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With Z Wedding, Loing Yew and Si Yu believed that the bridal boutique had very good teamwork within the team of staff members. “At every stage, there is a person in charge of you.” Whenever Loing Yew and Si Yu had a question or a query, they knew who they could go to. This made the couple’s experience in working with one of the top and leading bridal services provider in Singapore, ultimately one that was efficient, smooth-sailing and filled with positive memories.

Si Yu remembered how she would come back to the bridal boutique for a lot of times, during the process of selecting her wedding gowns. Despite all those times, her gown consultant always welcomed her with a smile. Amidst all the undecided decisions Si Yu had to make, which ended up in giving her a headache, the gown consultant seemed to know what she liked and ended up becoming a reliable party in which Si Yu could ask her for an opinion. Likewise, Si Yu felt very comfortable when working with her makeup artist. She had sent the makeup artist references and photos of how she wanted her makeup and hair to be done. In response, the makeup artist gave her good suggestions such as to cut her hair way before the wedding photo shoot so that Si Yu could achieve the hairstyle and look she wanted the most.

During the pre-wedding photoshoot process, Loing Yew and Si Yu admitted that it was difficult for a couple to just pose and have an inkling of knowing what to do and where to look. Fortunately, they had a photographer who was able to help them go along with the flow throughout the photo shoot session. As a result, the two of them did not feel so tensed up and their photos turned out to be very amazing. Then came the photo selection stage where they had to put together the photo album for their wedding day. As the couple came in with a budget in mind, they were able to enrol the help of Z Wedding’s photo consultant to select the best photos out of the batch.

With regards to the collaboration between Z Wedding and Chris Ling, Loing Yew and Si Yu felt that the package deal was highly attractive given that everything was done in-house. Everything was tailored to meet the needs of the couple. When it comes to recommendations, Loing Yew and Si Yu have only one choice and that is, “Z Wedding and Chris Ling! Thumbs up!”

At Z Wedding, we are very happy to hear that Loing Yew and Si Yu were able to accomplish what they had set out to achieve for their wedding journey. For every other couple that steps foot into our bridal boutique, our team of professionals and employees are dedicated and committed in providing quality services and consultations so that couples will be able to have their needs and desires fulfilled. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.

Our Favorite 2018 Wedding Trends and Predictions for 2019

Our Favorite 2018 Wedding Trends and Predictions for 2019

Singapore Largest Bridal Shop

Singapore Largest Bridal Shop

It has been nothing but short of eventful when it comes to weddings in 2018. Without a doubt, weddings are a quintessential part of every woman’s life, and who wants their ceremony to be nothing less than perfect? Before the year draws to a close, we list some of our favorite wedding trends of the year that we hope to see going into 2019, and provide a few guesses of our own for the year ahead so that you don’t have to.

2018 Wedding Trend – Creativity is Key  

More and more weddings are seeing the need to be more creative, from the décor, invitational cards, flower arrangements to food. For example, couples are thinking out of the box in terms of creating edible place cards such as macarons that have the names of guests printed on them. Adding personal touches such as clever directional signages and blending potted plants and flower arrangements seamlessly together with the furniture of the venue are also common. Consider custom-painting your invites or experimenting around with materials such as felt or pop-up cards, or customizing gift boxes for your bridesmaids.

2018 Wedding Trend – Bolder is Better

2018 saw a big comeback for colour, where bold and rich pigments such as purple and ultraviolet are extremely popular. Couples are going the non-traditional route and expressing their personalities, whether it be bright pink, sky blue, tangy orange or lemon yellow. Whether or not you decide to go pastel or bold, our evening collections are complete with a wide range of colours for you to choose from, such as the ones seen in our Stone & Willow collection. If we are right, we expect this trend to continue on strongly in Singapore moving into 2019, with bridal dresses offering deep rich colors such as burgundy, navy and forest greens to take centre-stage.

2018 Wedding Trend – Keeping it Small  

Weddings are no longer all about the intimacy between couples but also between your guests as well. An increasing number of couples have been decreasing their guests count in order to provide for a more personalized and cosy setting that will not normally happen with a long guest list.

