. The words that are spoken here carry great significance for you and your partner and is something that will anchor your faith in each other for the years to come.

First Kiss as Husband and Wife

This moment never fails to bring cheers from the crowd and even tears from the bride and groom yourselves! The sweetness of this kiss is something that will bring smiles back to you in the years to come as you reminisce this moment.

The Faces of Your Loved Ones

You may be the star of the night, but the expressions of joy and love of your loved ones will bring the most heartwarming feelings into your heart. With the rush of your wedding day, you and your partner may not have the luxury to witness these expressions and that is why it is important to have these moments captured. There is no better feeling than to know that your loved ones are sharing the joy you have in your heart as well.

Your wedding is one of the biggest milestones of your life and it deserves to be captured beautifully. Allow our team here at Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers to help you put on the most gorgeous wedding gown and capture your brilliant memories with our passion and expertise.

If you will like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

Top Wedding Gown Styles for the Conservative Bride

Top Wedding Gown Styles for the Conservative Bride

Wedding gown designs range from the simplest and modest looking pieces down to the most alluring and sensual ones. Weddings are one of the best occasions for you to look and wear something extravagant and it is only normal for you to want to wear something that will make your own personal style shine.

However, if you come from a family that worries a lot on being and looking conservative on your big day, how are you going to be able to sport something that is stylish yet conservative?

The real answer is simple. At Z Wedding bridal shop, our gown consultants will carefully select matching wedding and evening gown pieces with cuts and structures that will help you look gorgeous and alluring without showing too much skin.

Below are some of the top bridal dress styles that you can wear if you are aiming for a conservative yet stylish bridal look.

Check them out below!

Sheath Gown in a Solid Colour

Sheath dresses or gowns are always the perfect choice if you want to achieve that modest, reserved, yet sexy look. Sheath dresses are particularly structured so they highlight the right places of your body. Select a solid fabric colour so it hugs and accentuates your figure beautifully. To make the overall look more dramatic, opt for a longer train to compensate for your dressing being on the modest side.

Long Sleeved Lace Wedding Dress

Laces add beautiful details on a wedding gown. They are also perfect as sleeves if you are aiming to show a bit of your skin without revealing too much. Wedding gowns with lace sleeves example from our Aphrodite collection add texture and depth to the overall look of the wedding gown as intricate beadworks and weavings perfectly complements an elegant wedding. They make the gown look modest so you would not have to worry about looking too bold or revealing with your ensemble.

Lace Bodice with an A Line Skirt

If you want to look more feminine with a bit of dimension, opt for a bridal gown where the skirt is a bit fluffy while the bodice is made of lace that hugs your upper body nicely. Our bridal gowns from the Garden of Eden collection are perfect examples. This kind of silhouette is romantic and helps you create a sexy look without baring it all.

Lace Applique Bodice with a Solid Coloured Skirt

A bodice made with lace appliqué creates a great mood of romance and dreaminess at the same time. If you opt to wear a bodice made with laces and the details are already busy, it is best to pair it with a skirt solid in colour. A solid coloured skirt highlights your bodice too. A sheer top and solid bottom makes a great combination as they complement rather than overpower each other.

Aiming for a modest look can sometimes be very tricky as many wedding gown designs may reveal a hint of skin. Choosing a modest and conservative looking gown does not mean that it has to look boring and dull, it is just a matter of mixing and matching structures, details, fabric textures and cuts to create that perfect wedding dress! Explore your wedding gown rental options here at Z Wedding bridal boutique and allow our gown consultants to help pick out the perfect wedding and evening gown for you.

If you will like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

Reasons Why You Should Put on that Mini Bridal Gown

Reasons Why You Should Put on that Mini Bridal Gown

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It is time to ditch the traditional wedding gowns and jump out of your comfort zone by trying out something new! Traditional wedding dresses are classy and beautiful, but there is nothing wrong with wanting to try something new and go out of the norm. You have to wear something that can help you feel and look your best! Here, we give you a few reasons why it is okay to ditch the traditional wedding gowns and opt for cute knee length wedding dresses instead.

