A More Laid-Back and Casual Take on Wedding Dresses and Gowns

A More Laid-Back and Casual Take on Wedding Dresses and Gowns

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There is no question that the wedding is one of the most important and momentous days in our lives, and nothing but the wedding ceremony of our dreams can suffice. When thinking of a wedding, mental images of grand ballrooms and brides in fantastically elaborate wedding gowns come to mind.

But we also need to celebrate our own style and be comfortable in our own skin. If a more laid-back ambience is what you want, you need a wedding dress that still befits the occasion while oozing an effortless and casual elegance. Weddings at the beach or beautiful gardens are just as beautiful and grand as formal, ballroom bound ceremonies. You wedding dress should be just as exquisite and elegant while proudly exibiting a more laid-back style.

From minimalist, white dresses to floaty and lacy options, we look at several of the best choices of styles for casual wedding dresses and gowns for laid back brides.

Boho Wedding Dresses

For a more laid back wedding, nothing fits the occasion quite as well as boho wedding dresses and gowns. Boho dresses create dreamy and whimsical vibes, remainingly effortlessly elegant and beatiful while still bringing the grace and luxury of a wedding. Their etheral quality also allows the bride to radiate a goddess-like brilliance. Typically, boho dresses possess a body-skimming sheath silhouette and a highlight element. Usually, the highlight of boho dresses can come as a beautiful neckline, be it a daring, deep neckline or a off-shoulder neckline.

Lace elements are also a popular embroidiment for boho wedding dresses and gowns, giving them a cheeky and airy touch for the perfect laid back look. Tulle skirts flutter beautifully in the breeze, making them perfect for outdoor weddings in Singapore. Boho gowns with loose sleeves are also a great choice for less formal weddings. Form-fitting boho dresses and gowns bring a slight sexiness to complement the laid-back vibe of the dress. Boho wedding dresses can be found at Z Wedding’s wedding dress and gown rental services.

Short Wedding Dresses

Brides are no longer confined to floor length bridal gowns. Dress lengths can also heavily influence the vibe and feel of a wedding dress. Brides can now opt for a cheeky, more casual white dress with a shorter skirt to enjoy the occasion in a more laid back manner. Undoubtedly a modern and chic choice, wedding dresses with shorter skirts can still feature intricate and elaborate adornments for a effortlessly elegant look. Flirty lace details and pops of colour will allow your wedding dress to shine even brighter. Z Wedding’s Lover and Finer Details collection brings fantastic iterations of contemporary white dresses with chic short skirts, with a cheeky, off shoulder neckline and an elegant and dreamy skirt.

Z Wdding’s Little White Dress collections are also available for rental services in Singapore. Come to Z Wedding’s bridal studio, the largest of its kind in Singapore to choose one yourself.