After their big day, Simon and Esther sat down with the team at Z Wedding to share their experiences on their wedding journey and working to make their vision come to fruition. Simon and Esther were extremely thankful for the professional services they received from Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers.

Recalling their time during the selection of wedding gowns, Esther found that the staff at Z Wedding were very patient. They had advised her on what type of gowns to wear not only on the actual day of her wedding, but also for the pre-wedding photo shoot. Despite being very fussy and very perfectionistic as a customer (Esther self-proclaims), the staff very patiently gave the couple advice and allowed them to make changes. Apart from their marvellous collection of gowns, Esther was very pleased with the job done by her makeup artist, saying that she was groomed to look very nice and pretty.

In addition, Z Wedding offered them a class that guided Simon and Esther on how to walk during the actual day of their wedding. Looking back on how they experienced learning how to walk, how to sit and other very useful tips, the both of them felt that those classes helped them to keep focus during their march-in process. Simon and Esther would also like to add the note that no other bridal boutique provide such services and information that would go a long mile for every couple’s wedding experience. It was with the receiving of such expertise that Simon and Esther was able to enjoy the privileges of a smooth sailing wedding.

For couples that are looking for wedding boutique, Simon and Esther highly recommend them to go to Z Wedding. With the collaborative effort between Z Wedding and Chris Ling International Photographers, couples can get their gowns selected at the same place where they can settle their photo shoots and wedding albums. As one of the leading bridal boutiques in Singapore, the team at Z Wedding is well equipped with years of experience and service in the bridal services industry. As a result, the professional advice dispensed to couples is not only highly valuable, but also uniquely tailored to help every couple make their wedding dream come to life.

The bridal studio has remained ahead of the competition through our dedication to quality service and constantly offering an open ear to customer feedback. As such, our staff members at Z Wedding strives to make sure that every appointment and phase of your wedding planning journey is free of hassle and stress. We hope that every other couple through our doors will have a lovely time, just as Simon and Esther have.

What are you waiting for? Call us and book an appointment with Z Wedding! Alternatively, couples can feel free to visit us personally at our bridal boutique storefront, conveniently located in the heart of Singapore’s Central Business District, Tanjong Pagar.

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