2019 Prediction – Bye Buffets, Hello Sharing Platters

Long gone are the days of buffets at wedding receptions with the same old food – couples will now opt for their favourite cuisines and cocktails and put their own spin on it. Think of tacos, sushi rolls, smoothie stations, pizza and dessert bars. With a smaller guest count, the opportunity to experiment and customize the menu for your guests makes for a whole other experience.

2019 Prediction – More Interaction

Couples will be looking to incorporate more interactive stations around the wedding venue for guests to move around, mingle and have fun throughout the night. Entertainment such as a live band, DJ, mixing bar or tarot card reading can be a total gamechanger when it comes to weddings in 2019. 

2019 Prediction – It’s All About The Sleeves

Last but not least, our final prediction involves the comeback of sleeves – even in Singapore’s tropical weather. With the new Duchess of Sussex walking down the aisle in her stunning Givenchy dress earlier this year, many brides are looking to go for a simpler dress with less frills and lacework. Being Singapore’s largest bridal shop,  you will no doubt be able to find a dress that is not only fit for royalty, but also be treated like royalty all at the same time.



Bridal Boutique Singapore Top Bridal Boutique Singapore

Before Z Wedding, Ke Loo and Serene have been looking into a lot of areas but what really captured their attention were the collections of wedding dress. As it is a once in a lifetime experience, the feeling of wearing the chosen wedding gown is extremely important and something that is deeply intuitive and personal. Even though he was not wearing it, Ke Loo could feel that significance of the wedding gown, just from seeing that feeling from Serene’s eyes as she wears on the wedding gown. That feeling was so significant such that the couple believes that the selection of wedding gowns at any bridal boutique is very crucial.

Throughout their gown selection process, the couple had kept going to and fro between various dresses, and the gown consultant at Z Wedding stayed with utmost patience by their side. Serene had a tough time deciding which wedding gown to go with for not only were they all very nice, she also loved all the gowns that she had tried on. In addition, Ke Loo and Serene had both indoors and outdoors pre-wedding shoots, of which they thoroughly enjoyed being the photographer. Their photographer gave them a lot of ideas on angles and created a very adventurous experience for them within their wedding photoshoots.

During their outdoor shoot, Ke Loo and Serene were absolutely grateful for the presence of Amber who had assisted and accompanied the couple wherever they went. Fondly describing her as a nanny, Ke Loo and Serene had their outfits and appearances taken care of throughout the outdoor shot by her. Especially when there was one moment during their shoot where Serene was riding on a bicycle, and Amber helped to carry the dress from the back. After their amazing outdoors wedding shoot, both of them felt that it was a must for every couple to have an outdoors shoot as part of their wedding photography package. Their photos and the layout were fantastically done by the studio collaboration between Chris Ling and Z Wedding.

For the girls, Serene advised them not to think so much they are going to spend, because, she says,  “at the end of the day, you just enjoy the process”. On the other hand, Ke Loo encourages the gentlemen to definitely consider Z Wedding as the money being spent is not just for the photos, but also for the memories. He further joked that he could feel the bleeding from his wallet from all the things that his wife to be loved. On top of that, the couple highly recommends Z Wedding because “no other bridal studio [would] teach you how to walk down the aisle for your wedding march”. As it is a once in a lifetime experience, they believe that all the money and investment will be worth it.

We are very thankful to hear such praise from Serene and Ke Loo. At Z Wedding, we are dedicated to making every couple’s dream wedding come true. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.

Answers To The Most Common Wedding FAQs

Answers To The Most Common Wedding FAQs

Singapore Bridal Shop

Singapore Bridal Shop

You just recently got engaged to your significant other – and now what? Where should you go from here? Below, we list down 4 of the most commonly asked questions that many other brides and grooms like yourselves ask on a daily basis. If you have no clue where to start, here are our answers and suggestions to help kickstart your wedding journey.

How Do I Budget For My Wedding?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that the majority of couples tend to worry about. After all, it is estimated that a typical wedding in Singapore costs around $40,000, and this is also largely dependent on the number of guests that you are planning to host. When creating a budget, think of what is most important to you and your fiancé and prioritize funds accordingly. Do you want stellar photography and videography for your wedding? Or an unforgettable wedding dress that you can take pictures in and remember for years to come? While certain costs can be downplayed, we highly recommend not skimping on the ones mentioned above.

Can I Break Tradition And Wear A Dress That Is Not White?

