Creating Magic With The Classy Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

Creating Magic With The Classy Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

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We are crushing hard on the long sleeve wedding gown: easy to dress up and down, it is an extremely versatile dress that looks ravishing on any bride. And if you are still adamant that this style is as hopelessly dull as household chores, let us show you just how to turn this bridal dress from weak, to absolute chic in a matter of seconds.

Down To The Details: Illusion Lace Sleeves

Illusion lace sleeves are a gorgeous and powerful detail that can be added to any bridal dress for that extra oomph – adding lace detailing, glistening beadwork, lace appliqués and intricate embroidery gives that whimsical effect that is both sensual and captivating. See this in action in our White Magic collection – injecting details such as lining the standard zipper with satin buttons instead also helps evoke interest and attention to an otherwise plain dress. A fitting choice especially for brides-to-be that are holding their weddings in tropical climates such as Singapore – this bridal dress already looks twice as luxurious and enchanting.

Don’t Waist This: Wedding Belts And Sash

Brides often do not realise how embellishing a bridal dress with a belt or sash can dramatically change the final look. Other than drawing the eye to the bride’s waistline, this simple trimming effortlessly helps to create the appearance of an hourglass figure. Our bridal boutique in Singapore takes this accessory very seriously – by adorning a delicate ribbon or a more prominent bow to the front of the dress, we are able to achieve a well-balanced aesthetic to the modest long sleeve wedding dress. This instantly gives your wedding gown a romantic and sweet edge: cue our Aphrodite collection.

Worthy Of Royalty: Wedding Veils

A wedding veil is an alluring complement to any bridal dress, often bestowing a sense of grandeur that comes with transforming into a full-blown queen. If your long sleeve wedding gown comes with cleaner lines and a plain bodice, opt for a sweeping cathedral-length veil that suits all body types and immediately elongates your frame for those mesmerizing wedding photographs. If your dress comes with illusion lace sleeves, go for a sheer veil instead, so as to show off those intricate details.In the case that you are unsure, the in-house designers dedicated to our bridal boutique in Singapore will be able to suggest the best one for you.

Express Your Personality: Statement Pieces

The final touch needed to enhance your long sleeve wedding dress is to include at least one statement piece – since the sleeves should already be one of the main focal points. Statement pieces are your chance to express who you are, and can help to frame your radiant smile on the actual day. The possibilities are endless: a personal heirloom, bold drop earrings, a sparkling crystal choker, a chunky metal bracelet, a pair of jewel-embellished high-heels or a vibrant beaded clutch – don’t be afraid to think out of the box for this one.

Reminder: always tailor your dress to ensure it fits you like a glove – it’s what will set you apart from the rest. And now that you know exactly how to wear the long sleeve wedding dress, what’s left is to work your magic on the wedding aisle.

5 Essential Tips For Creating Your Own Modern Royal Wedding

5 Essential Tips For Creating Your Own Modern Royal Wedding

Silhouette Wedding Gown Rental, Elegant Dinner Dress Singapore

Silhouette Wedding Gown Rental, Elegant Dinner Dress Singapore
Everyone dreams of having a royal wedding, and despite the hefty price tag that often comes with it (Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry spent an estimated 21 million pounds for their grand ceremony!) – here’s 5 ways you too, can create your own majestic fairy tale. 

The Wedding Dress

Unlike royal weddings of the past, Duchess Meghan surprised us on the aisle donning a sleek and body-hugging silhouette wedding gown boasting clean lines and a bateau neckline with no obvious embellishments. Even Duchess Kate wore a more conservative gown earlier in 2011, albeit with a little more lace. Good news! The bateau neckline is universally flattering and is great for baring your collarbones and accentuating your nipped waistline. To emulate this look, our Royal Garden collection stars wedding gowns with a bateau neckline and floral appliques that nicely balances out to add just a touch of sophistication, making it a great dinner dress that accommodates to the warmer temperatures in Singapore.