Knee-length wedding dresses tend to be more comfortable

While traditional wedding gowns with a long train or floor length evening gowns look beautiful, they can sometimes get too overwhelming for some people. These gowns can make someone feel less comfortable because these gorgeous skirts carry a significant weight. In recent wedding trends, short wedding dresses like the bridal gowns from our Love & Finer Details collection started making their way as an alternative to traditional gowns. It is modern and is perfect if you want to bring on a different vibe to your wedding.

It helps your skin breathe

Short wedding dresses have the power to keep your skin feeling fresh by allowing air to circulate more freely beneath the skirt. The feeling of freshness can greatly increase your comfort and confidence. This is especially beneficial for outdoor wedding photoshoots where it can get very warm and humid.

You can display some skin while still looking fabulous

Short dresses are great if you want to exude a sexy aura. It helps create an alluring and clever appeal while still looking modest. It brings on a refreshing take on a traditional wedding set up and even allows you to do poses that you may not be able to do in long wedding gowns.

Short dresses can make a great fit on you

Short wedding dresses make a great fit for many body shapes, especially petite brides. The length of the dress allows you to show off your beautiful shoes and amazing legs. If you have a very small frame, a short bridal gown will help bring out your figure without drowning you in a big and heavy piece of gown. This cut is perfect for casual weddings or weddings on a yacht.

It is easier to carry around

If you are having your wedding or pre-wedding photography abroad, a short bridal guide will prove to be a great convenience to you. If you intend to bring more than a piece of wedding dress or evening gown overseas, it is a good idea to have at least one short bridal dress as they are much easier to pack and bring overseas.

Traditional wedding gowns are gorgeous pieces but short wedding dresses make for an exciting option as well. They are capable of making you look as amazing and brings on a refreshing look for your wedding.

Explore your options here at Z Wedding bridal boutique. Our gown consultants here will bring you the best pieces that will suit your body type and ideal wedding dress. If you will like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Styles

The Do’s and Don’ts of Wedding Dress Styles

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When looking for that perfect wedding dress style, it is important that you picture how you want to look on the day of your wedding. With all the designs and styles being offered right at your fingertips, it can get slightly overwhelming when you are trying to make a decision.

Keep in mind that your wedding dress should always speak for your own personal style. In this article, we have come up with a series of do’s and don’ts when choosing a wedding gown. Stop stressing over it and read more about how to snag that perfect wedding dress style for your big day!

Do: Choose A Wedding Dress That Highlights Your Silhouette

The structure of your wedding dress and its details are very important factors when choosing a design. However, the structure of the wedding or evening gown should always come first before choosing what goes in its details. The overall look of the wedding gown should highlight your silhouette and have a design that flatters your body shape in order to flaunt your assets and create a balance for a sophisticated and confident look. A fitting silhouette is extremely important for you to look flattering in both your wedding photography shoots and actual day wedding.

Don’t: Settle for Trendy Designs

Do not choose wedding dress styles just because they are on trend. If they do not fit and suit your body type, you should skip those designs as they may not fit or flatter you and your body shape. It creates more damage than actually helping you to look gorgeous on your wedding day. Consult our Z Wedding bridal boutique gown consultants and choose a fitting silhouette over trendy ones. You will definitely be in for a timeless and elegant look.

Do: Take Your Wedding Location into Consideration

While the design of your wedding dress relies solely on your own prerogative, you might want to consider putting the location or venue of the event into contemplation. Especially if you are having a solid theme like bohemian, classic, extremely formal, or whimsical wedding. Consider also the venue of your wedding as these factors can help you choose the materials, fabrics, appliques, beads, and stones that will be embedded on your dress.

Don’t: Let Your Accessories Become the Star Instead of Your Dress

If your gown looks fancy enough, consider accessorizing minimally so the focus and attention of the will be on your wedding gown instead of your accessories. Fancy and embellished gowns are sufficient enough to serve as your best accessory, so tone down when it comes to necklace, earring, bangles, or bracelets when accessorizing.

