Alexis first heard of Z Wedding from some of her friends who had actually used Z Wedding before for their weddings. The first activity that Bayron and Alexis had looked forward to was actually the pre-wedding shoot. The couple recalled how it was a very fun and relaxing day because their photographer had helped them to relax. He made them laugh and did a brilliant job to lighten up the mood throughout the whole session. According to Bayron, the makeup artist who was present really made the bride look really beautiful. They were thankful for the hair styling and makeup skills.

The next part the couple had to go through was the choosing of pre wedding photos. “It was a hard process.” The photos turned out really nice and awesome which led to them facing difficulties in choosing and cutting down to the number of photos that would make up their album. However, the staff at Z Wedding were really patient with the couple and assisted them in providing all the advice and knowledge that they had and could share. In the end, the couple overcome their initial challenges and had a beautiful pre wedding photo album to show for it.

Another thing Bayron and Alexis found really good was that they could leave it to the hands of Z Wedding and Chris Ling for the whole process. They did not have to worry about what they should do next. Moreover, the couple loved the idea where they came up with the activity of preparing them for the wedding march-in. It was an interesting exercise because the couple had never thought about how important it was, and they had never really prepared themselves nor did they even discussed among themselves. When they went through the class, they learned about the things they should be looking out for. Their smile, the way they walk in: all these things were the tiny details that had never cross their minds. As a result of Z Wedding and Chris Ling, Bayron and Alexis got to learn more about the things that they should be looking after. Even if it was as mundane as how they portrayed themselves in the day.

At the end of the day, the couple believes that it was a beautiful collaboration between Z Wedding and Chris Ling. Because Z Wedding possessed a lot of experience, in terms of the wedding gowns, of the makeup, and of the wedding itself. Chris Ling had a beautiful portfolio full of beautiful photos. With the experiences of their teams working together, both photographer and videographer, they were able to provide what the couple wanted.

To all couples out there, Alexis says, “Hesitate no more.” She maintains that brides will have a hard time choosing the wedding gown that they really like. “But once you see it, you will know that you are going to walk in with that.” For the guys who are still considering, Bayron admits that it was pricey but it was worth it. Choose Z Wedding because you love her.