The Wedding Sleeve Option Most Suited For You

The Wedding Sleeve Option Most Suited For You

Elegant Wedding Gown, Bridal Gown Rental

Elegant Wedding Gown, Bridal Gown Rental

Every bride wishes to look picture perfect as she walks down the aisle on the day of her wedding. But finding an elegant wedding gown in Singapore that will flatter your figure and fit you perfectly isn’t easy. Thankfully, bridal gown rental services are available, where you can try on and rent your dream dress for as long as you need it.

Z Wedding’s gown consultants are equipped with professional knowledge on the right gown fit for different body types and will guide you through the selection process. After you’ve fixed an appointment and tried on some dresses before coming to a decision, the team of in-house seamstresses will alter the gown to custom fit your body. Not sure what would look good? Here are the types of wedding sleeves you should consider trying on:

Short-sleeved wedding dresses

Short-sleeved wedding dresses are an option for brides that want sufficient coverage for modesty’s sake while still retaining a classy, feminine look and feel. It also allows for more breathing room and better mobility, which is great since brides should be able to feel comfortable even as they are busy dancing, walking and rushing around during the big day.

While fluttery short sleeves can appear romantic and dreamy, cap sleeves that extend slightly past the shoulder before tapering off under the arm have been all the rage for quite some time now. When paired with a sheer illusion neckline in addition to detailed lace embellishments, it’s lovely for outdoor weddings as well as for the brides who intend on getting married in a tropical climate like Singapore.

Strapless wedding dresses

The most common style of wedding dress you’ll find in a boutique, it’s designed to fit snugly around the bust, helping brides achieve a chic, graceful appearance. While suitable for all body types, it may not be an ideal choice for those who wish to present a more modest appearance.

Despite this, strapless remains a common choice for glowing brides especially since it gives the illusion of a smaller frame. A loose hairstyle and jewelled necklace pairs perfectly for a breathtakingly gorgeous look.

Off The Shoulder wedding dresses

Aspiring for a more alluring and stylish look on your wedding day? An off the shoulder wedding dress is optimal. A modern take on the modest wedding dress, it features either sleeves or straps which begin just below the shoulder. For those with flawless skin, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to proudly showcase your delicate necks, collarbones and shoulders in a wedding dress and wow your significant other.

An off the shoulder dress drapes femininely off the sides and gives brides a dreamy, romantic feel when complemented with a simple up-do and a pair of statement earrings. If you love the idea of showing off your resplendent, glowing skin as you walk down the aisle—especially after all that hard work—make sure to check out off the shoulder wedding gown rental services available at our bridal boutique.

One-Shoulder wedding dresses

Brides seeking to walk the path less taken can opt for a unique asymmetrical look. One-shoulder wedding dresses are striking to the eye and adds a unique flair to your wedding look. The asymmetrical, diagonal neckline is flattering even on those with broader shoulders.

Paired with an elegant braided up-do, it makes for a clean, minimalistic look. For those who prefer something more ethereal, consider a one-shoulder wedding dress with delicate lace embroidery and a layered tulle bottom instead.

Things To Avoid When Picking Out An Evening Gown

Things To Avoid When Picking Out An Evening Gown

Dinner Dress Singapore, Singapore Designer Evening Dress

Dinner Dress Singapore, Singapore Designer Evening Dress

With a strict dress code, deciding what to wear to a formal event can be pretty difficult. For a party or cocktail event, a simple dinner dress would do, but for more formal occasions, you might want to consider a more elaborate evening gown. Here’s what to avoid when shopping for an evening dress:

Picking a dress that’s not the right colour for you

Selecting an evening gown that doesn’t suit your complexion isn’t the best idea as it can adversely affect your appearance, making you seem lacklustre or even extremely pale. It’s important to keep in mind that a dress with a colour that looks stunning on the rack might not be suitable for your skin tone once you try it on. A general rule of thumb is to get the trustworthy opinions of your beloved friends and family members before impulsively making the purchase.

In general, it’s better  to opt for understated, lighter, muted or pastel colours. Not a fan of brighter colours? Darker, jewel-toned gowns can look gorgeous too and black is also a safe option for practically all skin tones.

Getting a dress that’s not suited for your body type

Time to say yes to the dress! It’s crucial to get an evening dress which fits your body just right. After all, most aren’t so lucky to find an exact fit right off the rack. What then? What’s most commonly done is to buy a gown closest to the actual size before getting it altered to fit perfectly.

