Four Tips on Breaking into Your Bridal Shoes

Four Tips on Breaking into Your Bridal Shoes

Let’s face it, heels look beautiful until you wear them for at least three hours or more. Before deciding on which pair of shoes to get for your wedding, there are a couple of factors that needed to be taken into consideration the style of your wedding gown, the quality of the shoes and its material, heel size, and comfort.

Getting a new pair of shoes is indeed very exciting, especially with the fact that you will be wearing this pair on the most important day of your life. Z Wedding has offers a huge variety of bridal shoes, and you could be tempted to buy them and simply wear them on your wedding day. However, has it crossed your mind whether or not you can last in them during the whole duration of your wedding? One answer to this concern is breaking in your bridal shoes.

Breaking in your shoes means wearing them before the wedding date to soften the material or doing things like blow drying them to expand the shoe to avoid blistering and pain when wearing them.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to breaking in your wedding shoes.

Slowly But Surely
What you want to happen when breaking into your new shoes is to soften them up and adjusted to your foot. You will not want to wear them for your wedding and be in pain for the entire day. What you can do to avoid this horrible situation is to wear your shoes for a couple of minutes every day until you feel as if the material is moulding to your feet. The more you can wear them and break them will only help make them more and more comfortable.

Wear Chunky Socks
One way to expand and stretch out the material of your new shoes is to put on an extra volume on your feet. You can do so by wearing a few layers of socks or donning a pair made with chunky materials. Doing this trick can help gently stretch the material of your shoes so it fits your feet better and actually creates enough room to accommodate your shoe size.

Use Blow Dry
Probably one of the oldest tricks in the book is to use a blow dryer to soften the material of your brand new shoes. The heat from the dryer softens the leather or any material, causing it to expand and accommodate your foot size. Blow dry any tight spots along your shoes for about 20 to 30 seconds and let it cool for a while. Afterwards, you can wear them along with your socks and walk around in them to further soften the material.

Shoe Shaper Trick
If you want to save your feet from developing any blisters but still want to break in your shoes, consider using shoe shapers lined with a couple of layers of socks. Place these socks-lined shapers inside each pair overnight. Afterwards, try them on the next morning and see if doing this trick has made any difference in having a better fit for a shoe.

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Five Tips No One Tells You About Your First Bridal Fitting

Five Tips No One Tells You About Your First Bridal Fitting

Finally fitting your wedding gown is both exciting and nerve-wracking! After months and months of hunting, trying out endless gowns and waiting for its initial completion, you will be able to see the result of your hard work and careful planning. However, did you know that your first wedding gown fitting is, probably, more important than you can imagine?

Yes! It is true! However, not everyone will tell you about the things you need to look out for during your first bridal gown fitting. Fitting is even more important especially if your gown is from a singapore bridal gown rental boutique, like Z Wedding, as dresses from these bridal shops are pre-made where the size variation is very small.

To help you ease your worries, here are a few tips to making the most from your first bridal gown fitting. Let us read more about it below:

Wear Your Heels On The Actual Day Of Your Fitting
You do not have to wear the exact bridal shoes that you will be using for your wedding. Wearing a pair of shoes with the same heel size and length can help you envision how you will look like on the actual day of your wedding. Wedding gownslike Z Wedding’s Origami collection, tend to look even better when worn with heels as you can also check if the length is just right or if it needed to be shortened a bit more.

Bring A Trusted Girl Friend, Sister, Or Family Member With You
While the preferences for your wedding gown will rely on you and your stylist or designer alone, having an outsider opinion is usually very useful. They might see something you have missed and they can give their few cents for the overall improvement of your bridal gown.

Expect Your First Fitting To Happen Six Weeks Before Your Wedding
Couturiers usually require you to have an initial fitting six weeks prior to your wedding to see if the size fits you just right or if there are any alterations to be made. On your first bridal gown fitting, it usually includes adding in details or adjusting the size and length of the gown to achieve the perfect ensemble.