Considering that Singapore is still a fairly conservative country, many brides are often worried that they have to stick to the traditional white dress for their weddings. However, you can breathe a sigh of relief as this is no longer true and that it is completely up to you. Many brides are opting for bolder colours, whether it be for their wedding dress, décor or themes. If you are considering donning a more unique dinner dress in Singapore, why not browse through our The Galaxy collection that features dresses made up of reds, purples and blues.

How Do We Find The Best Wedding Venue? 
Finding a good wedding venue is extremely important because not only will it affect your overall budget, it will also ultimately affect your wedding theme, décor, number of guests and entertainment. We always recommend first reaching out to several venues for quotes and then narrowing them down based on your budget. You can then visit the venues in person to get a sense of the ambience and feel of the place – most of the time you will know the right venue for you once you see it. Be sure to ask all the necessary questions, such as the total capacity of the venue, any additional charges for guest parking and alcohol, the payment schedule, gratuity etc. With a venue locked, the rest of your wedding will all fall in place in due time.

When Should I Start Shopping For My Wedding Dress?

It is completely normal to panic when it comes to finding the perfect dress. We advise getting started with plenty of research as far as one year in advance to get an idea of what you like. You should set aside a budget for your dress, with the final fittings and buying of your dress to be done at least 3 months before the wedding so as to allow for any last minute alterations.

What sets us apart as Singapore’s top bridal shop is that we have the largest boutique and array of bespoke dresses that are specially designed and tailored by our in-house designers so that you can have one less thing to worry about – especially when it comes to finding that perfect wedding dress.



Best Bridal Boutique

Bryan and Eunice were first introduced to the bridal boutique of Z Wedding after listening to “Ten Reasons Why To Choose Chris Ling”. Now that they have gone through the experience of signing up with Z Wedding, the couple can now safely assure that the reasons mentioned have been true.

When asked to describe their time and journey with Z Wedding, the couple began throwing out words such as “fantastic” and “awesome”. Bryan and Eunice recounted on how their experience working with the various staff members of the renowned bridal boutique was extremely smooth and professional, from the beginning to the end. Their assigned coordinator was meticulous in detailing everything, from planning their shoots so that everything that eventually led up to the actual day of the couple’s wedding event was smooth and well-planned. In addition, Eunice found that her gown consultant was very patient in providing key advice and services of selecting the wedding gowns that she thought would suit her. The gown consultant’s honesty was something Eunice particularly liked.

According to Eunice, the moment that left the greatest impression on her memory was something that happened during the couple’s outdoor photoshoot. They had helium balloons that had contained confetti inside, for the outdoor photoshoot. Their photographer had asked the couple a question: “What was the material of the confetti?” The photographer then went out to explain that the confetti was biodegradable and would naturally decompose into the soil. To Eunice, that moment with the balloon and the confetti highlighted the social responsibility and consideration that the wedding photoshoot photographer had in mind, not just for the idea of saving the earth and being eco-friendly, but also for other people who might be taking photos at that reservoir and at the same tree. Such a considerate mindset resonated so deeply with Eunice that it painted the bridal boutique in an even more positive light, to have great corporate social responsibility and a positive work ethic.

From the coordination to the planning, communication was very important for the couple and the professionals at Z Wedding and Chris Ling consistently delivered. For choosing a bridal studio, Eunice’s piece of advice towards other brides to be was to concentrate on the selection of wedding gowns. “You will go crazy,” says Eunice, referring to how many wedding gown choices there were. On the other hand, Bryan noted that the price depended on what every couple wants. For him personally, he felt that the price they paid for Z Wedding was very well worth it, after seeing how happy his wife to be was. Both of them highly recommend other couples not to think too much and go with Z Wedding. “Sometimes just let your heart decide and just go for it.”

Although the prices at Z Wedding may be on the higher tail end of the market, Bryan and Eunice believe that a wedding is a once in a lifetime experience and that money can always be earned back. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.

Find Out What Your Wedding Colours Say About You

Find Out What Your Wedding Colours Say About You

ROM Dress Singapore

ROM Dress Singapore

An increasing number of brides are looking to go out of the traditional colours of white and cream as their wedding colours and opting for brighter hues like ultraviolet purple and even tangy orange. Even our bridal shop in Singapore is bringing in a variety of coloured dresses for brides to express themselves. Below, we list down some of the most popular colours and using colour psychology, reveal a thing or two about your personality.


