How to Pick an Engagement Dress That Suits Your Personality

How to Pick an Engagement Dress That Suits Your Personality

There are many styles to choose from when it comes to evening dresses that are suitable to be worn on special occasions like your engagement. Wearing something that is truly you can raise your confidence and comfort level, and enjoy this special occasion of your life.

When choosing an engagement dress from different wedding shops in singapore, regardless if it is tailor made-to-order or an evening gown rental, the most important thing to keep in mind is your comfort and personal preferences. We share a few tips to choose an engagement dress that will suit your personality. Read more about it so you can jumpstart your evening gown shopping with less hassle and frustrations, and help you check one more thing off your wedding list.

Go Classic
Sure, trendy designs will make you look fashion forward, but if you are not comfortable with wearing something that is too eclectic or too contemporary, opt for something with a classic cut. Finding your own style can be a bit tedious and overwhelming at first, but as long as you get a hang of it, you will realize its importance and how this helps you survive the process of engagement gown or dress shopping.

Embrace Romance
Since engagement parties are typically an intimate affair, which involves only you and your significant other as well as closest members of your families, wearing something that matches the occasion is the proper thing to do. Love is in the air; opt for something romantic and sensual. Dresses made from laces usually do the trick.

Assess Yourself
Before diving in head first in buying your engagement dress, assess yourself about your personal style. Browse inspiration mood boards and determine which kind of design and material you feel most comfortable in and complements your style best. Being able to figure out your own style and in what kind of outfit you feel really good in wearing are the first few steps that will definitely lead you to get a gown that matches you best.

Be Open
Search for Pinterest boards, magazines, fashion shows. Instead of sticking to the norm, why not go out and explore? Be open to trying some changes to classic silhouettes, be receptive to suggestions, and do not afraid to try something new to get what you desire out of the box! Don’t hesitate to drop by a bridal shop in Singapore and ask for a professional opinion where you can a better idea of an engagement dress.

Be Confident
Nothing will take your moment away when you feel the utmost comfort in your own skin and flaunting your chosen engagement dress. Being confident makes your overall look even more beautiful and eye-catching!

Choosing an engagement dress can be pretty overwhelming especially with countless styles, designs and colours offered right at your fingertips. The key to selecting the best engagement gown or evening dress that matches your personality is to be involved when going shopping and do your research. Deciding on the perfect dress demands planning and assessment which only you can know what you look good and feel comfortable in.

As one of the top bridal boutiques in Singapore, Z Wedding Design offers a beautiful range of wedding gowns and evening dress rental. Back by a wealth of experience and expertise, our team of professional gown consultants will be happy to assist you in finding the perfect engagement dress which suits your silhouette and personality to celebrate your joyous occasion.

If you would like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

How to Clear Up Your Skin and Prevent a Pre-Wedding Breakout

How to Clear Up Your Skin and Prevent a Pre-Wedding Breakout

We can never, ever predict how our skin will react to stress and exhaustion brought about by planning for a wedding. When we are under stress, the stress hormone (cortisol) causes the skin to produce excess oils and therefore trigger breakouts or worsen existing acne issues. As our hormones begin to fluctuate due to the effects of various factors like stress, sleeplessness, and exhaustion, breaking out before your wedding day is the last thing you want to happen.

Breakouts will only serve to disrupt how glowing and flawless you wish to look on your wedding day, whereas you would want to be confident and comfortable in your own skin while the actual day wedding photographer is capturing precious memories of your once-in-a-lifetime occasion.

Avoid this nightmarish scenario and look your best on your wedding day. Try out some of our tips we have come up for you!

Get Enough Sleep
Sleep deprivation is considered to be the major cause of stress, altering the hormones in our body which result in the skin breaking out. Develop a good bedtime ritual to help you ease off into a relaxing snooze, such as using a lavender-scented body cream. Getting adequate amount and good quality of sleep at night can contribute towards helping your body rest and recover and help your skin to look radiant.