If you have broad shoulders and a narrow waist, get a dress that covers your shoulders up and accentuates your shapely behind. Those who have a petite stature should avoid wearing flowy dresses as it can cause them to appear even shorter. Instead, a long, slim-fit dress that defines the torso while adding length to the legs would work better. Try to experiment with various styles of dresses before deciding on one that looks best for your body type.

Choosing the right detailing

Embellishments should look as though they are intricately woven into fabric. It’s best to stick to more abstract or elaborate detailing which will give off a classier look and feel.

A gown with too much bling can also be off-putting and clutter your outfit. Simple is best, so use accessories like earrings, necklaces, shoes or a bag for some sparkle instead.

Choosing unflattering cut-outs

Cut-outs are ideal for those that want to show a little skin but can be unflattering if not done right. Usually placed above or right at the line of your natural waist, it gives off a sleek, sophisticated feel. Remember that less is more. Too many cut-outs on an outfit can be overly revealing and take away from the look.

If you’re uncomfortable with cut-outs, but still wish to exude an air of subtle sexiness, then  consider high slits, a low-cut back or a plunging neckline instead.



Singapore Best Bridal Studio, Wedding Dress

“The photography was one of the main attractions for us,” noted the couple, Daniel and Doreen who liked the style of pictures they had seen. The couple had signed before Z Wedding moved out to a bigger studio. Because the studio got bigger, it got more grand. As a result, the couple felt that they made the right choice, that they went off to a good start.

Daniel and Doreen were very excited for the pre-wedding photo shoot. To them, they had thought that Z Wedding were really good at candid shots, yet they had been wondering all the time how? How did Z Wedding manage to take such photos of brides and grooms posing and everything? It was therefore a very interesting experience for the couple. At the end of the day, Daniel and Doreen found out that the trick was that the photographers of the bridal studio were simply really funny. The photographer was able to guide them in a way that both of them looked like they were just like having fun, when in actuality, they were talking about funny stuff and laughing at the jokes of the photographer. Before Daniel and Doreen realized it, the photos just came out really well. Daniel felt that their photographer was very funny and very good. When Daniel and Doreen came back at the end of the day and saw the whole photo album, they were like, “Wah it’s really not bad yah”. They were very surprised at how they laughed so much and how the photos still turned out to be so good.

At gown selection, the couple had a headache because there were just too many. In fact, one of the flower girls really loved the wedding dress that she literally could not lift her hands off the dress. It made Doreen look and feel like a princess. Likewise, the makeup artists had very commendable skills. From doing up the hair for the bride on the actual wedding day, to the hairdo and makeup for the pre-wedding photo shoot, the makeup artists did really good jobs. They even helped the couple to move the gowns and everything, and always gave them tissues to wipe. “Service is really top class.”

The boutique’s advisor advised them on the shots for the photo shoot from the start to the end. With such a smooth process, the couple felt Z Wedding was indeed worth the price. Their gown consultant was also very professional, constantly giving Doreen dresses in new, different styles to try. Although selections took way longer than expected, she was very patient and provided insightful tips on choosing gowns. Doreen was very happy with her gown. It made her feel good about herself on the actual day.

All in all, Daniel and Doreen felt very pleased with the service by Chris Ling and Z Wedding. The couple strongly encourage other people to come down and visit the bridal boutique for themselves. Especially when Z Wedding offers plenty of free workshops that are helmed and facilitated by Chris Ling himself. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.

Z WEDDING + AIJEK Collaboration

Z WEDDING + AIJEK Collaboration

bridal studio, bridal studio singapore

Being photographers will inevitably allow us to be involved with fashion. Through the years, we have learnt how to be discerning and we have gained professional knowledge of the industry. The Go Local movement is growing at a strong pace. In the past, prestige and quality meant acquiring fashion from foreign brands, times have now evolved in which Singapore’s own are on par with international labels.

Which brings us to Z Wedding’s collaboration with esteemed Singapore-based fashion label Aijek. We now hold their exclusive collection in our shop.

Our couples share more than just their wedding journey with us. There are numerous occasions in a person’s life that are milestones to be commemorated. Aijek provides the perfect ensemble for ROMs, Dinner & Dances, your best friend’s wedding, or any formal and black tie affairs.