Do: Wear the Right Undergarments

A truly flattering gown definitely starts on what you wear inside. Choose the right sizes of your undergarments to flatter your body and hug your silhouettes appropriately. Doing so can make you look and move in full confidence and grace on the day of wedding. It will also ensure your comfort throughout the event as well.

Consider these do’s and don’ts of wedding dress styles carefully to ease your anxiety and worries in choosing that perfect wedding gown style. If you are still apprehensive, our Z Wedding gown consultants are always here to offer you help and advice for your wedding gown rental. To find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to call us at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

“I cannot forget the gowns”

“I cannot forget the gowns”

Qing Yong & Bi Xia chanced upon our Z Wedding bridal boutique by chance and had a brief interaction with our consultant who gave them a comprehensive explanation of the works of Z Wedding. Bi Xia shared that her consultant was “very informative, so she shared with a lot of the things about her gowns”. She was given the chance to try two wedding gowns, one of which she instantly fell in love with. They left to explore a few other bridal shops but ultimately returned to Z Wedding because Bi Xia thought that “the gowns (were) really nice and (she could not) forget the gowns”.

To Qing Yong, he strongly believed that a bride should exhibit a wow factor when she puts on her wedding gown. He was “almost stunned for one or two seconds because that ‘wow’ factor was definitely there and it’s definitely beyond words you can actually explain” when their gown consultant revealed Bi Xia in her wedding gown behind the curtains. He shared that their gown consultant was very bubbly and energetic, and made the whole wedding and evening gown selection process a breeze for his bride. He was also very impressed by their Chris Ling International Photographer, whom he thought was very professional in the way he guided them along and made everything so natural for them. “When we went for our outdoor photoshoot, he automatically went to find the best angle even though he had to climb up to the 3m platform and the 5m platform, he immediately did that without hesitation”. The photographer’s dedication and zest in his work imprinted a great impression on Qing Yong and Bi Xia.

Bi Xia was very satisfied with her makeup artist who helped the couple look very natural in their makeup. “It was very nice, I like the hairstyle and the makeup he did. And he is very funny, so when I was with him, I felt very relaxed”. She also loved that their photographer went above and beyond to take the best shots for them, running around the pool and carrying her gown for her.

The bride and groom enjoyed their interactions with the Z Wedding and Chris Ling staffs as well, who always greeted them with smiles and made them feel at home.” Qing Yong revealed that “(Z Wedding) naturally became our second home during this entire selection of gowns, choosing of photographs”. He also believed that the ‘marriage’ of Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers gives great value to couples like them because it is “like a one-stop place where you can get the best gowns and the best photography you can find for the best value in Singapore, which I find that it’s less hassle for us”.

The couple wishes to convey to the future brides and grooms that you do not have to go around visiting many different places, simply come directly to Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers for your wedding preparations. Here at our bridal boutique, our years of experience has enabled us to understand the needs of every wedding couple and we have built our work to cater to those needs. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.

Exploring The Types Of Bodice Used In Bridal Gowns

Exploring The Types Of Bodice Used In Bridal Gowns

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The bodice is a part of women’s clothing that covers the body from the neck down to the waist. This clothing article is commonly seen used by European women a few centuries back. It’s a famous upper garment utilized during the 16th to the 18th century, where the bodice is used to help shape a woman’s body and maintain her figure in place.

In the modern times, the bodice is used to create support in the upper body and bust of the women who will be wearing them to achieve a nice figure and highlight their assets. The use of bodice today has become truly popular where many dressing cuts have been designed to suit the bodice. Now, there are a lot of variations to choose from and usually, brides-to-be are the ones who are utilizing the various designs of bodices.

A nicely fitted and well-shaped bodice enhances one’s wedding gown and creates a beautiful silhouette. Bodice makes a huge difference in terms of visual impact to the overall appearance of the gown.

Sometimes, it’s hard to choose among these bodices so with the help of a professional from Z Wedding, you can narrow down the options. To give you a brief overview, below are some examples of the different types of bodices that you can try to decide which fits you best!