Cleanse and Exfoliate
You can start your exfoliation routine six months before your big day to achieve a wedding photo-ready complexion. Glycolic acid pads or microdermabrasion treatments can help to smoothen your facial texture as a canvas for your wedding makeup. When it’s just weeks before your wedding, switch out your cleanser to a milder one and avoid harsh scrubs which can irritate your skin.  Take a pause from chemical exfoliant products which can bring out deep-seated impurities to your skin’s surface and leads to a breakout. Instead, you can remove dead, dull skin with a moisturiser that contains these gentle chemical exfoliants ingredients to clear the skin while keeping it at its most calm state.

Tie Your Hair
Planning for a wedding involves running a lot of errands mostly under the heat of the sun. This also includes trying out dresses as you browse through various wedding shops and wedding boutiques in singapore to find your perfect gown. Our hair contains natural oils that can be transferred and get clogged inside your pores should they get in contact with each other. Avoid using excessive pomades, hair sprays or gels on your hair as these products can also irritate your skin and block your skin’s pores if they get on your face. Whether you are trying out different bridal dresses or sleeping at night, keep your hair pulled away from your face in a bun or ponytail so no dirt or toxins will find their way into your pores.

Drink Plenty of Water
While water may not be the cure-all to your acne problems, drinking sufficient H2O can help you fight against breakouts. Staying hydrated helps your system in flushing out toxins out of your body and allows your skin to be at its tip-top condition. When you drink water, you are also substituting out other beverages like soft drinks and milk that can play a small role in making you break out.

Protect Your Skin
When you are going around visiting bridal shops in Singapore to pick out wedding gowns and evening dresses or scouting various wedding venues to consider, don’t skip your sunscreen! UV rays are a major culprit when it comes to fine lines, premature aging, and darken pigmented spots on your face. Slap on your favourite sunscreen with a good amount of SPF before leaving your house.

Planning for a wedding is definitely not one without all the stress, exhaustion, fatigue, and hassle. Having a clear skin before your wedding is a matter of keeping calm and taking things one step at a time so you are ready to face your big day confident and beautiful!

Z Wedding Design is a bridal boutique in Singapore which offers a comprehensive package of wedding dress and evening dress rental, and professional makeup and hairstyling. We also provide customized services so bridal couples will have all the support they need for a blissful matrimony. Z Wedding Design partners with Chris Ling International Photography, bringing a team of esteemed photographers in Singapore for pre-wedding and actual day shoots to capture the most memorable day of your life.

If you would like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

Guide to Popular Fabrics for Wedding Gowns & Bridal Dresses

Guide to Popular Fabrics for Wedding Gowns & Bridal Dresses

Wedding gowns come in various styles, designs, silhouettes, and fabrics which they are made of. Different fabrics and materials are used in making different wedding gowns or dinner dresses in singapore. Not all fabrics will look good and work well in a specific kind of design, hence knowing what kind of fabric complement which dress style is important. It will also determine your comfort level and ensures you look the best in your whole wedding look. With the right bridal dress chosen in the right fabric, your actual day wedding photographer will be able to capture beautiful and memorable shots to cherish for a long time.

Make your wedding gown shopping easier with this fool-proof guide in popular wedding gown fabrics.

Satin is probably the widest used wedding gown fabric of all time. It is very classy, lustrous, and gives off a very natural sheen perfect for a traditional wedding. This fabric comes in various blends, textures, grades and colours which offer high shine and understated sheen for some. Popular satin styles include Duchess satin, Charmeuse satin and crepe back satin. They vary in how suitable they can be used in certain wedding gown designs, such as structured or loose, flowing dresses.

Georgette is a type of fabric popularly used as a top layer in most wedding gowns. It has a lightweight and soft finish that adds a very romantic and intimate silhouette in the overall look of the gown. This type of fabric is perfect especially if your wedding theme is whimsical or if you are having a garden-themed ceremony.

Elegant and timeless, lace gives off a feminine and romantic appeal in bridal dresses. It also exudes a very ethereal feeling and soft, vintage look. It can take shape of many kinds of weaves such as embroidered, Chantilly, Alencon and eyelet. Laces are common picks as an outer layer in most wedding gowns especially if the bride wishes to show a little bit of skin.