The Makeup

Duchess Meghan showed us how bearing an all-natural look on your wedding day can be equally stunning. Embracing her freckles, we encourage using makeup to enhance your features instead of covering them – making sure you treat yourself to plenty of top-to-toe facials and spas before the big day. Using a sheer water-based foundation and applying a subtle smoky eye, natural lashes and a hydrating lipstick colour is enough for that glowing and radiant skin to shine through.

The Accessories

Wearing a heirloom piece has always been a part of any royal wedding – you don’t always have to buy entirely new accessories, something passed down from your parents may just be what you need to finish an authentic look. A regal colour to use is royal blue – adding dashes of this colour in your wedding can do wonders in making it look twice as grand. Princesses are often seen wearing a tiara, and nowadays, there is no need to spend a fortune on obtaining a sparkling crown. Instead of going over the top with accessories, Duchess Meghan effortlessly pulled her look together with a 16-foot-long veil and a simple up-do. Brides without the same status can easily do the same – our Midsummer Dreams collection features an off-the-shoulder wedding dress with intricate bead and jewel detailing tracing along the neckline, making it the perfect dress to apply the same principles. Or simply choose from our wide selection of wedding gowns available in our bridal studio and play around with different styles.

The Wedding Bouquet

Duchess Meghan revealed a small and delicate handtied bouquet made with clusters of understated, seasonal flowers from a nearby flower farm – a few of which being specially handpicked by Prince Harry himself. A refreshing change to see a dainty, all-white bouquet in exchange for the more elaborate ones in recent years indeed. Fun fact: Myrtle is a flower that never fails to make an appearance in royal weddings, signifying good luck in love and marriage. Incorporating meaningful blooms and getting the groom to take part can add much more sentimental value to your special day.

The Wedding Cake

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry decided to go for a unique wedding cake flavour of lemon and elderflower, going as far as to deconstruct it into four separate layers. It isn’t as much as moving away from tradition as it is for making it more about the bride and groom – don’t be afraid to try out different flavours that you like: champagne, lavender, strawberry and even yuzu. Your guests will most likely be as excited and thrilled as you are.



Wedding Gown Rental Singapore, Bridal Studio Singapore

What attracted Juliana to Z Wedding in the first place were the wedding gowns on display. They were exactly what she wanted, in that kind of style that Juliana felt was not dated and very fashionable, very up to date. When Kenny and Juliana found out that the wedding photography services were provided by Chris Ling International Photographers, the couple decided on the spot to sign up. “It’s the kind of quality assured, that’s why.”

Throughout this whole process, Kenny related that there were no obstacles at all and how both of them were very happy with everything. Juliana added on how the gown consultant was very patient with her when she was choosing the wedding gowns. She had tried on a lot of styles. In addition, the consultant gave her advice on what kind of wedding gown she should wear.

Juliana was also very thankful for her makeup artist who was, as she proclaims, perfect. “He was very fast with his hands and he knows exactly what kind of makeup that I want and the hairstyle as well.”

The photographer for Kenny and Juliana was a very humorous guy and the couple appreciated how he really prompted them on what to do and everything. As a result, their photo shoot experience went on very smoothly and very natural. When it was time for the couple to see the photos, Kenny and Juliana’s reactions were like, “Wow! Thank you!” Kenny described that the feeling was not like some other kind of typical photo. It was what the two of them had really wanted to achieve. “Very modern,” added Juliana.

From the start to the whole process, Kenny felt that everything was very accommodating and the people at Z Wedding really listened to what the couple wanted. Juliana and Kenny both admitted that they were actually very indecisive types of people, thus they would have the problem of making decisions. At the end of the day, they felt that all the helpers who actually helped them with all the wedding gown choosing and the choosing of photos really helped them a lot.