Crumb Catcher

A crumb catcher neckline gives the wearer an extra oomph in the bust section. Usually made with pleats of ruffles or silk, the crumb catcher neckline creates an illusion of an hourglass-like shape. This type of bodice has been used since centuries ago and has regained its popularity in the year 2008. What is great about this type of bodice as seen in our Nautical wedding gown collection is that it helps draw attention to the face and upper body, highlighting a specific asset such as the bustline.


As seen in The Light Between Oceans collection, one of the classics in the bodice line-up is the corset, which is a stiff type of clothing article that helps emphasize the wearer’s waist. It gives an illusion of having tiny waist and having a v-like shape from the neck down to the waist. It also supports the bust and shapes the waist, but be extra careful when using it and not go to tight on it. Although it is a classic and sexy ensemble, corsets can be quite uncomfortable to wear when done wrong.


Usually, bonings are used inside the gown to create structure and to support the upper part of the body. Bonings are made with flexible wires to fit one’s body perfectly and to create clean lines that would stay straight for a decent amount of time. It also saves your gown from sagging or becoming ill-fitting.


One of our favourite bodices used in the Aphrodite collection, overlay gowns are those that are lined with sheer fabric on top of the dress bodice. It adds a conservative feel yet sultry appearance to the bride. It is also the best choice of you want to go for a sleeved gown yet still wanting to show some skin.


An insert is a type of bodice that includes two textures of fabrics in different contrasting colours to create a modest type of neckline. It’s not your usual type of bodice but still widely used by most brides around the world.

These are some of the bodices that you can check out for options. At Z Wedding bridal boutique, we will be with you throughout the process of your wedding and evening gown rental to offer our advice. Share your preferences with us and we will find your ideal bridal gowns for you! Without expertise, we will pick out the best gown that will be most suited for your body type.

If you will like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

“Service with a heart”

“Service with a heart”

Bryan and Selina were a wonderful couple to work with. It is Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers’ honour to provide the beautiful couple with our wedding gowns and capture this precious memory for them. The couple too agrees that “it has been a wonderful journey with Z Wedding and Chris Ling International”. What they loved the most was the service and passion they received from our team. Bryan shares that “the staff members have been great. I think if there is one phrase we can describe all the staff, its ‘service with a heart’. It has been great being here in Z Wedding”.

Selina felt that the staffs’ efforts and energy were very commendable. “Even though it’s not our slot but we watch them, and their smiles never leave their faces, they are always so energetic”. The more times she dropped by our bridal boutique, the more she observed how hard the team at Z Wedding works. To her, Z Wedding has provided a very nice, safe and encouraging environment for both the staff and clients, which is extremely motivating. She was very amazed by how long the staff members have been around with us and how everyone “looked so happy and so energetic”. Bryan and Selina were very glad to indulge in the passion, joy and zeal that was present in the boutique.

Bryan elaborated that “they gave us this feeling that they really like and love what they do, so that made the whole difference in how we felt being a part of this company”. Through their wedding and evening gown selection to their wedding photoshoot, the process has been one filled with service from the heart of our Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers’ team. We always strive to create a magical experience for each couple with the passion and expertise we have.

The couple wishes all the best for our team, and that we will continue to bring an amazing experience to the rest of the couples we serve. “We do hope that this whole team and the company can keep up this good work practice, whatever their mission and vision towards serving all the couples that they will keep it up and continue to treasure the staff”. The lovely couple ended their words with an applause for the team. Z Wedding has no plans on stopping what we do. With every couple that joins us, we will make progression from strength to strength and bring our love into the experience. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.

Best Evening Gown Colours To Match A Garden Theme

Best Evening Gown Colours To Match A Garden Theme

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Deciding on a colour for your wedding gown can be a tedious task—there are a lot of beautiful colours out there! What’s trickier is if an event will be held in a garden, choosing the right colour should match the venue and the time of the said occasion.

Garden weddings always call out for either earthy hues or lovely pastels that turn the venue more dreamy and whimsical. Free flowing evening gowns with soft materials or fabrics are always a perfect choice when attending a garden wedding too.