Your Undergarments Are Very Important
It is safe to say that you also have to decide on an appropriate set of undergarments that you will be using for your wedding. Select a set wherein comfort, functionality, and fitting are the top priorities. Your silhouette is also very important, as you do not want random bra and panty lines all over the place.

Expect Alterations
As mentioned, your first fitting is not the last time you will try on your gown or do some changes on your wedding gown. There are still the second and third fittings to decide on alterations or accessories.

Creating the perfect wedding gown for your dream wedding definitely takes time but it will be all worth it in the end. Best wishes! If you will like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

“One Phone Call Away”

“One Phone Call Away”

Having first heard about Z Wedding from Evon’s colleague, Benjamin and Evon went in already knowing that the rates at Z Wedding would be a bit more expensive than usual. As Evon really liked the gowns presented at the bridal boutique, the couple was very happy with their choice to stick to Z Wedding.

As the couple had done other photo shoots before, they felt that there was a difference between Chris Ling International Photographers and other photography studios. Although they were just smiling during the picture-taking process for their pre-wedding photo shoot, Evon and Benjamin found that their photos turned out to be really good. “On the whole, Chris Ling photographers are all very professional.”

During the process of choosing their pictures to go into the wedding album, they deeply appreciated the help and advice provided by their consultant. The consultant helped Benjamin and Evon to see that there was a story behind every set of photos. “We really like the feel and I think it captures our emotions very well.”

Evon was extremely grateful for the services of their makeup artist, who had everything planned out to the tiniest detail, allowing her to be freed from the worries of having to think about her looks. “He thought about how to match my hair, my makeup with whatever gowns that I have chosen.” For Evon, it was an assuring experience, knowing that she was in professional hands and all that she had to do was just show up. Even her accessories were all provided and styled by the makeup artist. Chiming in, Benjamin felt that even for the guys, the makeup artist performed a great job. At the point in time, Benjamin happened to have long hair and the makeup artist was able to create different hairstyles. “When my family saw the pictures right, they thought: ‘Who is this young man?’”

On the actual day of their wedding shoot, the couple felt tired at various points throughout the event. Despite the fact that both of them knew nothing about poses, their photographer made the entire process smooth and fun. Describing their photographer as “dramatic” in between giggles, Evon and Benjamin felt that his high energy and funny personality was able to cheer them up and make them feel happy. Just from their smiling faces as Evon and Benjamin narrated the wedding shoot experience, we can tell that they had an enjoyable time working with the photographer.

Giving advice to future couples, this was what Evon had to say: “If you want a fuss-free experience for your entire wedding process, then you must choose Z Wedding and Chris Ling.” The bride and groom felt that their entire journey with Z Wedding was smooth and that the people working here were helpful so much so that they did not have to worry about anything. “They are just one phone call away. I can just call and ask for help and they will be able to answer my questions.”

At Z Wedding, our bridal boutique aims to make dream weddings come true for couples. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.

5 Makeup Looks to Consider for Your Wedding Day

5 Makeup Looks to Consider for Your Wedding Day

Every bride’s dream for their wedding day is to look their best and polished. Aside from their wedding gowns, shoes, and flowers, one of their priorities is their make-up. Regardless if you are getting your gown from a singapore bridal gown rental shop or having it done personally at the Z wedding studio, it is important that your ensemble complements with your make-up and hairdo.

Picking your make-up look can be quite hard and you would not want to encounter mishaps on the day of the wedding itself. Looking flawless means more than selecting your favoruite brands but also checking if they can last you through a hectic twelve hours.

One way to reduce the anxiety of getting a make-up malfunction is to seek professional help and planning for it early, even if you are going for a Singapore wedding gown rental. Remember, your wedding look should speak about your style and personality. Not just because it is in the trend nowadays can mean that it can suite you perfectly. Take a few days and try on different looks before deciding on a make-up look!

