A Go-To Guide To Planning Your Dream Wedding By The Sea

A Go-To Guide To Planning Your Dream Wedding By The Sea

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Who ever said planning a wedding is easy?

Having a rough idea and theme that you would like to work on from the very beginning can be extremely useful when it comes to wedding planning as it can help act as a guide throughout the process.

So, do you have currently have in mind an idea, theme or colour for your wedding?

If what you envisaged is a summer, pastel-themed beach wedding by the sea, we have prepared the ultimate guide including 4 simple tips – helping you plan and prepare for a wedding with the most beautiful results!

Wedding gowns are the priority

There are several different elements to take into consideration when holding a beach wedding; from weather backup plans to seating arrangements, overall ambience and decor. However, the most significant thing to decide on would be choosing the perfect designer bridal dress for your actual wedding day. Beach weddings are always more fun and colourful, since there are plenty of colour palettes that you can play around with. Choose a romantic, gorgeous and elegant creation featured in our Light Between Ocean gown collection, and pair it with a bold-coloured bouquet.

Weddings by the sea are best accompanied by wedding gowns that have a simple structure yet elaborate detailing. Since beach weddings tend to be held in more tropical climates such as Singapore, you might also want to select a dress that is more comfortable and lightweight – perfect for dipping your toes into the sand. We provide personalized wedding gown rental services for all of our clients that covers all of the aforementioned elements.

Creating the perfect beach vibe

Have an inkling of the sort of ambience you want to create? Creating the perfect mood and environment is a vital component when planning a beach wedding. From traditional and intimate setups to a bold and dramatic glamourous affair, you can easily tweak the vibes by simply playing around with little details like ornamental flowers or pastel ribbons.

Don’t forget to include a playlist of your favourite tunes that can also act to tell your love story. Create an elegant, romantic and unique beach wedding that will be unforgettable by both you and your guests!

End with a splash of colour

Post-wedding celebrations are the perfect opportunity to add a splash of colour to your outfits.

Look stunning in a pastel evening gown made from the finest fabrics, with intricate detailing that accentuate your gorgeous figure such as the ones seen in our The Cruise and Autumn River collections. End your special day on a high note by hitting the dancefloor dressed in one of our magnificent evening gowns that will be tailored to fit you like a glove.

Our extensive collection of dresses also include brighter-coloured dresses, such as those featured in The Luxe and The Galaxy collection.

Be a part of turning your dreams into reality

Planning the perfect wedding requires plenty of commitment, patience and excellent organisational skills. Having a skilled team of wedding planners, designers and consultants from your chosen bridal shop isn’t enough. It is best for everyone involved to participate as much as possible.

As the bride and groom, it is always worth it to be actively involved in planning your wedding. From choosing your gown to wedding setups and after-party themes, be sure you communicate on your ideas to see what is feasible and best for successfully bringing your beach wedding to life.

Ultimately, your beach wedding by the sea is no longer a faraway dream. Isn’t it much more gratifying if you were to take charge of creating your perfect reality?