In this article, we have come up with a series of colours to match a garden themed wedding and also to help you decide which evening gown colour to wear for that fantasy-like ensemble. Along with the help of our professional gown consultants at Z Weddings, check out some of these suggestions we have for you!

The Pastels

Pastels are always a great choice for garden-themed weddings, even at night. Some pastel hues that you can include in your choices are:

  • Lilac
    Lilac is a lighter shade of purple and creates a vibe of femininity without going vibrant. As seen on our evening gown from The Cruise collection, it gives an innocent yet chic look that can be worn both during the day and at night. Pair the colour with a soft and delicate fabric and you will surely be looking like an enchantress who has just stepped out of her majestic dwelling place.
  • Old Rose
    Old Rose is a timeless hue that flatters almost every skin tone. It’s very feminine and gives you that luxurious feel especially when the fabric flatters your body shape. It is also a hue that is not as light like the other colours in the pastel palette, so it is a perfect choice to be worn at night too. To avoid going overboard with this colour, you can try softening it with the fabric’s material like how we did with our evening gowns from the Lush & Bloom collection as well as playing with your accessories for a more balanced and toned look.
  • Nude
    Mostly worn during daytime, nude can also be a great choice when attending a garden wedding, as seen in our Lush & Bloom collection as well. It’s a chic and classy colour that you can pair with almost any other colours in the palette. You can either take time to accessorize it with jewellery or keep everything minimal for a simple yet elegant look.

The Earthy Tones

Rich hues of colours make up the earthy palette. It emulates the usual colour scheme found around our environment and they are very easy on the eyes. Garden weddings usually go for this colour scheme because it is much closer to the theme and truly creates a perfect balance of magic and nature.

  • Moss Green
    It gives a splash of sophistication to the dress and highlights your skin tone as well. A moss green coloured evening gown like the one in our Timeless Glamor collection paired with flowy fabrics create the most ethereal feel to the wearer and the look is simply stunning.
  • Maroon
    Although not exactly an earthy tone, Maroon is popular among evening gown colours as it depicts a perfect and classy fall vibe to the evening gown. It’s a mysterious colour that gives your dress that needed drama for a seductive yet alluring image.
  • Grey
    Some may say that it’s a boring choice for an evening gown colour, but grey is almost perfect for garden-themed weddings. While it can look plain, accessories can enhance its appearance for a more balanced and put-together look. Opt for beaded grey evening gowns like the ones in our Timeless Glamor collection to add an extra drama to your ensemble and you are definitely ready to go.

At Z Wedding bridal boutique, our in-house designers have combined their creativity and experience to come up with the best evening gowns that can suit the theme of your dreams. If you are looking for a bridal gown or evening gown rental, check out our portfolio and discover the wonderful pieces that will make the best complement to your garden themed wedding!

If you will like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

What to expect from Z Wedding 2018 Collections?

What to expect from Z Wedding 2018 Collections?

Always taking pride in being a fashion-forward bridal boutique brand, it is without a doubt that we’re constantly seeking to improve our skills and impress our brides with modern yet timeless designs. One of the biggest briddal trends in 2018 are gowns that’s delicate, embroidered and sparkling all at the same time! With that in mind, our in-house designers were up for a dazzling mission for that extra oomph.


In our “Night of a thousand stars” collection that was recently launched in January, we were inspired by the galaxy full of dazzle and wonder. A twist from our previous year’s pick of soft pastels, this year we’re all about bold colours and blings that bring our brides feelings of sophistication, glam, and daring use of a keen artistic approach to design.


We do however understand the needs of our local brides, and therefore included a few pastel shades to ensure that even when it comes to your grand entrance on your first march-in, you’re bound to shine on your big day! Afterall, each and every style is a mix of many different fabrics and embellishments; when it comes to Z Wedding, we’re not just selling a bridal gown but a style that truly reflects your own individuality.


With our creative director, Joey Ling, in charge, it all comes down to the raw materials being used, with fabrics and embellishments sourced all around. Constantly challenging ourselves to creating exclusive masterpieces, the glamorous theme of sparkle and shine mixed with classic, timeless silhouettes creates a beautiful versatility for our brides to choose from.