To help you get started, here are foolproof looks that will help you achieve that flawless, lit-from-within appearance that will leave everyone swooning:

Subtle Smokey
If you want to add a bit of drama to your look, consider making your eyes as the focus on your face. Ask your make-up artist to create a smoky eye by using neutral shadow shades and tight lining the eyes to look more “awake”. Apply a light pink blush on the apples of your cheeks and go easy on the lipstick shade by using nudes with a pink or beige undertone to balance everything out.

Barely There
This look is perfect for a morning ceremony. Most brides would opt for this kind of look since they want their wedding dress to be the center of attention. Having barely noticeable make up will let you look bright and alive. Just focus on the bronzer for that sun-kissed skin. Use make-up shades that are light but still give your face a punch of color to avoid looking washed out. A nude pink shade is always a great choice for this kind of look.

Romantic Pink
Go easy with your eye make-up for this look and make your lips the center of attention. Choose a lipstick shade with a rosy undertone to help balance the look while selecting light, shimmery neutral shades for your eyes. Baby pink blush gives you just the right amount of flush for a fresh, glowing looking skin.

Dramatic Eyes
If your wedding ceremony is to be held just before sunset, bolder eye make-up is the perfect look for you! To balance everything, choose a lipstick shade that borders on beige and is almost the same color of your lips. You can go for a cat eye look and smoke it out for added drama and texture.

Classic Red
Who says you cannot wear red on your wedding day? Keep everything on your face looking as natural as possible by sticking to earthy shades except for your lips. Keeping everything simple and donning the perfect pair of Hollywood red lips is definitely a head turner!

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Ways to be Adventurous With Your Wedding Gown Design

Ways to be Adventurous With Your Wedding Gown Design

Most women get pretty excited when it is time for them to hunt and shop for their wedding gowns. Wedding gown hunting can become a bit of a chore and this is where the beauty and convenience of bridal gown rental in singapore come into effect.

With the silhouettes and options at your fingertips, it is safe to say that you will experience a few bouts of confusion and uncertainty, especially when making your final decision. Remember, choosing your wedding gown is a huge decision but it also does not mean that you have to stick to traditional gowns. In fact, going out of your comfort zone and trying out something new could even make you look even more beautiful.

Being adventurous with your wedding gown may seem like a risky move, but trust us, it is what makes the whole planning process worthwhile. Plus, it helps a lot in bringing out your own personal style. Here are some ways to take your whole wedding gown design hunting into a whole new adventurous level:

Contrasting Fabrics
Ever heard of mixing and matching different kinds of fabric? You might say that this happens only in the world of haute couture but have you ever wondered how would leather look on you when paired with a flowing, whimsical fabric? For a unique combination, try searching for a gown where the bodice is made from leather and choose a skirt that is either made from silk or chiffon. Try selecting two pieces of material and see if they look good together. Contrasting fabrics and materials add depth and dimension to a gown.

Other Than White
In the recent years, more and more brides are now wearing wedding gowns in colours apart from white. Some go all out by wearing darker, bolder colours like mustard and maroon, much like gowns from Z Wedding Design’s Athena collection. Some like to keep in clean and simple and choose to wear pastels or muted colours. Whatever you decide on, it is best to select a colour and wedding gown type that complements your personality and style.

Go Ombre
While the trend for ombre has been long gone from the world of hair styling, you can never go wrong with an ombre-d wedding gown. Look out for ensembles like these from various bridal shops in singapore. Surely, they are still available as this kind of design is a classic, especially when done right.

A Tea Time And Wedding Combined
Feeling a little bit more adventurous? Opt for a gown with a length that falls just along your knees. With the rise in popularity in terms of tea-length gowns, you can almost see them in wedding gown design boutiques in different shops around Singapore. They are widely available as more brides are opting for such dresses since they offer more comfort and breathability, considering how hot and humid Singapore can get. A tea length wedding gown looks also very elegant and formal, perfect for a daytime wedding.

