Brilliant Ways to Bring Class to Your Evening Ensemble

Brilliant Ways to Bring Class to Your Evening Ensemble

Choosing an evening gown that goes perfectly with a specific occasion can be a bit of a tough task. Moreover, if you travelling around Singapore searching for the perfect evening gown rental, it can easily become quite tiring and frustrating if you cannot find the perfect piece quickly.

However, with the right ideas in mind, you can handle the entire search easily. Dedicating slightly more time and effort to plan out your search could help you land the perfect gown faster!

Check out some of our brilliant fool-proof tips for a classy evening ensemble:

Go Chiffon
If in doubt, why not stick to the classics and choose chiffon as your base fabric? It has a beautiful texture admired by almost everyone. Aside from that, there are several other variations of chiffon you can choose from. Whether it is made from silk, rayon, or cotton, you can never go wrong with this fabric. Aside from that, it looks elegant when put together, with the bonus point of how lightweight it feels against your body.

Off-Shoulder Gown
Nothing beats this classic! Many celebrities use this on the bodice for red-carpet events, especially when it is fitted well and shows off their curves. Off-shoulder evening gowns, such as those from Z Wedding’s Lush and Bloom collection, are perfect for formal events as they allow you to look sexy yet classy without showing too much skin. Add some details and stones along the neckline for that picture-perfect, put together look everyone will definitely love.

Choose Structured
While not everyone would instantly think of a structured type of dress or gown for an evening ensemble, it is actually a great and unique choice. Structured gowns make your look more solid and textured. Just remember to choose a dress cut that suits and complements your body type for a classy and gorgeous output.

All Out With The Slit
Going all out with the slit is a foolproof way to make your evening gown look classy. Slits are great for showing off some skin if you wish to and have the freedom to do so. It adds just the right amount of sexiness and edge without going overboard and exposing too much to your guests. When paired with flowing fabrics, slits are a part of any dress that makes the outfit even more dashing and elegant.

Classic Sheath Dress
Still fancying the usual evening gown look? Why not take sheath dresses to a whole new level! Choose colours that are different from the usual palette or select fabrics that have a little sheen to it to bring an extra dimension and texture to your evening ensemble. Or you may also opt for a structured bodice partnered with an A-line skirt for a classic look. Just remember to pick colours and cuts appropriate for the event’s theme to ensure that nothing will go wrong.

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“A Hassle-Free One Stop Service”

“A Hassle-Free One Stop Service”

It was through an Instagram blogger that Felicia learned of Z Wedding. When she saw the blogger’s pre-wedding photoshoot held in Bali, with white horses, camels and flowing white gowns, Felicia knew that Z Wedding was the bridal boutique for her. Describing the experience as very impressive, the groom, Andy, was thoroughly amazed by the professionalism and passion exuded from the team at Z Wedding. He remarked that the process of gown choosing was smooth and hassle-free, praising their consultant for knowing what was appropriate for the bride and the event.In addition, Andy and Felicia were content with their pre-wedding photoshoot experience. Commenting on the excellent synergy between the photographer and make-up artist, the couple said that both knew what each other wanted, and cooperated to provide them quality service. The photographer guided them throughout the entire process while cracking jokes to make the atmosphere fun and light-hearted. Andy agreed, bringing up the instance when the photographer sacrificed his own dry clothes when lying on the beach and waiting for the waves, all to capture the best shots for their wedding shoot. “For me, the most impressive part is when (he) followed us throughout the shoot and he helped us with taking care of our stuff”. Andy felt that the photographer’s expertise made the shoot easy to follow through, as he had every angle well-thought out and knew what to do to achieve the end result.

Felicia was also impressed by her makeup artist, who was constantly touching up her makeup and assisting her with the changing of hairstyles and gowns. When it was time for the couple to select their photographs, they enlisted the help of a photography consultant. They marvelled at how the chosen pictures formed a story. “It was something we (would) not have (thought) of if we were choosing (ourselves)”.

To describe their overall experience, the couple only had this to say, “Z Wedding and Chris Ling is a hassle free one stop service where you can get your wedding gowns, photo shoot, and makeup all done at one place.” Andy and Felicia lauded the bridal boutique for their efficient services, and being prompt in communicating with the couple to make the necessary appointments. “We (did) not have to keep calling and checking.”

“The truth is good things must come with a price tag”. While the pricing was not cheap, Andy felt that it was worth the impeccable service. To couples who have yet to decide or choose their bridal photographers and studios, Andy and Felicia believes that Z Wedding should be the go-to bridal boutique. We are extremely honoured to have this pleasant couple firmly advocate for our bridal boutique. At Z Wedding, we pride ourselves on our passion and professionalism to delivering only the best experiences for all couples, sparing no effort and time to cater to every need. Just like how we created wonderful memories for Andy and Felicia’s wedding journey, we wish to do the same for you and capture the best moments of your experience. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.

5 Things to Love about Mermaid Gowns

5 Things to Love about Mermaid Gowns

There are many gown silhouettes to love out there. By now, you might already have one or two in mind that you would love to rock on your wedding day. A large number of bridal shops in singapore can make selecting a specific gown an overwhelming decision, to forsake so many fantastic designs and choose only one is not a piece of a cake.

Coming to a decision about your wedding dress is crucial. Especially considering the fact that this ensemble is especially spacial considering it would be remembered by others too. A classic silhouette is the mermaid cut. It is a favourite among women and it is crystal clear why it’s so famous. A great example of mermaid gowns would be Z Weddings’ Garden of Eden collection. The shape of this wedding gown accentuates one’s assets and gives you an effortlessly curvy figure.

It is a jaw-dropping silhouette perfect for your dream wedding.
What’s more to love about mermaid gowns? We are glad you asked about that! In this article, we will be giving you five reasons why you need to score a mermaid cut gown for your wedding:

It is Flattering
Mermaid cut gowns accentuate your curves and highlight them the right way. It gives you a sexy look without going overboard and overwhelming your guests. Apart from that, a mermaid cut gown contours your body to help you look slimmer for better photos during your actual day wedding photography session.

Made For Petite Brides
Are you afraid of getting a full skirt and worried about how huge ball gowns can just engulf and drown your figure? Worry no more! With mermaid cut wedding gowns, the skirt falls just along the levels of your knees while hugging the curves of the rest of your body. Mermaid cut wedding gowns give an illusion of longer torso and you also get to enjoy a stunning dress with a full skirt and train!

It Is Alluring
Trust us, mermaid cut wedding gowns have their own unique feel and allure compared to other wedding ensembles. It already looks good on its own but with the right additions, the gown will look even better. The right accessories and details will be the icing on the cake, making the gown even more beautiful.

The Design Is A Lot More Memorable
Sure, the design of each and every wedding gown is unique and memorable. However, there is something about mermaid cut wedding dresses that make them stand out from the rest. Aside from the fact that a mermaid cut wedding gown flatters a woman’s body, it also produces a modern silhouette. A unique and personalised gown will definitely leave your guests in awe.

All silhouettes flatter a body type or another, but having a specific design or cut in mind helps a lot in the planning process. If you are opting for something unique and modern, a mermaid cut gown may be the best option out there for you. Good luck!

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