As a studio, we can’t simply rely on photography to win our clients over. Through the years, we provided value-added services so that we can grow with our clients too. Therefore we took a bold step to partner with Z Wedding. To grow further, we cannot stop at weddings. Our dress collection is now extended to attire many different occasions. Should you wish to have makeup and hair styling, we can provide them too. By being a convenient port-of-call for you, we can serve you better.

With dresses starting from $150, we welcome you to view Aijek’s collection!


ROM dresses

Formal dresses for weddings

Formal gowns for dinners

Suitable for formal or corporate Dinner & Dance

Formal gowns for Black-Tie events

Dresses and gowns for red carpet events

Makeup and hair styling packages are available

* * *






A Basic Guide To Matching Your Wedding Dress And Bouquet

A Basic Guide To Matching Your Wedding Dress And Bouquet

Designer Bridal Dress, Designer Bridal Dress Singapore

Designer Bridal Dress, Designer Bridal Dress Singapore

Back in the day, wedding bouquets symbolized luck and fertility – ending in the classic bouquet toss that passes on the luck to the one who catches it. Fast forward today and the wedding bouquet means so much more – an essential bridal accessory that pulls the wedding dress together effortlessly. If you ever wondered what color, shape and size bouquet works best with your designer bridal dress in Singapore, here is everything you need to know.

Striking The Right Balance

The key to bouquet design is to ensure that it doesn’t overshadow the wedding dress but instead enhance it. If your dress has detailed embellishments – it will be good to choose a simple bouquet that will be able to balance out the look.

Complement Your Body Type

When it comes to perfectly matching your blooms with your bridal dress, consider your body type as well. Generally, slim brides should go for styles that highlights their slim figure. Petite brides might want to opt for a tightly-packed bouquet that can be equally stunning and yet doesn’t weigh you down, while curvier brides will look gorgeous with a full, round bouquet. Tip: try not to hide your waistline, and aim for a bouquet that is narrower to show off your natural curves.

Consider Your Wedding Dress Style

The easiest way to start choosing a wedding bouquet is to take clues from your wedding dress style. If you will be donning a clean and simple A-line silhouette wedding dress for your big day, you might want to dress it up with a bouquet consisting of multicoloured flowers in different shapes and sizes for that extra pop. An elaborate gown with a much more voluminous skirt such as a ball gown will look flawless with a round bouquet. A popular choice with the brides, the romantic and flirty sweetheart neckline wedding dress in Singapore looks best with a dainty style such as a nosegay bouquet – drawing attention to all the right places.

Coordinate Your Colours

Brides-to-be tend to overlook the fact that there are several variations of white – cream, ivory or pure white, and make the mistake of choosing the exact same shade for their wedding bouquet. Playing around with different shades of the same colour or complementary colours is a great way to begin the process. Doing so will ensure that your wedding bouquet will have a life of its own instead of blend in – which is essential in photoshoots.

Types Of Wedding Bouquets

  • Posy

Posy is one of the most popular styles amongst brides-to-be – starring a bunch of delicate flowers wrapped up at the stems with fabric lace, burlap or even a family heirloom such as a handkerchief. This style is highly-favored as they work with virtually any wedding dress – the only downfall being that taller brides should take note to avoid choosing a small bouquet that can undermine their height.

  • Cascading

Also known as the “shower” bouquet, this style features a stream of flowers that is rounded at the top and flows gracefully down for a “waterfall” effect. The perfect choice for tall and curvy brides, this bouquet style complements traditional wedding dress styles like a ball gown or mermaid gown featuring a longer train and veil. Take note: if your skirt is already heavily embellished, you might want to steer clear away from a cascading bouquet as it may appear cluttered.

  • Round

This style arranges your chosen flowers in the shape of a ball. Tall and slim brides will love this style for bringing out their curves in the most natural way possible.

  • Nosegay

Nosegay bouquets are compact and to-the-point – featuring sparsely packed flowers that tend to highlight more green with an emphasis on the flowers’ petals and stems. This style is best suited for petite brides who wish to add some height.

 If you need help coming up with a list of fresh blooms, our bridal studio will be glad to make some recommendations – taking into account all the elements mentioned. Otherwise, experiment with your favorite flowers and see how you can combine them to come up with the perfect match!