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When Lerraine and Lance saw the gowns at Z Wedding, they were completely sold. Lerraine shared that their gown selection consultant was very patient and professional, never once turning down their request to try various wedding gowns even if they may not suit her. “She (went) ahead to let us try, to let us see that actually it really doesn’t suit us”. Highly experienced and knowledgeable, Lerraine found the consultant’s advice very useful and felt that she was easy to work with. “At one look, she knows what kind of gown suits you”. The couple had many praises to gush over the wedding gowns, remarking that they were better than what they have seen out there. “We (didn’t) mind paying more just get the gown”.At the Z Wedding’s selection of designer bridal gowns, Lerraine only had this to say, “Take just one look and you will really fall in love with all the gowns and you (will) have trouble choosing them”. She also shared that one will not be able to find the same gowns in other bridal boutiques.

For their pre-wedding shoot, they had the joy of working with a very lively photographer. He was very fun to mix around with, Lance added. In addition, the photos turned out better than what they had expected. Despite having doing an indoor shoot without an outdoor one, they “were very happy and satisfied with the outcome”, admiring the studio and its nice backdrops. For couples who prefer the indoors, Lance highly encourages them to consider Chris Ling.

When it came to the photo selection, the couple were very grateful for their consultant’s truthful and favourable advice. Saying that the consultant guided them on how to choose their photos and how to place them so that their album will turn out nice, Lance and Lerraine really liked the way Chris Ling placed all the photos together. “It (had) a flow, and it (turned) out very good”.

Furthermore, Lance and Lerraine found the marching in sessions provided by Z Wedding very beneficial, commenting that no other bridal shop would have such a unique concept of holding different classes for couples.

On the whole, the couple enjoyed their experience with Z Wedding and Chris Ling, describing the staff as very friendly and very approachable. “They will find every way to help us and try to accommodate to our request”. Lance and Lerraine strongly believe that couples should come to Z Wedding and Chris Ling for the best selections of wedding gowns and for their professional team of photographers and videographers. It is “the best combination”, according to the couple. For them, it was a “clear decision” to go with Z Wedding and Chris Ling’s services.

We are beyond grateful to have Lerraine and Lance sing high praises of our services. At Z Wedding, we collaborate with Chris Ling to provide couples with memorable experiences and we are strive to make every wedding journey a beautiful one. At Z Wedding, you will be reassured of professionalism. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.

Types of Flower Crowns to Match Your Gorgeous Gowns

Types of Flower Crowns to Match Your Gorgeous Gowns

Every girl deserves to look at their absolute best on her wedding day. What can be better than rocking an intricately woven flower crown to making her feel and look like a princess? Apart from the fact that flower crowns are intimate and romantic, they are also very versatile. Whether you are having a beach, bohemian, or indoor wedding, flower crowns will suit any venue as long as the flowers and its colours match the theme of your wedding.

The best way to decide on what kind of flower crown would best suit you is to come up first with your wedding gown design, colour palette, and flowers that would make it to your bouquet. Worried that nothing will suit your gown since you are just going for wedding gown rental from boutiques in Singapore? Fear not, there is a myriad of choices of flower crowns out there and it is just a matter of mixing and matching designs.

Here are a few types of flower crowns to help you get started:

The Romantic Baby’s Breath
Tiny, white, and romantic looking flowers—that’s Baby’s Breath for you. Perfect if you have already a detailed gown or bouquet with loud colours, a flower crown made out of Baby’s Breath is a great idea to bring a subtle feminine touch. Baby’s breath also looks very majestic and elegant when paired with a braided hair or a messy bun. The little flowers making up your crown brings great contrast and texture to your overall look.

The Frida Kahlo Inspired Crown
Recreate one of the most iconic looks in the world by donning bright and big flowers on your head while keeping the design of your wedding gown and bouquet at the minimum. The Venus collection from Z Wedding Design will be an ideal choice for a minimalistic and elegant wedding gown. This is a bold move as not many brides dare to make their headpieces a statement on their wedding.