During the photo selection process, the couple took up almost 4 hours but the consultant was so patient with the both of them. “She was cheery throughout the selection process and she was with us all the way.” She advised the two of them on the kind of photos to choose. For example, whether the photo chosen should be one that was portrait or landscape so as to better fit the album. This was not an element that neither Kenny nor Juliana would have thought of, and were some of the questions that the consultant advised to carefully consider when choosing the photos. Ultimately, she really guided them on how to choose a photo and the couple felt really thankful for her.

To other couples that might be searching for bridal studios, Kenny and Juliana only have this to say, “Don’t consider anymore! Just sign up with Z Wedding!” Choose Z Wedding because you love her.

Inspiring Wedding Themes That Will Make You Fall In Love

Inspiring Wedding Themes That Will Make You Fall In Love

If you aren’t all about going full traditional for your wedding ceremony, having a wedding theme is the best way to venture out of the box – allowing both the bride and groom to introduce a special part of them into the wedding and venture out of the box. With so many wedding themes to choose from, here are some great ideas to get you started.

Rustic Wedding Theme

This wedding theme is perfect for the laidback couple holding a simple outdoor wedding ceremony. If you are someone who prefers a more intimate setting, this wedding theme is perfect for you.

What to add: Think all things lace and timber, a bunch of fairy lights, candles, and an unlimited access to greenery. For starters, add wooden wine barrels at the entrances and fill the venue with chalkboards containing notes from the couple to welcome guests. Instead of having chairs, use garden benches, and replace cups with mason jars instead. Remember to include lots of flowers, from the beloved wedding cake all the way to your delicate hairdo. A farm-to-table menu will definitely wow the guests, complete with metal or brass plates and cutlery.

Wedding dress: Since a rustic wedding theme includes lots of lacey elements, the same can be applied to your wedding gown. A good example is the mermaid wedding dress featured in our Lace Editorial collection – the off-shoulder wedding dress includes trimmings of lace embroidery that evokes a sense of a forest fairy tale come true, while keeping things practical for the Singapore weather.

Travel Wedding Theme

You don’t have to go overseas for an epic wedding, simply bring the most dreamy destinations over to you. Whether it’s Bali, Japan, New York or Paris, travel wedding themes are always romantic and exciting, both for the couple and guests.

What to add: First decide on a destination that holds special meaning to the relationship, moving on to integrate elements of it into every little detail of the wedding – invitations and place cards designed as postcards, an airplane-style seating chart for each table and vintage globes and maps. Gift personalised table favours such as leather passport covers and luggage tags. You can even curate a special menu and cocktails based off your chosen destination to bring beloved friends and families with you on a “pre-honeymoon” trip.

What to wear: For this wedding theme, any classic wedding dress will look equally gorgeous. Our Le Romantics collection features an elaborate mermaid wedding dress that comes with multiple layers of tulle and a prominent bow in the back that speaks of wanderlust – whisking you far away from Singapore and straight into the adventure of a lifetime. 

Fantasy Wedding Theme

Go big or go home, the fantasy wedding theme is for the creative and audacious couple who dares to be different. Under this broad theme comes anything from sci-fi, movies, storybooks and anything that leans towards the quirky and imaginative.

What to add: The best way to channel a fantasy wedding theme is to think and act as your favourite characters! You may want to get your bridesmaids and groomsmen to partake in all the action, each one taking a different role. Hire a themed photobooth with all the necessary props that guests need to join in the fun. Include details from the story such as scenes, direct quotes, music and even food – such as the wacky tea party reception in Alice in Wonderland, complete with gigantic teapots and plenty of upside-down cakes. The options are endless.

What to wear: If you are holding a fantasy wedding theme, this is the perfect excuse to wear a more exaggerated dress, such as the ones in The Best Of Couture collection – adorn a teal or sapphire blue dress that encompasses more pompous details and extra glitter that looks like it came straight out of the big screen. Simply pick your dream dress from the wide selection available in our bridal studio – our specialists will be there to guide you every step of the way, so you will never have to worry about going over the edge.