Kelvin and Ling Wei had heard a lot of good reviews from their friends and their relatives and the colleagues that were all around them. Additionally, the couple also saw some of the bridal studio’s photos throughout social media and felt that the style of photography geared more to what the both of them preferred to have. This was one of the major reasons the couple had decided to sign up with Z Wedding.

When the time for wedding gown selections came, Ling Wei was accompanied by the gown consultant who gave the bride to be suggestions on what type of gowns suited her, as well as, what type of things that she should not take on. All in all, Ling Wei felt that the main advice taken away from her gown consultant was very good.

On the pre wedding photo shoot with the team, Kelvin and Ling Wei recalled on how the Z Wedding team were very friendly and the entire photo shoot process was very relaxing. “It was not as what we [had] thought it will be for our pre wedding shoot.” Till the last stage of the photo shoot, and even during the phase of photo selections, the couple received very sincere advice from the professional consultants of Z Wedding. Everything was done quite fast and smoothly, to Kelvin and Ling Wei’s surprise and joy.

When the couple chose Z Wedding, they cited that another reason behind their decision was due to Chris Ling because both of them had looked through the photos that were taken by Chris Ling himself and they noticed that they actually take very good photos. “It means that the photo is not just a simple photo. You can see that behind [the photo] tells a lot of stories.” As a result, Kelvin and Ling Wei decided to take the combination of Z Wedding and Chris Ling together. The couple believes that the collaboration is the perfect match, given the good quality of gowns for selection and the quality of photos turning out to be what they had expected. Both Kelvin and Ling Wei have nothing but thanks for the wonderful service that Z Wedding and Chris Ling has provided to them throughout the few months leading up to their big day.

The couple recommend other couples to come down to Z Wedding and Chris Ling. Their services comes with a personal touch to them. “They understand what kind of feel you want and don’t want you to splurge too much also.”

If brides and grooms to be are shopping for photo shoots, they strongly encourage this unique collaboration. Moreover, couples can obtain advice from the consultants with Z Wedding. “They are very sincere and they are not pushy so don’t have to worry.” If couples are still hesitant, Ling Wei and Kelvin suggest them to look and study more by attending Z Wedding’s workshops so that couples can come down to understand more before you make decisions.

Choose Z Wedding because you love her.