Red is one of the most popular colours that brides choose as part of their wedding theme, perhaps due to its symbolism of passion and romance. In the Chinese culture, it can also represent happiness, wealth and prosperity. If you picked out red as a main colour, you are most likely an extroverted person who likes to be in the company of good music and loves to dance. You are confident and open-minded, albeit sometimes a little overdramatic. 


When we think of yellow, we often think of the sun that denotes happiness, warmth and joy. If you find that you are adding yellow everywhere in your wedding, you are most likely the “sun” amongst your friends – always happy, smiling and funny. You enjoy going for adventures and are always seeking self-fulfilment with your curious nature.


While orange may be a colour too bright for most, brides who have an orange-themed wedding are fun and spontaneous with a zest for life. You will never see them alone and are always surrounded by friends and family.


Pink is the sweeter and more delicate colour compared to red and is often selected by brides who are very much in touch with their feminine side. Your friends will describe you as sweet and demure and you would consider yourself a diehard romantic who likes to receive affection.


Blue is a colour that works well throughout the year and also a top choice as a rom dress in Singapore. If you opted for hues of blue, you are a faithful person who tends to be sensitive and emotional. You can worry too much at times but make up for it with your patience with others.


Purple is said to be the colour of 2018. Often associated with royalty and mystery, personalities that choose purple are usually unconventional and like to be unique. They tend to be witty, intuitive and artistic in nature.


Last but not least, green is a colour that couples find hard to abstain from weddings, especially for those who are planning an outdoor wedding in nature.  Green shades symbolize growth and fertility – and if your wedding is dominated with green, this could mean you are a down-to-earth person who is modest and sociable. You are extremely adaptable to your surroundings, yet hold on to a set of strong values that guide you throughout life.

And there you have it! Did we manage to get it right? No matter what colours you ultimately decide to go for, always make sure to inject a little fun into everything. If you plan to stay away from the traditional colours and are looking for dresses that go beyond the usual colour palette, drop by our shop, Singapore’s largest wedding studio and try them on yourself!



Wedding Dress Singapore

Zi Heng and Fiona was at Bugis to attend the Blissful Outdoor Wedding Show (BOWS) when they chanced upon the booth for Z Wedding. Prior to that, Fiona had seen Z Wedding on Facebook before and as Zi Heng described, “she went crazy”. Fiona felt the need to go into their booth and take a look, because she had watched one of Z Wedding’s runway shows before and found that their gowns looked very nice. As a result, Fiona pulled Zi Heng in and the couple sat down at Z Wedding’s booth to take a look. Needles to say, the two of them were utterly impressed with the proffered selection of gowns.

Speaking from a financial perspective, Zi Heng stated that although Z Wedding’s prices were a bit more on the expensive side, he did not mind paying a bit more as long as Fiona felt comfortable. For Fiona, she had a gut feeling about Z Wedding that made her feel like they were the right choice. Even though there was the factor of paying a bit more, she trusted her gut feeling and decided to go with it. The couple thus eventually went ahead with their choice of Z Wedding and signed up for their wedding photography packages.

Fiona took quite some time just to choose the gowns. Thankfully, she had a gown consultant who was patient and professional, doing her best to try to accommodate to each of Fiona’s requests. The gown consultant picked out wedding dresses that Fiona had her eye on and really wanted to try. “She was sincere in trying to give me the gowns that I wanted”, and Fiona felt that the consultant went all out for her job scope, just to help her settle her gowns for the photo shoot. As for makeup, Fiona did not want anything too extreme or anything that would drastically alter her appearances to the point where her pictures would not look like her. In terms of hairdo and makeup, the makeup artist she worked with made everything simple, fulfilling her requests in how she wanted to present. In addition, the makeup artist helped her out throughout the photo shoot, touching up everything.

During the pre-wedding photo shoot, Zi Heng and Fiona found that their photographer was not only good but also a funny person to be around with. The pictures taken turned out great and the couple agreed that they had a fun experience. During the compilation of photos for their wedding album, the couple were appreciative for the presence of their photo consultant. She patiently helped them in shortlisting photos and planning out how the album would become. When Zi Heng and Fiona decided to make some changes later on, the consultant was able to accommodate their requests.