Wedding Gown Singapore, Wedding Gown Rental

What actually amazed the couple, Xian Yao and Joyce, was the kind of candid shots that the bridal shop at Z Wedding focused on. Joyce found herself being attracted to how the photos appeared not overly edited, nor were the subjects overly posed. The pictures seemed very natural and the photographer never failed to capture the moments of such happiness.

Xian Yao and Joyce were really pleased with the service provided by Z Wedding. During the whole process, the couple was very satisfied with their coordinator because he was very patient with them. “Overall, he was really a great guy to work with.” In addition, Joyce was really impressed with her makeup artist because she felt that she was very versatile. After sending screenshots and pictures of what she had in mind, including the hairstyle that she preferred, the makeup artist was able to do them up to meet Joyce’s expectations. During the experience of selecting the wedding gown, the gown consultant had helped to choose dresses based on her figure and size. Not only did she chose the most appropriate gowns for Joyce, the consultant also felt very approachable and personable.

Xian Yao remarked that the overall service offered by Z Wedding was really very impressive. Every single person in the company had advised them accordingly and guided them throughout the process. Given that they were both very unsure on what to look out for and what to take note of, Joyce and Xian Yao found this quality of service extremely helpful.

The couple’s photographer was a very meticulous person, who guided them during the photo shoot on how to pose, where to put their hands, and how to stand at the proper posture. Joyce noted how the photographer took pride in his work and was kind of humorous, able to make them feel at ease during the whole pre wedding photo shoot. He made jokes so that they would smile naturally and feel less awkward. On the whole, the couple were very satisfied with the quality of work.

Even during the photo selection process, they had help from the very patient consultant. As both of them were very indecisive people, Xian Yao and Joyce took a long time to choose the photos. However, the consultant was very patient, and even guided them and gave some advice. She taught them to consider details such as the layout, which photo settings to use and how certain sets do not complement one another. At the end of the day, the couple had put together a very beautiful album that they were both very satisfied with.

To the couple, Z Wedding had provided them with very top-notch quality in terms of services, describing the standards as “relatively outstanding compared to the rest”. Joyce and Xian Yao highly recommend Z Wedding to all those out there who have not signed up for any package. “[We are] always very reassured by the service provided by this bridal shop.” Choose Z Wedding because you love her.

Get The Most Out Of Your First Wedding Gown Fitting

Get The Most Out Of Your First Wedding Gown Fitting

Bridal Studio, Bridal Studio Singapore

Bridal Studio, Bridal Studio Singapore

Your first wedding dress fitting is often one of the most significant parts of the wedding planning process. Normally conducted 3 to 9 months before the actual ceremony, the purpose of a wedding gown fitting is to find the perfect fit for you, since most gowns aren’t typically made-to-measure. Whether you are looking for a wedding, engagement or dinner dress in Singapore– here is how to navigate your way through the large array of designs and styles available at our bridal studio!

What To Expect At Your First Wedding Gown Fitting

The first wedding gown fitting is all about getting to know your requirements for a highly personalized experience. This is the time to let our in-house gown consultants know the specific necklines, designs and any particular details that you would like seen on your dress. During the session, you will also have your measurements taken, so expect a few pins and adjustments here and there. A session usually takes up to an hour to an hour and a half, and you can expect to try on a few dresses to explore your options and select a few favorites.

Tip #1: Pinterest and Instagram For Research

It is always best to do your research prior to your first wedding gown fitting – even if you are just considering an evening gown rental. Off-the-rack wedding dresses aren’t for everyone, and if you have already set your eyes on certain elements from multiple dresses, this is the perfect time to voice it out to your gown consultant. Be specific about what you like and don’t like, bringing along your collection of images from Pinterest or Instagram. Consider every aspect of your dress like the silhouette, neckline and embellishments, going as far as your accessories and hairdo for the actual day.

Tip #2: Set A Budget

Many brides-to-be often get too enthusiastic with picking out their wedding dress that they forget to set aside a sum for the other accompanying elements of the gown such as the accessories, veil, shoes and cost of alterations. We recommend trying on dresses that fall within your budget – once again letting your gown consultants know right off the bat. The price of a brand-new wedding dress and couture gown rental can vary – a good rule of thumb to follow is that your wedding dress should ultimately make up 10 percent of your total wedding cost.

