An Essential Guide To Accessories For The Modern-Day Bride

An Essential Guide To Accessories For The Modern-Day Bride

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There’s no bride in the world that doesn’t want to look like a goddess in white on her wedding day—or at least that’s how it used to be. With more options than ever today, fashion-forward brides are no longer limited to the same few choices, and are free to opt for ones that veer off the traditional route. That includes coloured wedding dresses—as well as unconventional bridal accessories. Here are some modern alternatives to traditional bridal accessories:

Bridal hair accessories

The wedding veil has long existed for various cultures—what used to be a symbol for purity of the bride has become more of a wonderful finishing touch to complete a wedding look.

First up, we have bridal barrettes or hair clips that can do an amazing job of keeping your bangs out of your face while simultaneously flaunting your flowing curls. There is also the choice of the classic hair comb, which works well to accent an up-do or even embellish a simple veil. If you’ve got your eyes on a princess wedding dress from Z Wedding’s Gloaming collection, and want to look like you’ve walked straight out of a fairy-tale, pair your look with a tiara befitting of royalty. Floral crowns or hair vines are also a great idea for rustic, outdoor weddings, especially when worn with a low up-do and loose curls that frame the face. If you’re thinking of an evening gown with floral accents or patterns like those in our Light In The Darkness collection, a matching headband will perfectly complement the look.

Bridal bouquet

The bridal bouquet is something that’s essential for any wedding. But it’s never been a hard-and-fast rule to use fresh flowers in the bouquet. If you’re looking to get a bouquet that’s a little out of the ordinary, consider paper flower bouquets. Unlike real flowers, it will last the entire day without wilting, drooping or dropping petals.

Whether you’re thinking of holding a beach ceremony or planning a nautical wedding theme, a seashell bouquet would be perfect for making you look and feel just like the little mermaid.

Edible bouquets have also been making appearances in the wedding scene—from fruits and vegetables to donuts, cotton candy and macarons. Yes, you read that right. And why not? It’s a sustainable alternative that helps reduce waste and when matched properly, can go well with your designer bridal dress.


The most important jewellery is without a doubt—your wedding ring. While it’s rather common to pick out your rings together in a jewellery shop, couples these days are fond of meaningful bespoke pieces, often having their birthstones embedded in. Engraving either both of your initials, the date of your wedding or anything that’s significant to the both of you is a special and romantic gesture to make.

Unique geometric-shaped gems, be it in the form of earrings or necklaces have also been gaining momentum. Some popular designs include the teardrop, pointed star, and triangle. If you have a pair of statement earrings that you want to base your entire look around, feel free to bring it down to our bridal boutique in Singapore to try out our vast selection of evening gowns and we will find the perfect match for you!


If you’re planning on wearing a short wedding dress on your big day but dislike the idea of having to wear heels, a pair of comfy shoes will be a great fit for you. Bridal sandals, ballet flats and sneakers are an amazing alternative to the usual sky-high bridal stilettos. If you’re worried that casual footwear will ruin your entire look—well, there’s no need to be! There are plenty of high-end brands which provide elaborately-designed flats, sandals and sneakers with all the extravagance and glamour a heel can offer.