Zi Heng and Fiona highly recommend other couples to drop by Z Wedding bridal boutique. “I don’t think you’ll make a wrong choice either.” Choose Z Wedding because you love her.



Finding an Engagement Dress: A Short Guide

Finding an Engagement Dress: A Short Guide

Bridal Boutique Singapore


Bridal Boutique Singapore

In the buzz of planning a wedding, or the heart-stopping elation of a proposal, we can often forget to celebrate our engagement at all. Instead of showing off our shiny new engagement ring with song and dance, celebrations are restricted to a few drinks or a Sunday brunch.

An engagement party, then, is undoubtedly the best way to celebrate your new status as a bride-to-be. It represents the perfectly balanced middle ground of the giddy excitement of a proposal and the festivities of a wedding, minus the nerve-wracking formality and dense web of wedding etiquette.

Throwing an engagement party gives you and your closest friends the chance to let loose and fully celebrate a happy engagement. For a proper engagement party, you’ll need the correct engagement dress.

If this is your first time hearing of an engagement dress, fret not! You can find them at Singapore’s best bridal boutiques. This article will guide you through the general rules to picking an engagement dress.

In terms of a wedding timeline, an engagement party takes place between the proposal and the actual wedding. Stylistically, it also sits within this region: you have the chance to dress up without having to worry about the endless considerations that come with wedding dresses. You have a huge choice of dresses, skirts, or even jumpsuits to choose from!


Wedding dresses are almost always white, and most brides choose to stick to the traditional choice for their engagement party. A white dress works perfectly for a quintessential bridal look, and it’ll keep you firmly in the spotlight though out the night.

But you’re not limited to wearing white! Why not experiment with flashier or bolder colours to inject your own distinct style and character into your outfit.

You’re the main star of the party after all, and you can wear whatever you like. The only caveat is the expectation that you’re the best dressed for the night. Lighter summer colours are great for a more casual daytime party. For a nighttime cocktail party, or even a dressier party at your new home, darker colours set the tone for a more formal party.


Prints are a great way for you to inject some colour and personality to your engagement party dress. It’s also a fantastic way to help you stand out without looking like you’ve put too much effort into your outfit. Take advantage of the fact that you’re not limited to a plain wedding dress. A printed number will stand out among all the dresses at your engagement party.

Printed cotton dresses suit breezy and energetic afternoon engagement parties to a tee. If your engagement party is taking place after hours, a printed silk dress would be the more appropriate choice.

Non-Traditional Outfits

As we’ve mentioned plenty of times, engagement parties are about having fun and expressing yourself. If you’re eyeing an outfit from way out of left field, go for it!

Turning up in pants and a top, or a stylish jumpsuit, works perfectly at an engagement party. The only thing you must be mindful of is looking as stylish and dressed to the same formality as the rest of your guests.

Engagement parties celebrate a momentous event in your life. It’s a celebration, so wear whatever feels good to you. You can find the best engagement dresses in bridal boutiques in Singapore, and you’ll be spoilt for choice with the many designs and styles.



Top Bridal Boutique Singapore

Prior to signing up with Z Wedding, Karin had been researching on various bridal shops and what they had to offer. Due to the fact that the Korean craze was hip and trendy at that time, Karin was initially adamant on traveling overseas to somewhere in Korea in order to have a Korean photo shoot. Needless to say, her mind changed when the couple decided to take a walk down the lanes of Tanjong Pagar.

Zhi Feng and Karin first got their attention attracted to Z Wedding by the album showcased outside the bridal boutique. On seeing that the photos appeared natural and well taken, they struck up a conversation with the person who would later introduced the entire wedding package to the couple. What left an indelible impression on the couple’s minds was how the promoter tried to understand their love story. From going in the angle of Zhi Feng and Karin’s love story, they could then start planning how the wedding photo shoots would be conceptualised and carried out. Furthermore, the coordinator at Z Wedding had offered them to try out a few wedding gowns, although they had not signed anything.