Popularly used for veils and skirt, the tulle fabric is very sheer and delicate. This fine machine-made fabric is made from silk and nylon which helps to give off a fuller look to skirts. While it looks similar to netting, tulle has a more refined finish with a softer and smoother texture. Tulle is mostly used especially if you are aiming for a ball gown inspired wedding dress since the fabric is stiff enough to give a gown structure but still flows easily.

Another famous fabric in the world of wedding dresses is chiffon. It is a lightweight and sheer type of fabric used mostly as an overskirt. Most designers favor using this fabric as it is also very easy to layer and create volume.

Silk is very different to satin. It has a very beautiful texture and has a crisp, clean structure that most brides love. Silk is such an elegant fabric that gives off a romantic, intimate, and delicate look to the bride. Silk comes in various textures, styles, and shine such as raw silk and silk Mikado.

A crisp textured fabric, taffeta has a sheen of a lustrous silk that is similar to satin. Some says that the more structured the taffeta is, the greater value it has. It also rustles when you move. This fabric is commonly used for structured ball gowns and full skirts.

With so many kinds of fabrics in the market to choose from, it can get pretty overwhelming. Aside from online sources and own research, visiting a wedding shop in singapore to consult with a professional is the best way to figure things out and get the right knowledge in your wedding preparation.

Z Wedding Design is one of the most highly-sought after bridal shops in Singapore that offers a wide collection of exclusively-designed wedding gowns and evening dresses. As partners in your wedding journey, our team of experienced gown consultants can lend their expertise and breadth of knowledge to help you during your gown selection process and find the right one for you.

If you would like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

“I Will Definitely Say Go For It”

“I Will Definitely Say Go For It”

Yuan Kai and Si Min first saw the studio sets, they initially thought about how they were going to have many shots within the studio shoot, due to the amount of effort and detail invested into every set. “We had a fun time going to each of the sets,” Si Min said, adding that the sets were very nice and invoked different feelings in them.

For Yuan Kai and Si Min, their photo shoot experience went wonderfully well, and the couple attributed this fact to their photographer. Knowing that some couples get a bit nervous in front of the camera, their photographer made the atmosphere very fun and casual. “He gave us good direction(s) like how to pose and just be natural”, Si Min recounted how the photographer made them feel at ease. Yuan Kai also commented that the main reason why they enjoyed the whole photo shoot was due to them not feeling stressed or uncomfortable.

Si Min also remembered how professional their makeup artist was. “She made us look fabulous on that day”, liking the fact that her makeup was not too over-the-top and maintained a natural look that was nice. Yuan Kai added that she was very conscientious, constantly touching up their makeup and hair before and during any shoot the couple had to go for. “She takes notes about these small little details throughout the whole photoshoot”. During photo selection, the couple felt that they were in the good hands of their consultant, who was motherly, honest and warm. They recounted how she showed the couple how the photos would be arranged, with every page telling a story and how all the pages were linked together. Yuan Kai and Si Min further remember her for giving them a lot of good tips on marriage life.

The couple had a pleasant relationship with their coordinator as well, who they remembered to be very meticulous and gave very good recommendations. “Some other places might not remind you that you have an appointment”, Si Min said, appreciating the fact that their coordinator would always call them before an appointment, which made Z Wedding stand out from the rest of the bridal services in Singapore.

As to why couples should come to Z Wedding, Si Min and Yuan Kai commented that they could feel the passion and dedication from all the staff members. “The people here make me feel like they really enjoyed working here”, describing the environment to be like a very close family with everyone being nice and warm. “If the wedding gowns are what you like and the styles of photos are what you like, I will definitely say go for it.”

At Yuan Kai and Si Min’s positive appraisal, Z Wedding is appreciative and grateful beyond words. We are pleased to hear that both of them had many enjoyable memories working with us at Z Wedding. Our team at Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers constantly aim to fulfil every couple’s dream wedding. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.

