A Basic Guide To Matching Your Wedding Dress And Bouquet

A Basic Guide To Matching Your Wedding Dress And Bouquet

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Back in the day, wedding bouquets symbolized luck and fertility – ending in the classic bouquet toss that passes on the luck to the one who catches it. Fast forward today and the wedding bouquet means so much more – an essential bridal accessory that pulls the wedding dress together effortlessly. If you ever wondered what color, shape and size bouquet works best with your designer bridal dress in Singapore, here is everything you need to know.

Striking The Right Balance

The key to bouquet design is to ensure that it doesn’t overshadow the wedding dress but instead enhance it. If your dress has detailed embellishments – it will be good to choose a simple bouquet that will be able to balance out the look.

Complement Your Body Type

When it comes to perfectly matching your blooms with your bridal dress, consider your body type as well. Generally, slim brides should go for styles that highlights their slim figure. Petite brides might want to opt for a tightly-packed bouquet that can be equally stunning and yet doesn’t weigh you down, while curvier brides will look gorgeous with a full, round bouquet. Tip: try not to hide your waistline, and aim for a bouquet that is narrower to show off your natural curves.

Consider Your Wedding Dress Style

The easiest way to start choosing a wedding bouquet is to take clues from your wedding dress style. If you will be donning a clean and simple A-line silhouette wedding dress for your big day, you might want to dress it up with a bouquet consisting of multicoloured flowers in different shapes and sizes for that extra pop. An elaborate gown with a much more voluminous skirt such as a ball gown will look flawless with a round bouquet. A popular choice with the brides, the romantic and flirty sweetheart neckline wedding dress in Singapore looks best with a dainty style such as a nosegay bouquet – drawing attention to all the right places.

Coordinate Your Colours

Brides-to-be tend to overlook the fact that there are several variations of white – cream, ivory or pure white, and make the mistake of choosing the exact same shade for their wedding bouquet. Playing around with different shades of the same colour or complementary colours is a great way to begin the process. Doing so will ensure that your wedding bouquet will have a life of its own instead of blend in – which is essential in photoshoots.

Types Of Wedding Bouquets

  • Posy

Posy is one of the most popular styles amongst brides-to-be – starring a bunch of delicate flowers wrapped up at the stems with fabric lace, burlap or even a family heirloom such as a handkerchief. This style is highly-favored as they work with virtually any wedding dress – the only downfall being that taller brides should take note to avoid choosing a small bouquet that can undermine their height.

  • Cascading

Also known as the “shower” bouquet, this style features a stream of flowers that is rounded at the top and flows gracefully down for a “waterfall” effect. The perfect choice for tall and curvy brides, this bouquet style complements traditional wedding dress styles like a ball gown or mermaid gown featuring a longer train and veil. Take note: if your skirt is already heavily embellished, you might want to steer clear away from a cascading bouquet as it may appear cluttered.

  • Round

This style arranges your chosen flowers in the shape of a ball. Tall and slim brides will love this style for bringing out their curves in the most natural way possible.

  • Nosegay

Nosegay bouquets are compact and to-the-point – featuring sparsely packed flowers that tend to highlight more green with an emphasis on the flowers’ petals and stems. This style is best suited for petite brides who wish to add some height.

 If you need help coming up with a list of fresh blooms, our bridal studio will be glad to make some recommendations – taking into account all the elements mentioned. Otherwise, experiment with your favorite flowers and see how you can combine them to come up with the perfect match!