Zhi Feng and Karin were actually impressed throughout their photo shoot experience. The couple felt so happy that they admitted that they would love to do it again just because the experience was so fun. There was no feeling of awkwardness during the photo shoot process and the photographer consistently encouraged the couple to be themselves. When the end results showed the photos turning out really natural, Zhi Feng and Karin felt that the bridal photography package was worth every single cent paid. The photos looked so amazing that both of them could not make a choice on which was the best and which photos they liked the most. Enhancing their photo shoot experience was the makeup job which Karin and Zhi Feng really lauded. Saying that she never had beautiful makeup done before, Karin felt that the makeup artist’s style was not heavy. It was natural and very in line with the current trends. At the same time, it covered her flaws while accentuating the best parts of her facial features so that the bride would not look at a photo ten years down the road, only to exclaim “Hey, that doesn’t look like me!”. On the whole, the matters of makeup and gown worked well for Karin, saying that it was important for the bride to feel comfortable in both aspects.

As the pre-wedding photo shoot is meant to capture their best, Karin and Zhi Feng emphasised the need to establish great rapport with the photographer. What is the look? What is the feel? What story do you want to paint? These were some of the questions  to consider. Karin urges couples who are still hesitating, to do more research and come up with their concepts. From there, couples should start seeking out the best photographer who can really encapsulate the couple’s love story, instead of just producing a typical album. Throughout their journey, the couple felt that their photographer was completely invested in their love story, making their experience enjoyable and worthwhile. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.

3 Reasons Why Every Bride Should Consider Illusion Necklines

3 Reasons Why Every Bride Should Consider Illusion Necklines

Lace Neckline Wedding Dress Singapore

Lace Neckline Wedding Dress Singapore

You’ve received the long awaited proposal from the man you love. Congratulations! But this is not the end. Instead, it is the beginning. It’s time to get this show on the road.

There are many things on a to-do list for a wedding, but we have exactly zero doubts that finding the most beautiful and radiant wedding dress tops your personal list. The wedding gown is one of the centrepieces of any wedding, and many sleepless nights will undoubtedly be spent fretting over the choices you find in Singapore’s bridal shops.

For all the sexiness of a deep V-neck, or the complementary nature of a sweetheart neckline, an illusion neckline brings so much to the table that every bride should give it serious consideration. Here’s a few reason we believe the illusion neckline is one of the best picks for your wedding dress.

A Modern Classic

Illusion necklines build on the classic lace necklines found on wedding dresses since countless years ago. They take the classic lace neckline wedding gown in Singapore and give it an understated modern edge by with a sheer extension from the bodice, turning an otherwise simple neckline into something that marries subtle sexiness with timeless elegance.

An illusion neckline is incredibly diverse. A plain sheer illusion portion brings a simple elegance and complements more detailed areas of the gown. Lace appliques or intricate beading can be used to inject sophistication and eye-catching detailing to your gown. It adds depth and an intriguing edge to classic wedding gown designs and looks.

Perfect Marriage of Form and Function

A low, sleeveless dress does a fantastic job at proudly showing off your collarbones and chest, but you’ll find yourself tugging away at your dress to keep it at the appropriate levels. You might leave too little to the imagination with a deep V-neck. An illusion neckline keeps your look sleek and sexy while providing an extremely secure safety net over the chest area and prevents any wardrobe malfunctions.

That’s not to say that illusion necklines are slouches in the aesthetic department either! Bead detailing and lace designs will seem to be floating on the bride’s skin. A beautiful and unmistakably sophisticated look can be easily achieved with an illusion neckline wedding gown.

It Complements Everything

Think about the different necklines found in wedding boutiques in Singapore: lace necklines, Sabrina necklines, sweetheart necklines and off-shoulder necklines. Extending them with an illusion neckline is the perfect way to elevate them to new levels of sophistication, elegance and tantalising sexiness. Even a simple neckline will look better with a sheer extension!

Illusion necklines can turn any neckline into an enthralling piece, staying bashful but with an enticing hint of skin and sexiness. They are the ultimate complementary addition to most wedding gowns. Even a princess wedding dress in Singapore would benefit from an illusion neckline.

For off-shoulder necklines, the illusion sheer extends upwards, often finishing around the shoulders. Lace details and the elegant sheer frames the face and extends over the shoulders, creating a wonderfully whimsical and romantic outfit. It also keeps you cool in Singapore’s famed humidity.

These are some of the best reasons to consider an illusion neckline when choosing the perfect wedding gown as you visit the best bridal boutiques and bridal shops in Singapore.