5 Royal Icons and Their Wedding Dresses to Be Inspired By

5 Royal Icons and Their Wedding Dresses to Be Inspired By

A royal wedding is one of the world’s most awaited and watched events. From the entourage to the guest list, down to the wedding gown of the bride, people from around the world anticipate witnessing the ceremony. Royal weddings also give us ordinary folks an opportunity to be taking style cues and gown inspirations from the bride herself.

Throughout the years, wedding gowns worn by royals have been dominating the bridal fashion world; from Princess Diana down to Meghan, Duchess of Sussex. It is common that bridal dresses are taken inspiration from highly prolific royal wedding gowns since back in the day.

In this article, we have rounded up five royal icons with some of the most popular royal wedding dresses that can provide you with some inspiration while you hunt down your own bridal gown in various wedding boutiques in singapore that will make you feel like a princess down the aisle.

Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco
Made from lace that is over a century years old and more than 400 yards of fabric including silk, taffeta, and silk net, Grace Kelly’s wedding gown that she wore for her wedding to Prince Rainer of Monaco has been an icon since then. The dress features antique Brussels lace on her bodice which had lots of embellishment and seed pearls, along with a high neckline and multiple petticoats. Over time, it has become one of the best-remembered wedding gowns of all time.

Meghan, Duchess of Sussex
Timeless with refined modernity, the focus of the wedding dress is the open bateau neckline that frames the shoulders gracefully and emphasizes the sculpted waist. The simple yet classic dress also featured a slight A-line skirt and slim three-quarter sleeves for an elegant touch.

Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg
Nothing ever speaks of elegance and sophistication as what Princess Stephanie of Luxembourg wore to her wedding. A dramatic couture creation, the gown has a flattering A-line hem with a 13-foot long train embellished with thousands of pearls is definitely a sight to behold!

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge
Let us not forget in this list what Kate, Duchess of Cambridge wore to her wedding. Inspired by Grace Kelly’s wedding gown, this dress has given a modern twist with an iconic long trail too that added some drama and flair to her overall wedding look.

Diana, Princess of Wales
Last but certainly not least, who would ever forget about this much-anticipated wedding gown worn by the late Diana, Princess of Wales? Awaited by almost 750 million across the globe, the designers of this gown had to confuse the press about its exact design and style so as to not leak the actual attire to the media. The gown was made from silk taffeta and Carrickmacross lace that once belonged to Queen Mary—all hand-made. The gown was also embellished with a 25-foot long train embroidered with sequins and about 10,000 pearls.

It is without a doubt that royal wedding gowns greatly influence today’s bridal fashion. Most of the bridal dresses worn by royals are truly iconic that they do deserve a special mention and place in the industry. The innovative, unique and breathtaking designs definitely offer the opportunity for anyone to take inspiration from and feel regal in their own wedding. While you are gown shopping across wedding shops in Singapore, remember to find the right balance between inspiration and your personal style to find something that is fit for a queen, yet truly you.

As one of the top-rated bridal boutiques in Singapore, Z Wedding Design offers bespoke and rental services for wedding gowns and evening dresses created and handpicked by our talented team. Our gown collections are kept up to date with fresh designs and the latest trends so you will only have the most exquisite and contemporary dresses to choose from. You will also be guided by our experienced team of gown consultants to provide expert advice and help you find the perfect wedding gown that will make you feel like royalty.

If you would like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

Types of Bridal Shoes to Pair with Your Wedding Dress

Types of Bridal Shoes to Pair with Your Wedding Dress

Bridal Dress Singapore

Now that you are done with choosing your wedding gown, bought directly or from a singapore wedding gown rental, it is about time you select matching shoes for your ensemble.

If you are not too concerned about matching your wedding shoes with your beautiful gown from Z Wedding, well, you should think again. Just like your wedding gown, your shoes are a very significant part of your overall wedding ensemble. Of course, choosing your own wedding shoes also entails considering a couple of factors: comfort, heel size, and material where they are made.