Tip #3: Do A Full Dress Rehearsal

If there is ever a point in time to over-prepare, it will have to be at your wedding gown fitting. It helps to bring along all your accessories such as shapewear, undergarments, heels and accessories that you plan to wear on the actual day. Try on everything together with your dress, including hairstyles as the slightest details can have an impact on the way your gown should be altered. Also important: practice walking around, sitting down, raising your hands and figuring out a bathroom plan in advance. It also won’t hurt to bust a few moves in our bridal studio as well!

Tip #4: Be As Honest As You Can

Critical to making the most out of your wedding gown fitting is not being afraid to voice out your opinions at any point of time. Your gown consultant and seamstress will be asking a ton of questions at the fitting, so the better you are at sharing your thoughts, the smoother the process will be. Be sure to bring along a list of burning questions that you have in mind – whether it be specific care instructions for your bridal gown or possible worst-case scenarios, complete with viable solutions. Dresses that incorporate intricate beading and lace embellishments may need extra attention, so be sure to take notes.

A Final Tip

The best wedding dress is more than just finding a design that is on-trend – finding one that fits your personality, accentuates the shape of your body and speaks to your heart is paramount. A good starting point is to find a silhouette dress that suits you best and go from there. If you are still unsure, our team of gown consultants will be there every step of the way to find the best fit for you.



Singapore Wedding Gown Rental

Alexis first heard of Z Wedding from some of her friends who had actually used Z Wedding before for their weddings. The first activity that Bayron and Alexis had looked forward to was actually the pre-wedding shoot. The couple recalled how it was a very fun and relaxing day because their photographer had helped them to relax. He made them laugh and did a brilliant job to lighten up the mood throughout the whole session. According to Bayron, the makeup artist who was present really made the bride look really beautiful. They were thankful for the hair styling and makeup skills.

The next part the couple had to go through was the choosing of pre wedding photos. “It was a hard process.” The photos turned out really nice and awesome which led to them facing difficulties in choosing and cutting down to the number of photos that would make up their album. However, the staff at Z Wedding were really patient with the couple and assisted them in providing all the advice and knowledge that they had and could share. In the end, the couple overcome their initial challenges and had a beautiful pre wedding photo album to show for it.

Another thing Bayron and Alexis found really good was that they could leave it to the hands of Z Wedding and Chris Ling for the whole process. They did not have to worry about what they should do next. Moreover, the couple loved the idea where they came up with the activity of preparing them for the wedding march-in. It was an interesting exercise because the couple had never thought about how important it was, and they had never really prepared themselves nor did they even discussed among themselves. When they went through the class, they learned about the things they should be looking out for. Their smile, the way they walk in: all these things were the tiny details that had never cross their minds. As a result of Z Wedding and Chris Ling, Bayron and Alexis got to learn more about the things that they should be looking after. Even if it was as mundane as how they portrayed themselves in the day.

At the end of the day, the couple believes that it was a beautiful collaboration between Z Wedding and Chris Ling. Because Z Wedding possessed a lot of experience, in terms of the wedding gowns, of the makeup, and of the wedding itself. Chris Ling had a beautiful portfolio full of beautiful photos. With the experiences of their teams working together, both photographer and videographer, they were able to provide what the couple wanted.

To all couples out there, Alexis says, “Hesitate no more.” She maintains that brides will have a hard time choosing the wedding gown that they really like. “But once you see it, you will know that you are going to walk in with that.” For the guys who are still considering, Bayron admits that it was pricey but it was worth it. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.

Going Out Of The Box: 2019 Outdoor Wedding Trends

Going Out Of The Box: 2019 Outdoor Wedding Trends

Top Bridal Boutique, Princess Wedding Gown Rental

Top Bridal Boutique, Princess Wedding Gown Rental
Outdoor weddings are so 2018 – and we still love it. They are classy, intimate, photogenic and easy to put together with the right décor. According to Pinterest, searches for “garden wedding” and “backyard wedding” rose up by 441 percent – so while most of us do not own a backyard to get hitched at, these trends don’t require one to use nature as your ultimate inspiration.

1. Mixing Up The Colour Palette With Bold Colours

Bold is indeed better in 2019, with brides straying away from the classic white and neutral colours and turning their attention towards more vibrant tones – Pantone’s Colour of the Year in 2019 goes to pinky-orange Coral, an easy-to-match colour that will look effortless as part of any outdoor wedding. Even the bridesmaid are in on this trend – mix-and-match gowns allowing each and every girlfriend to shine in their own distinct way. The Galaxy collection houses some of the most vivid-coloured gowns in our bridal boutique in Singapore that will make any bride standout amidst Mother Nature.