The Half Moon Style Flower Crown
Step away from the norm and get a flower crown shaped like a half moon. Donned by Lauren Conrad herself, a half moon flower crown is meant to be worn from the back. In contrast to typical flower crowns, the half moon crown is made with a bunch of lightly hued pastels that is concentrated at the back of your head. This type of crown matches perfectly with hair let ending in soft curls!

The Intimate Daisies
Want another look that is very unique? Instead of placing a literal flower crown atop your head, why not weave these flowers along the braids of your hair? You can ask your stylist to do your hair in loose, soft curls while braiding a few stems of daisy across your head for a dainty, intimate and sophisticated look.

The Sea Gypsy Flower Crown
If you are a girl who loves pearls and some jewels adorning their crowns, why not ask the designer of your flower crown to glue on some small pearls on the wreath along with small flowers? The pearls or jewels add dimension to the flower crown making it even more unique and personalised. Nothing beats flaunting your own style!

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How to Bring Out the Beauty of a Wedding Gown in Your Photos

How to Bring Out the Beauty of a Wedding Gown in Your Photos

Do you know why wedding gowns are special? It’s because you have invested the time, effort and emotions (as well as financially) as you searched for the perfect ensemble for your big day. Wedding gowns have great sentimental value for brides, just like you, since coming up with the perfect look and style takes time and effort.

After going on through so many bridal shops in singapore, it is only normal that you really want to flaunt it on the actual day. Most brides would often ask their wedding photographer in singapore to make her wedding gown the star of the day by using it as a major prop for most of the shots and clips from the entire day.

Without a doubt, wedding gowns make a fine centrepiece or prop for your photos as it adds plenty of drama and personality. Below are some tips that you can use to bring out the beauty of your wedding gown:

Full Body Shots
After getting your hair and makeup done, there is nothing more worth capturing than your entire look as a beautiful bride. Ask your photographer what kind of shot they want and tell him or her that you want to highlight your wedding gown in that specific photo. You can stand in a middle of a picturesque space in your wedding venue and choose a place with a beautiful background for that picture-perfect, dreamy photo!

Get It Flowing
Why not do something more fun than the usual laying of your train against the floor? For example, stand along a nice balcony or even on a garden and take advantage of your flowing gown. Throw it up in the air or twirl it around and let your photographer this beautiful image. For example, gowns from Z Wedding’s Origami collection feature full and delicately designed trains, this style of the photo would highlight this feature.

Spread It Like Its Hot
Want your gown to be the sole focus? If you are the type of bride who loves dramatic shots and would choose a gown with long and grand train, make the most out of it by artfully spreading the entire train across the floor. This way, the photographer will be able to capture the smallest details of your wedding gown in the most artistic way.

Gone With The End
Let your train flow freely as it sways together with the wind. One way to show how beautiful one’s gown is to let the fabric flow freely while taking creative shots along with your groom or those from your entourage. A fluttering train adds a punch of drama to your photos, making them feel more ethereal and romantic.

Get Down On The Floor
One of the classic shots out there, you can never go wrong with going down on the floor and delicately arrange your skirt in a circle as if embracing it were you. It is artistic, classic, and helps bring out the best look you and your wedding gown has to offer.

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“We Thought We Would Like to Do That Again!”

“We Thought We Would Like to Do That Again!”

Benjamin and Corrine were a couple that was lovely to work with. They created a lot of fun memories here at Z Wedding bridal boutique and made many lovely interactions with the team at Chris Ling International Photographers as well. Corrine enjoyed the day of her wedding and evening gown selection thoroughly and was very pleased with the gown consultant she got to work with. “She was really very funny, she made us feel comfortable and made the whole situation not so awkward.” She remembered that day to be a really fun one!For their photoshoot, the couple was also very happy to receive guidance and assistance from their makeup artist and photographer, who told them what to do and provided them with tips for their photoshoot. Benjamin remembered their photographer as a humorous and skilful professional, “(he) is quite a funny guy, he actually jokes quite a lot also, most of the angle that he (caught were) very nice”.