For your wedding shoes, you might want a pair of shoes with a breathable outer lining and avoid pairs made from vinyl or plastic as these materials tend to make your feet develop blisters. Most importantly, your shoes must fit you exactly for a more confident and comfortable time.

When choosing your bridal shoes, different shoes go with different types of wedding dresses. For example, the elegant simplicity of Z Wedding’s Venus wedding gown collection demands a different style of bridal shoes compared to a louder wedding gown. We look at some popular bridal shoe and gown pairings.

A-Line Gowns Call For A Detailed Shoes
Although this type of gown is made from layers of fabric and the skirt can reach the floor, it does not mean that you do not have the right to wear fancy heels. Consider the details of your wedding gown. If your gown is made from series of beads, stones, and sequins, you might want to wear shoes that contain similar details.

Statement Shoes For Tea-Length Wedding Dresses
If you are attending a reception in singapore with a dinner dress, you can wear a pair of shoes that is brimming with details. Tea-length wedding dresses mean that your shoes can be seen. It is a good time to flaunt your personal shoe style and is a great opportunity to maximise the styling of your overall ensemble with an eye-catching pair of shoes!

Strappy Shoes For Mermaid-Cut Wedding Gowns
You know how they always say that mermaid-cut wedding gowns are romantic and sexy? Well, your shoes also need to be as intimate and sexy as possible! Choose a pair of strappy shoes for a simple yet elegant look while at the same time letting your beautiful mermaid gown hold the limelight.

Delicate Fabrics Mean Delicate Shoes
If your wedding gown is made from layers of delicate fabric, you have to be careful in choosing your bridal shoes. Stay away from embellished shoes if you are wearing a gown made from laces, silk, satin, and chiffon as designs with studs and stones might lead to a major wardrobe malfunction. If you are wearing a gown made from delicate fabrics, choose a style that is simple and plain but elegant like a pair of shoes made from satin or suede.

If you will like to find out more about the bridal boutique, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

“You Pay for What You Get”

“You Pay for What You Get”

Desiree first learned about Z Wedding when she attended her good friend’s wedding. Browsing through her friend’s wedding album, she was quite taken by the beauty of the pictures which led her to ask where the photos were taken from. Desiree also felt that her friend’s album was tastefully done. Jasper and Desiree had been going around surveying various bridal boutiques and looking at some of the photographer’s albums. However, the couple felt that those photos lacked something that they were looking for.

Before Z Wedding, the couple admitted that they had an appointment with another bridal boutique a few doors down, but it was not really the best experience for them. After they decided to come down for a look-see, the couple was very happy and the experience made them feel that they were very certain in making the right decision in signing with Z Wedding.

Desiree was very pleased with the bridal consultancy services, stating that she liked what her consultant recommended her. “(She) gave very good recommendations on how the dress suit(ed) my body type”. The couple also had a fun experience working with the photographer and makeup artist, describing them as very kind and professional. “The photos (were) very nice, very beautiful”.

When it was time for them to select their photos, the couple felt that their consultant was extremely helpful, and “made an effort to explain the layout and concept of the photos page by page”. The couple added that they appreciated the sense of continuity in creating a story from start to finish, which made the album have a feeling of completion. With the photos turning out nice and beautiful, the two of them had no regrets paying for the services. “You pay for what you get”.

The couple urges others to consider Z Wedding, commenting that it was a one-stop place for couples to obtain professional advice on photography as well as bridal gowns. “If you choose Z Wedding and Chris Ling Photographers, you can have peace of mind because you can be assured (that) you’ll be given very professional and personal service” with a team of staff that is very professional and friendly. To couples who are still looking at various bridal houses, Jasper and Desiree only have this to say, “You (will) have no regrets choosing Z Wedding and Chris Ling”. With guaranteed good service, and very friendly and approachable staff members, couples should not wait any longer. “Choose this collaboration because it’s really good.”