2. Eco-Friendly Weddings

Sustainability is a huge consideration for the modern brides and grooms of today. Couples are starting to be more environmentally-aware when it comes to selecting their décor, centrepieces and bouquets. In fact, it’s fairly simple to implement – think locally-sourced ingredients, recycled paper as stationery, biodegradable confetti and paper straws that can save you a bit of cash, all while saving the earth at the same time.

3. Wedding Dresses For Rent

Brides are constantly looking for pocket-friendly alternatives when it comes to buying the perfect wedding gown. So whether it is a princess wedding gown rental or casual wedding dress rental in Singapore, you can be sure to find the latest designs on the runway in our bridal boutique – perfectly tailored to embrace both your body and personality.

4. Making A Statement With Bows

The cute and sweet bow is making a comeback this year – think oversized, structured bows garnering your full attention, with intricate lace detailing and a romantic off-the-shoulder neckline as seen in our Into The Wild Collection. Worried about the heat? Settle on a short bridal dress in Singapore instead, an equally stunning alternative for forest fairy-tale vibes. 

5. Balloons And Flower Garlands

In 2019, it’s all about losing the structure, and that includes your décor – imagine loose greenery as low, lush centrepieces on tables, balloons as wedding arches, a cascading flower wall and flower garlands taking over every nook and cranny of the local foliage. Even trees and dried flowers are making an appearance this time around – throw on a bunch of fairy-lights and lay scented candles wherever you can to complete your theme.

6. Taking The Indoors, Out

Essential to every outdoor wedding is the cosy factor – and what better way to amp it up than by bringing in your favourite vintage furniture pieces to the party? Throw in some sofas and your typical indoor furniture such as an antique dresser, loveseats, pillows, blankets and rattan chairs to add a hipster-chic area for guests to hang out. Finish the space with some rug runners that line the floor, allowing your guests to find their way around the rest of the wedding with ease. It can’t get any more bohemian than this, and your guests will feel at home before you even know it.

Work The Gown: A March-In Workshop

Work The Gown: A March-In Workshop

Wedding Gowns, Wedding Gowns Singapore

Our studio has been in the trade for many years and has seen numerous wedding gowns and wedding gown fashion trends come and go. We have shot wedding gowns for weddings, couples, corporations, portfolios, catalogues, and advertisements.

There are many reasons why a bride would choose a gown. The first reaction would purely be for aesthetic reasons, why shortlist it if it isn’t gorgeous. This thought set me thinking, aesthetic reasons are just a static value. What they see, what we photograph, down to how they wear it, the gown would be draping them in a static manner. It is worked onto the bride, like the frame on a photograph so to speak. Yet, these two elements, the bride and the gown, do not necessarily work with each other.

To me, brides wear gowns for two purposes, pre-wedding shoots (what I would describe as static rentals) and donning them for the wedding banquet.

For pre-wedding, the professionalism of my photography team will ensure our brides work magic with their gowns. In pre-wedding shoots, my photographer will guide our couples and provide directions. The images will therefore be composed to invoke a good “feel”.

With these still pictures, most wedding boutiques are selling or renting gowns for a static reason:  pre-wedding photography. This then doubles up as usage on the actual day.

What is missing in this equation? No one is teaching couples how to work the gown. To wear it, there will be assistants and makeup artists on the day of the shoot. To work it when you’re marching down the aisle with the groom, it’s left to the bride’s instinct. Unfortunately, we are not all super models, grooms included.

1. How do couples walk down the aisle?

2. How would the bride and groom present themselves in front of all their guests?

3. How do we present our best personal image?

4. What is the purpose of a march-in ceremony to begin with?

5. What should couples focus on so that they can tell others who you are, and who you are with?

It came as a relief that I have partnered with Z Wedding, because they have been conducting personal image workshops to master the art of walking down the aisle. Joey, Director of Z Wedding, will teach you the small details many couples never realized they needed to know. She conducts these classes so that couples can perfect the march-in, and brides can work the gown. There are 18 important points to take note of, and practice sessions are part of the curriculum. She will ensure that you rock the gown, instead of having the gown wear you!

There is finally a boutique that can bring together the hardware (gowns) and software (personal image) for you to perfect your wedding.

I encourage you to visit Z Wedding and learn more!

– Chris