Narrowing down a wide selection of colours from all 4 seasons down to a selected classic colour palette, we ensure not just modern, yet timeless wedding dress, but evening gowns that’s like no other in the local market. Before we unveil our latest collection on our website, here’s a sneak peek of our fitted new styles, perfect for modern brides!



Sparkling hand-made embellishments and unique, romantic laces as seen on our bride, Yi Fei; this majestic off-shoulder ballgown with a unique ruffled train wowed guests during her first march-in. This season is all about modern day alternatives to regal weddings. Think bigger ball skirts and longer train – if you prefer to move with ease, opt for a dramatic long veil instead.



When two contrasting elements come together on a dress, magic happens! Having statement details like the above glittery sweetheart bodice accompanied with a fun and flirty skirt results in a one-of-a-kind wedding dress. The chosen mixed fabrics also help create an effortless style and timeless romance for our fashion-forward brides.



Not a fan of heavy fabrics and full beads on your wedding gown? Feel relaxed with this soft and airy bridal gown that’s ideal for a light weight outdoor wedding or perfect for the bride that wants an ethereal gown of intricate beadings. Adding to a unique “edge”, we decided on adding some sheerness to make things POP!



Despite the many necklines to compliment a brides personal style, do you know that V-neck will always outshine the rest?
Well loved for its versatility that fits every style, we choose to complement the V-neck styke with a navy evening gown of dazzling rhinestones and twinkling sequins for our bride to shine bright like a diamond.


Best Combinations of Colours for Suits and Wedding Gowns

Best Combinations of Colours for Suits and Wedding Gowns

wedding dinner dress singapore
Apart from the designs of your wedding dress and suit, the colour of your ensemble is something to consider as well. What colour combinations of the fabrics and materials should you and your partner go for your wedding gown and suit? Your wedding colour scheme is one of the major points that sets the primary tone for the overall motif of the event. A unique colour palette can surely make a huge difference on your wedding. A perfectly matched colour combination creates a perfect couple appearance for both your actual wedding day pre wedding day photoshoot as well.

Below are some of the best colour combinations that you can take inspiration from in selecting shades and hues that complements your suit and wedding gown.

Black & White

You can never go wrong with this timeless classic. White and black complements each other the best despite being on both extreme ends of the colour spectrum. Both are classic colours that are perfect for an elegant, sophisticated and classy wedding occasion. If you think that pure white is too bland for your taste, opt for something with a different shade such as off-white or pearly white like the gowns in our Midsummer Dreams collection. These two colours exude a nice dose of sexiness while still keeping that mysterious aura perfect for a grand celebration like weddings!

Black & Sage Green

Wedding gowns with a pop of colour are no longer unusual. One great colour combination in terms of a wedding gown and suit is black and sage green. Sage green, as incorporated in our Pearl collection, is a light, earthy green colour that easily complements dark colours such as black. When choosing a suit, opt for something that has jet black tone or with black that is more saturated. A great Garbadine fabric makes a great solid black coat perfect for a formal gathering.

Ivory & Grey

If you still want your wedding dress to be traditional looking, opt for a colour like ivory in our Nautical collection which is a hue that is closer to white. Make your significant other choose a suit made from grey fabric as these two colours complement each other well. Grey suits are a great option if your husband-to-be wants to try something new apart from the usual black ensemble. Ivory and grey are refreshing colours and they add a breath of fresh air to the over-all occasion!

Jade & Charcoal

Jade and charcoal give off that fresh and lively twist to the wedding and reception. Since jade is a muted colour, it is safe to say that it can be a great option for a wedding gown colour. It complements the charcoal grey colour as the latter is a strong hue while the former is soft and very feminine. These colours are perfect for an outdoor, nature or rustic inspired wedding ceremony.

Try mixing and matching colours to suit the mood and theme of your wedding. Our gown consultants at Z Wedding bridal boutique have a great eye for beautiful colour combinations and will help you pair the best wedding ensemble for you and your partner.

If you will like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.