We are very honoured for Jasper and Desiree to take time to review our services with such positivity. At Z Wedding, we work together with Chris Ling Photographers to ensure that couples enjoy their experience with us. Our staff team passionately strives to cater to your needs, be it with bridal dresses, makeup or photo shoots. Make an appointment with us today and we will accompany you on your wedding journey in creating brilliant memories you will never forget. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.

Plus Size Beauty: Guide to Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress

Plus Size Beauty: Guide to Choosing Your Dream Wedding Dress

Wedding gowns, much like our bodies, come in different various shapes, sizes, and silhouettes. Finding the perfect bridal gown depends heavily on trial and error before finding one that best fits your body and style. Many women find shopping for their bridal gowns stressful and overwhelming especially with the ton of options offered right at their fingertips.

In today’s society, everyone is subjected to social norms and expectations, but we should not have to totally conform to them. No one should stop someone from wearing something they love and want as long as they feel confident in it. As plus size brides, we understand that it can feel a bit daunting going to various bridal shops and bridal gown rentals in singapore and seeing an assortment of gowns in sizes almost down to zero.

As we want you to stay beautiful and positive when it comes to your body, we have come up with a guide to help you choose your dream wedding dress regardless of your shape and size!

Check them out below:

Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone
While you may feel more confident in wearing clothes that almost hide your assets and beautiful silhouette, it is time for you to step out of your comfort zone and be more adventurous when choosing your wedding gown. Do not settle on wearing the same old style and design just because you are used to them and feel comfortable with them. Z Wedding offers many wedding gown collections, such as their Venus or Aphrodite collections, and it would be a huge waste to simply stick with a certain style. You only want to look at your best for the wedding, so trying on a new design or two can significantly improve your mood and confidence!

Find A Specialist
To ensure that you are getting the most out of your bridal gown hunt, request a specialist that is confident and well versed in dealing with plus-sized brides and their concerns. Chances are, specialists who are knowledgeable enough with regards to your concerns will know what fits you best and what will not work for you. Take his or her ideas into consideration and find yourself admiring your new, customised wedding gown!

Your Comfort Is Important
Sure, you want to wear something different and more of your style, but remember, you should prioritise comfort above everything as weddings are tiring and feel like your own marathon. Select a silhouette and design that will allow you to move without restrictions and is breathable enough to make you feel comfortable during the entire ceremony and after party.

Bye, Sizes!
Do not, we repeat, DO NOT make the sizing a big deal. Brands tend to use sizes just to differentiate garments and haute coutures may trick you with them. If the gown you want fits and you feel comfortable in it, definitely get that gown and go on to the next phase of your wedding planning.

Be Confident
Nothing is sexier than a woman who is confident in her own skin and body. It is the most powerful and most breathtaking outfit a woman could ever wear. Believe in yourself that you are going to look good no matter what and it is your day so smile and celebrate as you embark on a new journey of your life with your greatest love!

If you will like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

Gorgeous Hairstyles For the 3 Different Types of Hair

Gorgeous Hairstyles For the 3 Different Types of Hair

Your wedding day hairstyle is a crucial part of your bridal look. It must complement your makeup and wedding gown properly to make you look well put together, rather than a mess. Your hair is your crowning glory and a source of self-esteem and confidence. Your hair also reflects your very own personality and mood. Picking an appropriate hairstyle that goes with your wedding gown, even if you have already bought it or it’s from a singapore wedding gown rental boutique, and overall wedding theme is a crucial aspect of any wedding.

However, not all women have the same hair. Some have thin, straight locks while others have thick, wavy hair. Finding the perfect hairstyle gets rid of unnecessary frustration and women will appear more confident and sexy with a flattering hairstyle. In this article, let us talk more about different hairstyles for each type of hair: thin, long, and wavy.

Let us read on:


French Braid Twisted Bun
This French braid twisted bun is perfect for an outdoor wedding, especially when adorned with a flower crown. It is perfect for those with longer hair. This look is also ideal for beach weddings because of its easy yet elegant appearance.