Corrine recounted that she and her groom were both quite nervous and lost about what to do prior to the photoshoot. However, their photographer had a knack for easing the atmosphere and got them to relax easily. “He very naturally said some jokes which made us loosen up and lighten up and then when we laughed, he just snapped the picture, it was quite fun. We didn’t feel awkward in the end, we really enjoyed the day”. While many of her friends told her that the photoshoot day was going to be very tiring, Corrine shared that it was something she and Benjamin disagreed with and even said that “We thought we would like to do that again!” The couple had a very pleasant experience with their photo consultant as well, who they remembered to be chatty and funny. Benjamin and Corrine both agreed that she did not make them feel like simply customers, but her friend or even part of the family instead.

Prior to seeing the photos, Corrine admitted that she did not expect much from their wedding photos but was very amazed when they were provided with their own photos because they turned out so well. “It made us look very natural, very nice. We didn’t know that we can pose like that also” Corrine giggled as she remembered her initial reaction. Benjamin agreed as well, saying that he did not know they could be such good models as well.

It was lovely to hear that for Benjamin and Corrine, their overall experience here was a very good one. Through his experience, Benjamin was happy to share that “Z Wedding is professional and they are quite patient and detailed”, while Corrine voiced that Z Wedding is a great choice for a couple’s wedding, be it for wedding gowns or wedding photography. Our team here at Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers are always ready to help make the dream wedding for every couple come true! Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.

Five Things that Brides Often Worry About Their Wedding Dress

Five Things that Brides Often Worry About Their Wedding Dress

It is finally the day you have always dreamed of. No doubt you are very excited to wear that magical wedding gown you chose after painstakingly searching through endless bridal shops in singapore.

Making the major decision of selecting your wedding gown was not easy. You probably spent hours browsing online and in shops to find the ideal wedding dress. However, it is inevitable that you may encounter some issues or some concerns, such as how you can rock your ensemble and look flawless throughout the entire wedding ceremony.

If you arm yourself with the correct knowledge and some helpful must-haves on the day of your wedding, you can easily avoid small disasters like getting food stains on your gown. To help you be at ease, we have gathered five of the most common things worries for brides and five fool-proof ways to keep you and your gown looking divine and immaculate throughout the ceremony—and hopefully even to the after party.

Probably the most common problem encountered by brides is stains on their wedding gowns. With all the events transpiring in the ceremony, especially during the reception, you or anyone else can easily spill something on your wedding dress, leaving an ugly blemish for the world to see. To always keep yourself looking fresh and dirt-free, it is best to keep some wet tissue inside your purse. Wet tissues can handle most types of spilt food and are better than normal tissues in preventing and getting rid of stains.

Tripping On Your Wedding Gown
Of course, you are nervous. It is only natural to feel as if your legs are shaking and on the verge of collapse. Dresses with long trains, such as those from Z Wedding’s A Wander in Woods collection, could be tricky to navigate with wobbly legs. As cliché, as it may sound, calming yourself before strutting down the aisle, is the best thing that you can do. Take a few deep breaths before the door to the altar opens. Keeping your train and gown within the right length can make it almost impossible to trip, allowing you to relax and fully enjoy your wedding.

Ripping A Part Of Your Wedding Gown
Wedding ceremonies demand you constantly move around. There may be instances where a part of your wedding gown rips or gets torn down by force due to movement. Channel your inner girl scout and tuck in a small sewing kit inside your purse. You will never know when or how this kit will come in handy.

Runs In The Fabric
If you accidentally step on your gown and a run begins to form, fear not as you can avoid that. Before heading over to the church or ceremony, have a small bottle of clear nail polish on hand. Clear nail polish is a fool-proof tool that helps keep the fabric from tearing completely. It is a bride’s best friend against fabric-related disasters on her wedding day.

Too Long A Train
Long trains look extravagant and make you feel like a princess. The only downside of having a long train is that it definitely will restrict your movement in some way or another. What you can do is to either keep your train within the right length or have someone to assist you in holding it whenever you are moving—especially when you want to have a short bathroom break.

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