Simple Chignon
Are you the type who likes sporting a simple look? The chignon will be perfect for you! It is easier to create a chignon with more volume and bigger bun if you have longer and thicker hair. Plus, wearing a tiara for this look is also a plus, since a chignon alone is already elegant and a classic hairstyle.


Braided Crown
If you have thinner locks, what you want to do is to create the illusion of having thicker strands. Braiding your hair and wrapping it as a crown usually does the trick. Plus, need we say more about how elegant, classy and sultry it looks? It is the perfect beach wedding hairstyle! Incorporate a few stems of tiny flowers and you’ll perfectly complement modern wedding gowns, like Z Wedding’s A Light Between Oceans collection.

Messy Low Bun
A messy low bun made perfectly constructs an illusion of thicker locks. It prevents your hair from looking too flat and fine when done properly and strategically. This hairstyle helps add volume to ensure that you look put together, despite, well, the messy low bun look!


Half Tucked ‘Do
What you want to do with curly hair is to prevent all the stray hairs from sticking out all over the place. A half tucked up ‘do usually does the trick in gathering all your hair in one place for a polished look and prevents your baby hairs from springing up all over the place. Couple this look with a fine accessory and you are definitely one sight to behold!

Wavy, Bohemian Locks
A sexy, bohemian hairstyle completes the overall look of an outdoor, beach, or whimsical wedding. Add more flair by pinning small flowers in a cascading style to complete the look. Speckled bohemian curls will add regal notes to your entire outfit and are definitely a very classic choice!

If you will like to find out more about Z Wedding Design, feel free to give us a call at 6337 2678 or drop us an email at for more information.

“Whole Journey Was Very Fun”

“Whole Journey Was Very Fun”

When Gerald and Gina came into contact with Z Wedding and Chris Ling, they were looking for a quality job. “It’s not just about money and cents”, said the couple. “(It’s) something that belongs to the both of us.” With that in mind, Gina and Gerald agreed to the package and the collaboration of Z Wedding and Chris Ling. The couple described their experience of nine months as pleasant. Gina was very appreciative of her gown consultant, who also doubled up as her makeup artist for the pre-wedding outdoor photoshoot. “She literally just does everything by herself”. Admitting that she can be very difficult to work with sometimes, Gina admired the fact that she always had a smile and helped her throughout the process.

For their pre-wedding shoot, Gerald and Gina found their time to be very enjoyable, as a result of their photographer’s presence. “(He) was very sunny, very jovial. (The) whole journey was very fun”. The couple had many praises to heap onto their photographer. “With him around, I just find that it’s just about fun and it’s not so tiring at all”, Gina remarked, adding that the photographer made the process very smooth and heart-warming. “He (was) literally running around just to capture the best moments, the best angles for the both of us”. The couple lauded, with such determination in unison, that their photographer was the best. “If he is not the best, he should be one of the top 3 photographers in Singapore”, Gerald asserted with conviction.

On the actual day of their wedding, Gerald and Gina felt very well taken care of, and well supported by a team comprising of very skilful and professional members. Gina appreciated how well-prepared her makeup artist was on the event day, and how she was prepared with things that were suitable for the bride. As brides normally have to do their own sourcing of work and decide what kind of looks they want to do, Gina felt that it was a refreshing experience to encounter in such a profession. Gina and Gerald also relished in the reactions of the people who took a look at their wedding album. “The impression on their (faces was) priceless”.

All in all, Gerald and Gina believed that their money was well spent, having gotten the result that they wanted. They want other couples who may be seeking out bridal boutiques to be rest assured of the quality and services by Z Wedding and Chris Ling. We are highly appreciative that Gina and Gerald have taken the time to share their personal feelings and experience with Z Wedding, and we hope that other couples will be able to feel the same way. At our bridal boutique, our staff members at Z Wedding constantly strive to fulfil the needs of every couple that have walked through our front doors. We pride ourselves on our professionalism and skilful collaboration with Chris Ling International Photographers to bring about a wedding journey that will be unforgettable, creating memories that will last for a long time. Choose Z Wedding, because you love her.